Silver Lake neighborhood feud may have sparked McCollum Street meltdown

A man was arrested last week in connection with the torching of a car on a Silver Lake street, an incident that some resident say stems from a long-standing neighborhood feud.  L.A.Fire Department arson investigators are looking into the burning of a Lexus sedan on the 1300 block of McCollum Street  last Friday night. The scorched Lexus, which was set ablaze with gasoline, was still parked today on the street lined with tidy bungalows and towering palm trees.  What appears to be a relatively calm street had been the scene of  a lengthy feud that some neighbors claim culminated in the Friday night fire, according to the HaFoSaFo blog.

LAPD Senior Lead Officer Al Polehonki said that a man named Stuart Robinson had been arrested and booked on a charge of arson but he had no further information.  Polehonki said he had heard about a neighborhood dispute on McCollum  last year. “I believe that it was over barking dogs and that the parties were seeking legal help thru attorneys.”


  1. Why do people with incessantly barking dogs think that’s okay?

    • amen.. I mean don’t torch their cars or sue them.. but honestly.

    • I agree and I have dogs too. It takes time and effort to train a dog to keep it from barking incessantly. A good percentage of people that own pups just don’t think that owning a dog should take any effort besides feeding them. It’s depressing for those of us who care and annoying as all hell for those of us who have to live near these people.

    • I live in Highland Park and literally every yard on my street has at least one dog (usually 2). When I walk by, EVERY single dog barks, and if one barks, the whole street barks. My neighbors also don’t believe in walking their dogs, or securing their fences, and since most of the dogs are smaller dogs I see them running all over the street. I have made friends with most of the ones that get out regularly and now I have a little ritual where I return them to their yard every morning before I go to work.

      Oddly, I don’t mind. I absolutely love dogs and I love the dogs barking + the ice cream trucks + the mariachi bands + the weekend parties. It’s nice to have life around. My only complaint is that I sincerely worry about dogs getting hit by cars, and I wish my neighbors would walk them and keep them fenced in safely.

      I guess if you don’t like noise, move out of the city and back to the suburbs.

  2. I was told that this was one of three cars that was firebombed.

  3. I love dogs… but owning a dog in cramped quarters such as ours is inhumane. Live in the country, own a dog. Live in the city, get a cat.

    • Maybe you have cramped quarters, but my house (behind where this torching occurred) is big enough for us, two large dogs and two cats. As are most of the homes in this neighborhood. I think I know who the barking dog owner is, and it’s a pretty insane situation. This person parks his dogs outside his house, morning and night – and they bark for hours at a time. The police won’t enforce the barking dog ordinance, so you can see how a situation like this can escalate. Torching a car is crazy – but if the police did their job, this could have been resolved ages ago. I feel sorry for the dogs – they have a miserable life. P.S. My dogs get three hikes a day. Their life is better than mine!

  4. Plain Sad that some need to go to this extent. Could be worse,could have poisoned the dog(s).

  5. This is a sad case all around, and goes far beyond barking dogs. I truly hope that healing and wellness can happen for all parties involved, and that should begin with the owners of the car closing it up and putting the car guts in a trashcan, so it can be hauled away with the rest of the streets’ trash. This is not some war-torn slum – clean it up people! If they need attention, I can make them a sign that says, “Ask us what happened to our car!”, but enough already – why should the innocent bystanders have to look at this day in and day out?

    • Thank you for saying what needed to be said

    • With all the healing and wellness Liz is offering it can’t hurt to throw in some benefit of doubt and hold off assuming the vehicle’s owners are attention hungry for leaving the mess alone. There is the possibility that as a crime scene, arson investigators ordered nothing be moved.

  6. According to the information in the linked blog, the culprit made life miserable for most of his neighbors. Guess he’ll feel the misery now. Maybe this story line will show up in an episode of “Southland”

  7. Bad neighbor.

  8. @Ruby. Stop talking about DJ BB. He doesn’t know dogs are man’s best friend. Maybe DJ BB isn’t a man, since he doesn’t like dogs. Maybe he is more like his comments, a Barking Bitch.

    • Sorry E, I am a man.

      I’m also aware that as a man I have a responsibility to my neighbors as well as my pets and it would behoove me to train my animals properly or at the very least be sympathetic to my neighbors complaints of my animals constant barking.

      Now apparently the neighbor who got his car torched wasn’t man enough to accept the responsibility of properly caring for his pet or pets as well as the responsibility of being a “good neighbor”, and his neighbors taught him a lesson. But to me, they did it wrong. The car wasn’t making the noise, it was his dog or dogs.

      So you burn THEM, and not the car. That way, you’re doing the neighbor a great service by training him. Because guarantee, he’ll be more diligent with training his next pets and being a good neighbor in the future.

      And as far as a barking bitch goes, it’s far too easy to be an internet tough guy. I think what we should really do here at Eastsider LA is have some sort of mixer or group get together in the actual world and not just here on the interwebz. That way, we could find out if some people are willing to have such pointed opinions on the people they make remarks to here on the site in real life.

      Somehow I don’t think that would be the case.

      Just a thought. You may now return to your internet tough talk, already in progress.

      • I like the idea of an Eastsider LA drink session filled with spirited debate. Perhaps one of the 1,276 coffeehouses in the area would be able to accommodate our group.

      • As usual, DJ hipster in a box makes ignorant assuming comments. From the link:

        “Other neighbors who testified that the dogs were not a problem joined the hit-list and got hostile Christmas cards(!?!)”

        The guy who was arrested (with kerosene odors on him) apparently terrorize other neighbors who didn’t take ‘his side’ in the matter.

        So how much was your bail DJ?

      • you are a sad sad , lonely man Bento

  9. Did I hear a barking sound? No that was a man, beginning with a WO. Relax I was just messing with your head. I knew that you would get offended. Anything I say here, I would say it to your face. By the way you make a lot of noise just like the dog. Maybe we should try your suggestion on you first. Anyone hungry for a BBQ bento box? I didn’t think so!

    • DJ hipster didn’t take me up on the offer of meeting in front of Marshall while he yelled out ‘Baaaa, skinny jean hipster sheep, bhaaa’ to all the kids walking out of class.

      So it’s just a lotta internet hot trolling air as usual. Predictable as a middle aged simi valley mom watching Doc. Oz.

  10. What is it with NELA and barking dogs?

    I don’t get it. I’ve lived in several cities around the continent and I have never, ever experienced dogs barking this much until I moved to NELA.

    But the plus side is that I don’t have to set an alarm. I’m woken up between 7 to 8am everyday by my neighbor’s barking brood of K-9s wether I like it or not.
    And sometimes he’s really thoughtful and leaves them outside from 11pm until 6am.

    But the guy who torched the car sounds like a wacko.

  11. my dog got some ham laced with poison thrown at him in the middle of the night when I woke up up the next morning , No more barking for him but my neighbors are extreamlly happy now .. pretty fucked up huh.. but that’s what i get for getting a jack russel who barks 24-7 oh woes me..

  12. Maybe someone can help me out here, does anyone know if there is something in the water of this neighborhood that makes people crazy? that guy was crazy! He firebombed front, back and side neighbor. this discussion of dogs is crazy. that couple is simply waiting on their insurance to tow the car, so don’t get crazy. Quite a few of the neighborhood houses were sold after the resident went crazy and either left town,were actually sent to the crazy house, or departed. Even the f’n gang in this neighborhood calls themselves Crazies and tag it everywhere. I got home from work the next afternoon and heard this firebomb story from a neighbor. couldn’t believe it and started to walk over to see for myself. never made it because a man in a green shirt with a clipboard approached me on Montana. I gave him a big smile wondering what he was going to sell me or ask me to vote. instead he took a cheap shot and sucker punched me out of no where. next thing I know I’m in a fist fight. why would you hit a man smiling at you that you don’t know. oh yeah, Crazy. While all this was goin down in the street, My Neighbors directly across the street from me drove right past us fighting. And didn’t bat a eyelash. Crazy

  13. So many of the posts assume the victims had it coming because those particular dogs barked “incessantly.” because there are lots of incessantly barking dogs on the Eastside. But there was no proof tha these particular dogs were guilty of incessant barking. The case did go to court and there was no proof that the dogs barked incessantly because many other neighbors testified that, while the dogs barked occasionally, it was not incessant and not a problem. And that seems like an important distinction. Also, there are choices made when moving in to a neighborhood. One trades quiet for cheaper digs. One chooses “lively” over restrictive HOA type neighborhood rules. And there are, we hope, better ways to settle a dispute than firebombing a car. I hope the police look into the other neighborhood cars that were torched in the past year or so to see if they had any relation to this individual. It was also rumored in the neighborhood that the man had a drinking problem. Hope he gets some help.

    • Dear Dog lovers,
      I am a friend of people in the neighborhood (and dog lover) and happen to know that the dog case did go before a LA city animal hearing officer and it was found that the amount of barking was way beyond what is acceptable by city standards and terms and conditions were placed on the owners. I have also heard that the dog owners were quite open about telling people that one of the reasons they needed loud dogs was because a few years ago their backyard was BOMBED !! These people clearly have no shortage of enemies.
      This story (& linked blog) would make for a great episode of Desperate Housewives and is compiled with about as little substantiated facts as Wisteria Lane and a lot of rumors, gossip and hearsay. Give it a break.

  14. So does anyone know anything further in regards to this? Some people mentioned they heard several cars were torched, but as a neighbor, I haven’t seen any evidence of this, and I believe it to be an exaggeration. Was “the suspect” ever actually charged?

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