Silver Lake Polka Dot Plaza takes a hit*

Photo by Sarah Dryden

A car involved in a hit-and-run accident early this morning smashed through the potted-plant barrier at Silver Lake’s new polka-dot themed pedestrian plaza at Griffith Park and Sunset boulevards.  Sarah Dryden who lives nearby said police knocked on her door at 4.50 a.m. to tell her that a car had been involved in a hit-and-run accident at the plaza. Said Dryden:

The [hit-and run-driver] hit her car, then busted through several of the potted plants, and he abandoned his car at the scene and ran.

There are no reports of injuries, just a big mess at the scene.

Update at 11:54 a.m.:  Julie Wong, spokeswoman for Councilman Eric Garcetti, said that the city will be cleaning up the mess and look into beefing up safety features. “The City’s Bureau of Street Services is cleaning up the plaza and our Department of Transportation is replacing the planters using some from their existing supply,” said Wong via email.  “We’re glad no one was injured by this accident, and we’re looking at options for installing additional barriers to protect the plaza and its patrons.”

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  1. If anyone SPOTS the suspect please call lapd! 🙂

  2. Before all the folks who were dissing the plazza start yelling “I told you so!” this hit and run was not due to the plazza it was due to a driver not paying attention and not doing the right thing (hanging around after the fact)

    • Are you sure the driver wasn’t blinded by the neon catastrophe and perfect example of hipster urban blight lying in front of the path of his vehicle?

      Or maybe he/she was just a good samaritan and decided to take it upon himself to try to wipe out the “pedestrian area” (or broken asphalted street painted slaphdash in an eye-searingly green color, which is what it ACTUALLY is) for the good of the neighborhood?

      I commend his/her attempt, but the fact is that it was done far too late at night. Don’t strike until you see the skinny of their jeans, I always say.

      • Will someone tell me what a hipster is? I honestly don’t know but from what I read in this post, it sounds like I should be weary of them… sorta like the Jewish in Germany circa 1936?

      • hey BENTO you seem to be an expert on what exactly is a HIPSTER
        because all you ever mention is the word HIPSTER

        you should PROVIDE A LIST of what makes or doesn’t make one a HIPSTER

        im not quite sure what a HIPSTER is so I’m sure you can educate me

        you mentioned SKINNY JEANS; does that make one a HIPSTER?
        please educate all of us since you seem to spend all your time thinking of HIPSTERS

    • It’s “I told you so” because plastic tree planter pots are absolutely no protection for an errant car (for any reason) driving onto the plaza. Thank goodness no one was injured, because this was an accident waiting to happen! It is most dangerous at the eastern most tip of the plaza where the accident did happen because Sunset Blvd curves there. A car approaching that tip from the east heading westbound that goes straight instead of curving would plow right into those plastic planters. Has everyone forgotten the horrible accident that happened at the Santa Monica farmers’ market? Concrete barriers should have been installed along with the plastic planter pots, otherwise pedestrians who use the plaza and sit in the middle of the street will continue to be in harm’s way.

  3. Why is this not surprising? Encouraging people to sit and lounge in the line of the flow of traffic of a very major street is not a smart idea. Good thing this was at around 4:50 a.m. instead of 4:50 p.m.!

    This has not happened there before. No sooner is this street closed than we have such an accident. Points up how poorly considered this is. Unnecessarily mixing pedestrians into the middle of the flow of motorized traffic is not a bright idea — clearly it is dangerous. That certainly is why it was not done when originally built.

    Besides, this whole location now seems to have been usurped for the sole benefit of Mornings/Nights restaurant, which has taken all the chairs and tables and put then immediately in front of its doors, rather than leaving them spread out all over that area. And you will see, they are now generally or mostly occupied just by people buying from that restaurant, and there is no where to sit in any other location of the closed street — and so all the rest remains empty and unused, even as only few use the tables in front of the restaurant. In effect, this has been turned into just a free gift of land for outdoor dining for that restaurant, not as a space for general use by park-goers! For other than sit and eat something from that restaurant, all you can do is stand in the middle of the street and do nothing. This is just a free expansion for that restaurant at taxpayers expense.

    • I sat there the other day and didn’t order anything from Mornings/Nights. The restaurant doesn’t care.

      • I did the same last week, it’s nice (especially considering it was done on the cheap as a sort of experiment).

        @Tom: No one is limiting the park to shoppers and customers, why don’t you walk down there and check it out for yourself instead of being such a grinch… it really opens up the space and makes the triangle park a lot more pleasant place to relax with a few less cars whizzing by.

    • TOM you nailed the coffin buddy, I agree this was never a good idea. Im sick of all this hip urban art excuse at the cost to taxpayers.

      • I have to say Tom has it right. Its not like there isn’t a ton of park space already! to just take this part of land that has already been paved over and try and reclaim it as green space is just a waste. take the few minutes and go to Griffith Park or one of the other huge green spaces around LA county. its actually much more pedestrian friendly then a painted street.

      • Funny you should mention “the taxpayers”, since this small project is most likely a net benefit to “the taxpayers”.

        Let me explain:

        – Adjacent property values just went up. +1 property tax income
        – Adjacent taxable sales just went up. +1 sales tax income
        – Local residents more likely to walk and bike. +1 healthier residents, lower rates of chronic diseases caused by a sedentary lifestyle
        – People have a place to play. +1 for everyone else, -1 for people hating grumpy f&**&rs

    • Mornings Nights has their own sidewalk furniture. They didn’t ask for the area, and the bright yellow glare is reflected into their window all day long.

      Chances are they don’t move the furniture; the visitors do. Few people are going to want to sit in the triangular area in front of the hair salon. Want to spread out the spindly little tables and chairs? Do it.

      While I have been mildly irritated with how the space turned out aesthetically, I don’t think the space is a bad idea. I think that street was more dangerous the way it was previously, because cars could swoop into that side street off Sunset. An accident like the above could have happened without this pedestrian area. From the looks of things, someone took a wild left off Maltman.

      • Actually, when this road was closed, it was announced that Mornings/Nights had volunteered to watch over the furniture. Isn’t it surprising that they made sure it is all crunched together right in front of their door. That leaves the rest of the area a barren wasteland. That leaves this closed street as basically unusable for anything but standing there like an idiot. While maybe not everyone sitting there is a customer of the restaurant, nearly all of them are. The area has been taken over for a private business.

        • Your forgetting about that one kid who does bike jumps for an hour, and then a few people shooting hoops. And if I opened Mornings and Nights at 530 in the morning or whenever they open I wouldnt want to drag a bunch of patio furniture halfway down a block either.

          • Actually…..

            Mornings Nights is taking care of the Green Tables and Chairs that are in front of it AND United Bakery is taking care of the ones that are in front of their store.

            There aren’t any in front of CRU because they didnt offer to store any of the new tables.

    • dont forget the farmers market you idiot.

  4. If the plaza and planters hadn’t been there, the criminal might have escaped in his vehicle. Those pots should get a commendation.

    On the bigger point of whether the plaza is a good idea, there are 4404 miles of street inside the city of los angeles (that doesn’t count alleys). It was clearly an injustice to drivers to remove 250 feet or so from the auto grid. How will my car survive on the remaining 99.9989% ?

  5. he must not have SPOTTED the road closed sign!

  6. mike gonzales cienfuegos

    Wow! What a bunch of sour grapes. Be glad the homeless haven’t invaded this “little park” and enjoy it for what it is. #FirstWorldProblems

    • Please.

      You don’t think that’s not what’s going to happen? Give it time. It’s still a little too new and the homeless need a while to allow their eyes to get adjusted to the disgusting color of the concrete they’ll be sleeping on.

      I for one can’t wait. I’ll be driving by with blankets and food to make sure they’re comfortable.

  7. Um, you were tagging your own comment about the homeless as a #firstworldproblems, right?

  8. Anyone who is conscious and not drunk can clearly see this is a pedestrian area. It’s disappointing to see so many people here being negative about the space.

  9. See, the park is a failure because we wanted that criminal to either crash into an actual building as he may have done if the plaza weren’t there or to escape in his vehicle!

    • No, the park is a failure because of what it is.

      An ill-conceived, poorly planned piece of hipster urban blight that now is nothing more than a place for a few local businesses to use as a large outdoor patio and the homeless to sleep and urinate in.

      but it’s GREEN!

      Baa Baa, hipster sheep.

      • Right, because the spot wasn’t blight before….

        Based on your intimate familiarity with the space (“homeless to sleep and urinate in”– how do you know homeless urinate unless you can smell it?!) I can only assume you’ve used the space yourself, and at rather odd hours as I’ve never heard anyone else experience that.

        You obviously know little about the plaza. It’s temporary (thus movable chairs and merely green paint on cracked ground).

        So if the space is poorly planned, please do share your planning expertise. Let me guess though– you’ve never studied or exercised any kind of planning in your life other than ‘authoritative’ NIMBYism?

        • Well… my intimate familiarity with the space is because I’ve lived here most of my life and the interest I take in it is because as someone who can actually afford to live here (and not live 8 to an apartment just so you can have the zip code like so many of you do), I make sure to know what’s going on in the city I live in.

          Now perhaps you’re either ignorant to the situation or far too drunk on the weekends staggering out of El Conquistador or being carried by your friends over from the 4100 since there was no parking, but the homeless (and hipster sheep much like yourself) doing things that should be done in someone’s own homes bedroom or bathroom have been an occasional issue in that little grassy area for many years.

          And as far as knowing anything about the “plaza” as you call it (which if you’ve ever been to the “plaza de la raza” downtown or the “plaza de toros” in Mexico City you’d be more informed and not call some green paint on the street and and a few wobbly tables and chairs a “plaza”) I made sure to attend the meeting and voice my concerns and displeasure as a resident about the project.

          Hiding behind a computer screen and writing on this blog site at the Coffee Table doesn’t count as “getting involved”, little hipster sheep.

          Now you should probably hurry. Work at American Apparel starts at one and the mailman should be bringing the check mommy and daddy send you for rent soon, right?

          • Hey, I’m glad you’re so involved with the community, so am I.

            It’s green paint and movable furniture because it’s temporary, if the space is successful it will be made permanent and hopefully resemble more something you describe. I’ve seen the downtown plaza and seen some great ones in Europe as well, firsthand.

            So to reiterate, I think the point was they didn’t want to invest loads of money in a project that would either be a failure or feel forced upon the community– after a year this project can be done away easily. It can be a fantastic looking, permanent plaza if that’s what’s wanted in the future.

            You’d sound like an admirable resident, if you’d just stop the ignorant and incorrect name-calling.

          • please tell us what we can do to make this neighborhood the way it was before all these terrible people showed up to ruin it for you.

          • “someone who can actually afford to live here (and not live 8 to an apartment” – that’s not very nice of you to talk about the Salvadorian and Mexican families in my building like that Bento. They work really hard and I don’t think they would appreciate your elitist attitude.

          • You know so much about these straw-man hipsters that you are probably one of them! We do not care about your biography, or the biography of any anonymous poster, as if there was some way to confirm it anyway.

          • Dj Bento = mass intelligent

      • Mr. Box! I applaud your see through eyes that have ‘seen through’ the hipster snow job. If you are like me, a hope to be ‘long time resident’ that will enjoy the privilege of having more wight to throw around on the interweb, then you and I are writing on the ‘same page’.

        I agree with you! This triangle should be condos. Don’t let the gentrifiers and the hipsters out flank our butts! We have to strike before they strike and build ‘live work’ lofts there instead (try driving through that Mr. hipster terrorist!).

        If these sheep will not submit to our carefully planned whim than we must ‘occupy’ the triangle until they do! Have faith in our cause Mr. Box, remember, the triangle is the strongest of shapes – we can’t lose!

        Who’s with me?

      • “hipster sheep”

        Self-hate is such a sad thing.

      • If I am not mistaken, DJ Bento Box is the sex club handle for Randal O’Toole of the Cato Institute. Good to hear from you Randal!

        It must be hard work being infatuated with that Soviet/Marxist brain washing you all undergo upon being hired by Cato, but I understand that the fat checks from corporate industrialists bent on selling this country off to the highest bidder is a great weapon tool to get over all that.

        In other news: driving rates are lower than ever, gas prices are high and rising, and Bento Box is looking for a riding partner who is clean and discrete, and has his own pair of chaps.

  10. Wasn’t the car that was hit parked illegally? I think that there are signs there saying that overnight parking is not allowed.

  11. It was a good thing that the planters slowed down this driver who seems to have not braked during this accident, as there are no tire marks. Ear-witnesses didn’t hear any screeching either, just the crash.

  12. I live close enough to have been woken up by the collision. As someone who walks through that area several times a day I can testify that the are is far safer now. Walking our dogs from the north east side of Griffith Park Blvd to the Triangle Park was often harrowing. Most of the cars coming off Sunset on to Griffith Park sped past pedestrians with little thought.

    We now see far more people use the area, especially families with children whom we’d never seen at the park before. All the neighbors we speak to love the Pedestrian Plaza and very much hope it becomes permanent. If anything this incident demonstrates the need to keep traffic out of the area.

  13. It’s impressive how dirty looking the paint has gotten in just a month or so.

    • And that paint job only cost $25,000! What a bargain!

      • I saw the farmer’s market workers guiding people to park on the green area. Afterwards, the greens weren’t so green. I don’t think the paint was meant to be driven on…probably why it looks so dirty now.

  14. The only urban blight left in Silver Lake are the trashy homes of trashy people who still think it’s okay to store sofas and toilets in their yards. This park is the opposite of trashy.

    • how about thoes folks who use the old toilets as planters?

      • Mr./Mrs. Doreet:

        I would like to personally apologize for my actions. I was faced with urinating in the fountain, or in the planter. I chose the planter. It was very early in the morning and I had no idea I would be seen. I paid the price as I barely escaped the oncoming car that hit the very planter I was relieving myself in! Were I not so mortified at being seen I might have caught the culprit myself and laid this whole ugly business to rest.

        Next time you are up so early spying on me, I would not run if you came to offer me some coffee. Also, I would like to talk to ANYONE regarding the issue of hipsters and gentrification artists. I think it is about time we built condos as a last ditch attempt at stemming the tide of gentrification. We’ve tried our best by tossing anonymous pot-shots from the interweb, but there must be a stronger weapon we can wield!

        To stop an oil well fire they use dynamite. I propose the same drastic measures for this drastic situation! Here, on the triangle, the STRONGEST of shapes, we will blow out the oil well fire of gentrification by building live work lofts with mixed use low income spa amenities.

        Who’s with me?

  15. Yeah I don’t think I’ll be hanging out there

  16. As a reminder, part of the reason this park was installed was the EXTREMELY unsafe conditions for pedestrians crossing Griffith Park Blvd. on Sunset just north of Maltman. If this accident had occurred 2 months ago, and a pedestrian had been crossing, it would have been fatal. As it happened last night, some pots were toppled, dirt was spread, and the driver was in good enough condition to keep moving.

    Polka dots aside, I am so grateful for this park – if only because it’s finally safe to cross at that intersection…


    Would just puting reflective thingies (to use a technical term) on the street side of the planters help at night? You know, like the sawhorses put up after an accident or where there is a temporary ditch or other dangerous place to drive.

    As to whether the polkadots, the planters, the not-particularly attractive green paint are either the end of the known world or the best thing since sliced bread . . . for the time being, relax, sit in the sun with a cup of coffee, and LIVE WITH IT! IT’S ONLY TEMPORARY.

    • Amen. From the shrillness of the cries you’d think a baby was being sacrificed or something. I wish these people would go complain about how Michael Bay is killing their childhood memories of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or something.

  18. lizzy silver lake

    I like the way it looks post-accident. Much more gritty and real. It fits perfectly with the neighborhood now. I hope they don’t clean it up.

  19. A lot of the readers on this website need part-time jobs: too much hysteria and aggravation being spewed over a progressive attempt to make this city a better place. Calm down, Guys.

  20. This is really dangerous to me that’s the worst part. Even before this plaza I wished the city would have addressed that. It was dangerous before but a least people knew they where crossing a street. Now there are people sitting not paying attention. I suggest people call Eric Garcetti’s office and insist they address this before its to late.

    • I’m guessing this was a drunk driver… I mean they put up signs and it should be obvious to anyone with half a brain that the street is closed. they just didn’t use concrete bollards because it’s still a temporary project. Anyway, if people can’t drive the speed limit, watch the road and follow traffic signs there’s only so much the city can do… look at the idiot who drove into Pizza Buona a few weeks ago!

      • Good point – and someone hit and run my friend and I (minor, but still illegal and scary) on Lucille last Friday, and we were crossing in the crosswalk. An idiot is an idiot, don’t blame the plaza.

      • yea I would totally agree except this was a through fare for a long time. It only takes one person who is on auto pilot or drunk or both to create a catastrophe. better safe than sorry.

        • Yeah but it’s having been a street isn’t really an excuse when it’s clearly marked off. By that logic constructions crews would get mowed down all the time as well. I mean, not that you think it’s an excuse, but I don’t think that’s a compelling reason to never shut down a street and convert it to another use. Drunk or otherwise impaired people crash into buildings/sidewalk all the time.

  21. I really, really hate this polka dot park shit!! seriously! now I gotta circle all around Lucile just to get home from work… is this gonna be permanent?… I used to get angry when they would set up the little farmers market crap, and now this!!? the street is now permanently blocked!!? it is a slap to my face!!… but on the other hand, I appreciate art and it does look nice…

  22. Let’s all just sit in our homes and only go outside to get in our cars. There’s no need for open space. Open space will only end up being occupied by homeless people. Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, the Silver Lake Meadow, Griffith Park, Central Park – I say let’s put fences around all of them to protect us from the homeless people. I love my TV. I love my car.

    • Brilliant. Simply brilliant.

      Your sad attempt at sarcasm and caustic response has, much like the Death Star’s tractor beam, drawn me toward you in response.

      The “open spaces” you’re referring to are exactly what you say they are…. actual PARKS. They’re not a part of a street painted absinthe puke green and marked with a few sad potted planters and several wobbly tables and chairs and called a “pedestrian plaza”. Trying to put these two things in the same category, even in jest, is unfunny at best and truly embarrassing for you at worst.

      Every hipster’s response trying to dignify this piece of unartistic and misused piece of road just shows them to be the sheep they truly are.

      • I understand you’re upset, bento box. Your rhetoric gives off the impression that you’re really, really angry at the design and implementation of the pedestrian plaza. I agree with you that it’s not the best use of the space ever, however it’s a temporary park… the idea being that if it doesn’t disrupt traffic too much, then it could be made temporary.

        Also, while parks are great and necessary, pedestrian plazas are found all over the world and are very useful. If this becomes permanent, hopefully it can be made more aesthetically pleasing and more to your liking.

        In the mean time, however, I think it best to support the efforts of those trying to make this a better neighborhood for all of us. There was no malicious intent in creating this plaza – people just want to make Silver Lake the best possible neighborhood it can be.

      • plaza, whatever. Why don’t you take the stick out of your ass. Its a one year COMPROMISE to see if people will enjoy it. It wouldn’t make sense to spend a lot of money on a pilot project.

        Its interesting study in how color effects people. So much of this seems like pure reaction to the color.

      • Bento Box is just angry that his ideas for a “Spank Machine” were soundly rejected at the meetings to establish this pilot project park. Insisting that all the hipsters in the audience, with jobs and kids, and friends, a social lives, and a concern for the future of their fine city should go “, Sit on an Rlliot Smith LP and spin.” Bento was booted from the meeting.

        His family wagon outside had a broken wooden spoke, and he had to walk to the cooper to get it fixed. His auto-mobile horseless carriage simply needed better and wider roads and all these hipsters were ruining his precious day. As an upstanding union member of the San Fernando Valley Fluffers United, Local 238 his day counts for more than all the hipsters whose lives are now in the way of his favored device for locomotion.

        Beware! Bento’s monocle is afixed and he is taking aim!


        There goes your park!


        There goes your city!


        What a visionary! He offers such a vision! He offers … Liberia post civil war and present day Somalia as the ideal conditions under which to pilot a motor car.

  23. Regardless of how anyone feels about the pedestrian plaza as a whole,

    Just don’t call it a Park.

    I understand there is some wiggle room, in that there is a technical patch of grass with a fountain that is referred to as a “Park,” let’s not apply “park” to the asphalt painted green.

    It’s a slippery slope and orwellian at the same time.

    I think I might put a beach on my street if anyone wants to help me paint it yellow and blue.

  24. Perhaps a Gareth/Cafe Stella style cmu wall should be built at the perimeter of the park.

  25. DJ Hipster box> You’ve finally gave up a definition of what a ‘hipster’ is, ….according to you, it’s one wearing “skinny jeans”.

    So, next time you happen to be driving by Marshall High when school lets out, why don’t you start yelling out your window “skinny jeans”, “Baa Baa, hipster sheep”, to the thousands of kids wearing “Skinny jeans” and report back here how well that works out for you.

    Speaking of ‘hipster’, ‘DJ Bento Box’ is the most hipster sounding commenter name I’ve seen here so far, LOL.

    • fleaman you must be a fudge packing back door using , lube using tight pants wearing . sad excuse of a Man, Hipster.. and you better hope i dont see you on the street or else.. your going to see the real old school silver lake homie come out of me.. Mr Criminal from Silver Lake youtube me biatch !! Now whats up homie !!

      • Nice try “DJ hiding behind another screen name”
        So are you and your alter ego gonna go and jump the thousands of skinny jean kids at 330pm in front of Marshall and get criminal on their ass? Or are you just gonna keep typing your ‘homie’ threats on a internet blog while sipping your Starbucks latte in your PJ’s while watching Doctor Oz?

      • you know, I can understand people liking/not liking the polka dot area. what I don’t understand is when people pull out hateful homophobic remarks for no reason. totally inappropriate. you need to get a handle on your own sexuality. best of luck to you.

        • I think you misunderstand, Sunny experienced a severe and traumatic life-altering series of abusive relationships with employees at the Bickman Fudge Co. formerly located in downtown Los Angeles. From his traumatic experience, he has developed a unique worldview that equates “fudge packers” with violent and dangerous people. Any passing resemblance in his usage of the term with lowly “slang” words is entirely coincidental. He fights using his excellent grammar, diction, and clear headed rhetoric. QED Sunny is a scholar, a wit, and a d-bag (I will save the explanation of that last one for another thread, huzzah!).

          Fight on, Sunny! Fight on!

  26. Stop calling it a park or a plaza. It is neither!

  27. You know, there once was a neighborhood in cohesion, friendly, together as one, tolerant and of similar attitudes. Now, thanks to this closed street that clearly was imposed despite widespread opposition, we have a community at war. We have a neighborhood in extreme upset.

    It is already completely clear that this redesigning of Silver Lake is NOT turning out to be at all a positive action. It has not made for a more pleasant community; it has made for a bitter one. It has pitted neighbor against neighbor. You can taste the fury, it is so thick.

    If this is a demonstration model of what is to become of this once pleasant neighborhood, I surely think a serious reconsideration of the changes and direction we are going is needed. Clearly a very large segment, and possibly even a majority, is not in favor of that direction.

    • Damn !! tom this aint a TV show homie !! wake up and smell the roses or my gun powder from the gat i keep in my car , just incase those dumbass hipsters cut me off. you don’t like my hood of Silver lake than leave get out of here, Silver lake is for the Raza homies we own the city watch your back homies !!

    • “NOT turning out to be at all a positive action.” That’s not clear at all, that’s your spin a few people on either side of the fence aren’t the measurement of success. To me it clear that it is a positive addition the fact that a small but vocal minority hate it has nothing to do with whether its a “success”

      • Actually, your expression is part of the problem. You call them a small but vocal minority, yet I see a LOT of people complaining about it. I have seen them claiming that a small but vocal minority are responsible for shoving this through.

        You choose to poo poo the other side and assert your conclusion that you are right, that the other side is inconsequential, no one should listen to them. And thus, a neighborhood at war.

        • Actually, no one “shoved” this through. You could say they went through the same legal process of getting permits and approval that any citizen could do so there really was no “shoving”

          Also I didn’t assert anything I said “to me” (note the qualification) In any case I think that there is a minority on this blog and a few others who have strong feelings either way. Based on my observations there are more pros than cons. Meaning if people could take the plaza as is or restore it to a street the plaza would stay.

          Then there are the overwhelming majority of the community who are indifferent. I guess you could sway them one way or the other based on the nature of the questions (such as your biased bogus poll) but honestly I think people just accept it with some choosing to enjoy it.

          The point being your prone to exaggeration and hysteria to make your point. We get it you don’t like it. there have always been disagreements doesn’t mean the neighborhood is unpleasant and this is hardly a war. I mean “war” cmon

    • I wish we could all come together and recognize that we need to give drunk drivers more room on the road, and that this plaza is clearly infringing on drunk drivers civil rights to crash into stores and people 40 yards away from where this person crashed into a parked car (came out of nowhere!).

      Is there anything positive that will make this park look good to people like you? Other than an unsanitary S&M club?

    • Yeah, I’m sure you and the other snarky guy with the tumblr and the Bento Box hipster hater are really contributing to the cohesion!

  28. The one thing we’re all missing in speculating about the safety of the plaza after this accident is the actual geometry and specifics. Where was her car parked? Parallel to Sunset or perpendicular? If parallel, and he sideswiped and then skidded into the plaza due to the impact then it really isn’t an issue. I would be curious to learn more about the specifics

  29. To more and more, it’s becoming obvious that the future of LA is one with fewer cars. It’s a shame to see the vocal minority on here talking down on car free zones as car free zones have shown to increase business, safety, air quality, health, community, and more benefits. Of course there will always be the few loud neighbors who don’t like change and will throw a shoe at you over any minor thing. In the long run, Silver Lake is better off with fewer cars. If it does not make this transition, it will get left behind when other neighborhoods enjoy booming real estate prices because of their transition into a more people-oriented society.

    • When public transport starts to come close to competing with driving a car (cost/time/convenience) then perhaps. But in the meantime, making it more inconvenient and more expensive to drive/park their car, while offering no other better alternative, is not helping anyone, only pissing most people off.

      Yeah, if you happen to live close to metro station, and your work isn’t far away, and also close a metro station (luckily), then a monthly metro pass is probably gonna compete with a car. But for the MASS majority of the rest of us, that isn’t the reality. If you happen to be one of the lucky ones like this, good for you, but don’t push your luck by thinking everyone has it as easy as you.

      I just helped a friend plan a metro-link trip from union station to Corona (she takes a class there). She still has to drive to Union station from Brentwood(!), then pay for parking there, and pay $10 for a one way trip to Corona ($20 round trip). This costs more than driving, and takes more time.

      There are plenty of people struggling to make ends meet, with 2 jobs and little time and $$ to deal with a insufficient public transport system. Forcing them to spend more $$ and time so that others (in a easier commuting situation) can make a STATEMENT about ‘car free zones’, etc., isn’t very ‘community’ minded IMO.

      • B$^%* lives in Corona and works in Brentwood?! And Silver Lake can’t have a teeny tiny sliver of road, which is easily bypassed, turned into a park – for this moron of a friend you have?

        How about finding a job in bloody Corona?! How about moving closer to your work?

        Gas prices will continue to do their thing, since we passed peak oil production back in 2007 and no alternative sources of energy will ever make up what we have lost in oil production.

        Car free families are the future. Why don’t you drive you car back to 1950 and hang out with all the like-minded people then? You can’t because it isn’t 1950 anymore, now it is 2012, and it is time to make with the no-car living.

        In conclusion, at least they didn’t paint the ground pink and I bet the insurance company claims from this crash will be more than the cost of this measly park. Live and let live, except in Corona.

        • How can one reply to someone who can’t even read and comprehend something as simple as “she takes a class there”.

          She doesn’t work nor live in Corona moron. And she doesn’t work in Brentwood either.

          No wonder there’s so many BS posts here. People seem to ‘listen’ as well as they ‘read’.

        • And BTW, I could care less about the polka plaza either way. If you actually read and comprehend my post, you’ll see I made no comments about the plaza specifically.
          My post was directed to those who want to make LA a ‘car free zone’ for ‘their convenience’, all the while offering NO OTHER alternatives that would be reasonable for the reality of MOST peoples daily lives.

          • I was going to read your comment, but bus fare was too high so I drove past it instead going 45 mph on my way to class in Corona.

  30. Actually, you are wrong. A LOT of people see the only reasonable future to be wone WITH cars. Unless you want to undermine the economy. In fact, just last week the Los Angeles Times published a story about a study showing that cars are the key to people getting off welfare and advancing in society. So, you would deny them that advancement?


  31. I just read that article it does not conclude that a reasonable future is one with more cars. It concludes that people with cars do better (which is obvious) and also notes that this is true “particularly considering the reductions in funding for public transit in recent years.” In another words there are not viable options to cars for enough at this time. Which is why wee need better public transport, ride sharing, etc and NOT more cars. its estimated that 25% of the worlds 1 billion cars are in the US
    even though we are only 4.5% of the population. To put that into perspective if every country had as many cars as the US there would be about 6 billion cars instead of 1 billion. Can you imagine 6 times the competition for oil and pollution? The future MUST be about alternatives there’s no way we can continue increased consumption at this rate.

    • I said a LOT of people see the future with cars. I did not say the study was about the future outlook. I said it showed that the key to economic mobility is having a car, which is what it says. Even you says that OBVIOUSLY that is point is so. Well, that’s the point.

      But you skew what the story says, and who says it, when you suggest it means that better transit is needed. Yes, I agree that better transit is needed, but that is no substitute for the drastic benefits one’s own car has over transit. It is the story author who mentioned the current recession and transit cuts that have come with it, not the study and its conclusions. But the story even speaks of the previous study prior to the current recession and transit cuts coming to the same conclusion that owning a car is the key to economic advancement.

      As for liberal or conservative, this is from a group seeking to help people get jobs, a generally liberal thing to do, to help the underdog. That would mean YOU are opposing the liberal effort.

      As for your population numbers, if you want to crash the economy and become a third world nation, get rid of good transportation. Undermining transportation is a guarantee to accomplish that. Good transportation isn’t what we need to move away from, nor what we are trying to move from. Oil it what we need to move away from, at least as the sole fuel for transportation. Thus, electric cars, the coming fuel cell hydrogen cars, and other technology. Thus, alternative methods of producing electricity, such as solar. If you want bicycles to be the future, go to Vietnam — look at the horror they suffer there with that approach.

      • That’s not the point. So what if people do better now while destroying the planet and making oil and car companies rich is a short term solution. People can do just as well with better alternatives too that’s the point.

        Of course you try and make it look like i’m advocating that we should all ride bikes and that would lead to Americans living like the Vietnamese. That you have to make such an desperate comparison which I never asserted just shows how inane your argument is.

        If you wanna make a realistic comparison try Europe. There is no other European country that has 1 car for every 1.3 people (like we do here) and yet they get around fine. Its a matter of planning and infrastructure not making more cars.

        Alternative fuel cars are great but 6 billion cars even they where all electric (which they all wouldnt be) sill puts a huge stress on resources.

        you stated that it’s “no substitute for the drastic benefits one’s own car has over transit” first It could be and should be and should be there’s no reason why that can’t be a goal. there’s also ride sharing, community cars the list of solutions goes on and on.

        Second there is something fundamentally selfish with this mentality. It implies that the need of the individual is more important than that of the group. That’s the really the fundamental problem we feel entitled if it benefits us as individuals, fuck the group.

      • …oh by the way I think the program in the article is great there is no doubt giving people more mobility makes them more competitive and increases their economic status. Like I said that is OBVIOUS. I’m stating we need better public transit solutions so those programs are not as necessary.

  32. dear everyone, get a life.

  33. Will the real ‘mark’ please stand up, please stand up.

  34. Richard Risemberg just wrote an awesome post about this plaza:

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