A foolish addition to Silver Lake’s Polka Dot Plaza

Rendering courtesy Studio LKAB

Looks like April Fool’s Day falls on April 2 this year.  How else to explain the rendering above that arrived in The Eastsider’s inbox today with an announcement of the approval of Phase Two of Sunset Triangle Plaza – aka Polka Dot Plaza – in Silver Lake. The proposal from an outfit called Studio LKAB  features 176 lime-green, polycarbonate cylinders that would light up at night among the  polka dots that now fill a section of a traffic-free, pedestrian plaza on Griffith Park Boulevard. Here’s how it would work:

The cylinders each will house a concrete and steel base, protecting the plaza from the traffic nearby. The new visibility introduced by the cylinders will also alert drivers to the plaza’s presence, as well as provide acoustical diffusion of traffic noise to the patrons within.  As an added benefit, since visibility is somewhat compromised once within, chance encounters are encouraged. Pop around a cylinder, and run into a long lost friend, or rediscover that store you may have forgotten about. A true urban park where everyone can discover something new with each visit.

Who is behind Studio LKAB?  “We are just a bunch of bored architects,” is the reply.  Now the question is which is a bigger joke? A street filled with green polka dots or green tubes?


  1. I dig it.

  2. This is by far the best way to spend the tax payers’ money.

  3. I actually like this design. It’ll give the area a small recognizable landmark which will encourage cars passing by to get off and check the area.

    • Why do we need to attract people to come here? Seems to me there are plenty of people here already. Why do we need to make efforts to attract more? If they want to come here fine, but why is there a need to try to attract them to come here?

      That is a very bizarre comment.

  4. hahaha, git doe

  5. God forbid we actually plant some living trees and real landscaping there, making it an ACTUAL PARK, instead of a few square feet of grass surrounded by green pavement (and/or plastic)

  6. Hipster Sheep with absolutely nothing better to do than come up with more impractical, ostentatious, dopey gimmicks to fill up an already ugly, impractical, dopey use of space dreamed up by other hipster sheep.

    Oh well. The next Kamikaze pilot that goes slamming in to the area will at least have the excuse that the giant, Kryptonite-filled lava lamps blinded them coming around the bend.

    Baa Baa, Hipster Sheep.

    • ^^ strikes me as something that could have only been written by a hipster sheep.

      • DJ Bento Box has a secret. He’s really smitten and must follow his inner herd of hipster sheep wherever they lead him, which is usually to other hipster sheep.

    • It’s all in the name. What’s more ‘hipster’ wannabee than one that calls oneself DJ hipster Box?

      And mr. DJ hipster hasn’t even defined ‘what’ a hipster is anyway….only that a ‘hipster’ to DJ is one that wears skinny jeans—which is what EVERY teenage kid wears (when they wear jeans).

      So one dimensional.

  7. Ugly!! I agree, why not some trees. The cylinders will be tagged on in no time. This has to be a joke right? Will phase three be a giant green dome over the hole block?

  8. Looks like a student project… not really sure why you would want create an open space only to fill it with all that visual and physical clutter? I’m sure a few trees in planter boxes would suffice for most of us.

  9. yes, baaaahhhh me too!

  10. Design Bento Box

    Drove by it today with a wtf reaction. Lime soda ad? Enery drink dots? McDonalds play pen? Will it turn brown after its peed on? “Oh my!”

    Give back to the environment. Grass and trees and shrubs please!

  11. Wow. Could this possibly be any more poorly considered? If they were going to set aside this space anyway, this could have been a beautiful timeless plaza…a really pleasant place to hang out.

    Instead, it’s a cross between a desolate hot parking lot and a garish reject set from Nikelodeon. Not to mention the fact that it was made with paint (brilliant idea!), so it will need to be entirely re-done every couple years. It’s cheap. It’s tacky. It’s dated. It’s uncomfortable. It’s uninviting. It’s amateurish. It’s just flat out clueless.

    • It’s also temporary. One year pilot project, which I assume will have further landscaping if it’s deemed a success (ie. used by the neighborhood).

  12. “I’m having a lot of difficulty using these bongs that were installed…”

  13. Before I take this seriously… I can’t find any information on this company.

  14. Probably because it’s not a real company and this wasn’t meant to be taken seriously.

  15. Cool. I’m flyin in real low into LAX. When will they change colors?

  16. “… since visibility is somewhat compromised once within, chance encounters are encouraged. Pop around a cylinder, and run into a long lost friend, or…” a rapist! Fun!

  17. Hysterical- the rendering, and most of all the comments. Silver Lake’s “abortionplex”.

  18. April fools NUMB NUTZ !!

  19. Stop the complaining,do agree some might find it not appealing but if they plant trees and don’t maintain it then what?

    Any of you willing to keep it clean? Very much doubt it.

    Voice it there not on this site that people randomly read or view.

  20. hey, how come there aren’t any people of color (black and brown) in the rendering?

  21. all i see are DJ Bento Hipster in there

  22. gosh i wish they would do this for real.

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