The magic is gone from Echo Park

After looming over the intersection of Echo Park and Morton avenues for more than 20 years, the words “Magic Gas” will no longer greet residents after new owners removed the gas station sign today. The frilly, metal “tiara” atop the sign is now covered with the red and black logo for Echo Fuels, as the gas station is now known.  No more giving directions – “Go one block north of Magic Gas” – that would some times generate a laugh or a puzzled look from a visitor.  Saying “Head to the right Echo Fuels” is not the same.


  1. Sad, but the owners seem much better at finding ways to get rid of customers than they are at attracting them.

  2. End of an era sniff

  3. It will always be Magic Gouge to me.

  4. The new color scheme and pump graphics remind me of a sweatsuit i saw some old russian dude wearing while driving a really sweet amg.

  5. Enjoy that vacant gravel lot for the 10 years it takes to certify the ground as “safe” to build on again. Here in HLP we have the same issue with Steve’s Gas Station, a gorgeous weed choked toxic lot that we would love to become a park. Echo Parque now gets one, too.

  6. My bad, it’s been rebranded. Happiez then

  7. Just like people still call The Satellite Spaceland, they will continue to refer to it as Magic Gas. I just don’t know what merketing genius thought it was a great idea to rename it Echo Fuels.

  8. Have these owners no sense of history–or sense of humor? People love calling it “Magic Gas.” That’s its identity. Part of the fun and character of the neighborhood. Now it’s just another nondescript corner.

  9. I fully welcome the new pumps and owners. At least they aren’t too busy watching their Ipad to ring me up. I’ll miss the Magic gas motif but I hope this will be a change for the better. I always wanted to give my business to a gas station such as this but relying on Magic Gas in the past with half their pumps broken was always grief.

  10. It will always be Lerner’s to me.

  11. WHY WHY WHY????? Why would anybody replace that wonderful, unique,magic sign for a bright, plastic one? That’s it. I will never buy gas from that place. I used to go there because it was unique and seemed like it was not a corporate gas station. No more. I might as well just go to some other lame gas station.

  12. 65 million years ago, the Triceratops took over this corner and it hasn’t been the same since.

  13. I appreciated Magic Gas’ sign and stuff but who bought gas there? You had to be an idiot to pay their prices compared to gas stations not that far from there.

    • Could be a good thing: I haven’t really liked that place in a long time. they changed owners every 3 months like clockwork, the “tattoo artist” kid with the saggy pants and iPad was incompetent, they were never open when you needed a fill up on the way to work in the morning, cold burnt coffee, the shelves were always empty (they had a whole shelf with nothing but an apple streudel on it for like a year). I was always suspicious that it was a front for something else.

      i miss when the old guy and the street racer latino guy worked there. I also enjoyed when they first made it fancy (wi-fi and LA Mill coffee). that Armenian lady was real cool (and so were the emo kids from Boyle Heights who worked there). I’m not old enough to remember Lerners.

    • again DITTO! you had to be lame but…exp has lots of them as you can read.

  14. It must be the hipsters behind it all! They bought it! They run the world and are the cause of all ills! Why are the hipsters changing the gas station and building those hipster dormitories across the street? Is there a hipster tunnel between the two so they don’t have to ‘hit the street’ to fuel up?

    Are hipsters the 1% or the 99%? I lost the plot. In any event ‘we’ need to do an occupy EP to fight against the hipsters! Actually, ‘we’ need to fight against anyone that was not here before we were. That’s the game, right? I lost the plot again.

    In any event, clearly Obama is a hipster, and before that it was Bush. I think. Did I lose the plot?

  15. At least all the pumps work! We need a functioning business there, not a vintage sign.

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