Another driver fails to make it past Echo Park’s Mohawk Bend

Photo by Sera McGovern

One person suffered minor injuries early this morning after their vehicle crashed into a light pole on Sunset Boulevard where it curves to the south at Mohawk Street, a section of  road that has been the scene of several accidents in recent years and has been nicknamed the Mohawk Bend.  Sgt. Sandor with the LAPD Central Traffic Bureau said one person was arrested on suspicion of driving while under the influence following the accident that took place shortly before 2 a.m. It appears the vehicle was traveling eastbound on Sunset Boulevard when it knocked down a light pole, parking meter and Bike Lane sign and also damaged the fence in front of the Lucy’s Laundrymart at Sunset and Mohawk.

The bend has a reputation for auto accidents, with motorists losing control as they take on the curve going too fast. In 2009, a 21-year-old driver was killed when her car -traveling at at estimated 70 miles per hour – skidded out of control and slammed into the corner of Lucy’s Laundrymart.


  1. Good thing there wasn’t a bike in the bike lane.

  2. It was crazy, I was doing laundry in Lucys and saw and heard the whole thing from the window. Seeing the car slam into the pole and stop 15 feet away in front of you really makes you value life so much more.

  3. There is speeding all over the city , not only here.

  4. Well, at that time of night, they might very well be able to speed, but not during daytime hours, when traffic moves pretty slowly through that section. Still, this report does not suggest speeding was involved, although it might have been. The issue here was drunk driving. This neighborhood has become LA’s epicenter of alcohol now, and this is not the first drunk driving incident here. As more and more alcohol is consumed, you can expect more and more accidents. Notice, this accident took place right at bar closing time.

    I also think the story overstates this “bend” having a reputation for accidents. Yes, there have been a couple, but that’s all I’ve heard of, about two. Its hard to have an accident going through there at about 25 mph, which is all the traffic flow ever is doing and all I’ve ever been able to do in the past 30 years of going through there, even though it is posted for 35 mph.

    • Hey Bob,
      I live right there and can tell you there have already been two pretty ugly crashes on that block this year. People always speed here. There isn’t much to slow people down in that stretch between Coronado and Rosemont.
      I wouldn’t necessarily call the neighborhood “LA’s epicenter for alcohol”. Drunk driving is a major problem all over the city. The fact is, that is Sunset Boulevard. There will always be drunk idiots driving way too fast on every stretch of it every Friday and Saturday night. It really sucks and I hate getting woken up at 2:00/3:00 in the morning to what sounds like a bomb going off, but it is part of living in a city.
      I say “more DUI’s LAPD!” that will bring in some much needed $$$$!!! The idiots who want to drink and drive can go to hell.
      And quit jaywalking right there too dummies!

  5. A traffic signal at Mohawk would help, I’ve seen a lot of close calls with people crossing the street from the bars and shops there and d-bags zipping through that blind curve at 45-50. Was this a drunk driver?

    • Drunk indeed (just re-read the article). Echo Park is such a college town these days!

    • That would be a horrible place for a signal. Traffic through there is already stupid. You’d have 3 signals within yards of each other. Drunk drivers have and will always exist in this city crashing into each other and everything else.

  6. I was t-boned at sunset and alvarado over a year ago. I initiated a left turn after opposing traffic stopped and was surprised by a vehicle do a delayed acceleration thru a yellow light. The driver smelled of alcohol in the post accident info exchange. I’m a resident near MacArthur and have witnessed the aftermath of many accidents (most recent to Pizza Buona). People really need to chill the eff out and be responsible.

    • And it sounds like you need to learn to yield when making left hand turns (as it was 100% your fault).

      • Ehh, I have been in an “at-fault” accident making a left, that in reality wasn’t 100% my fault. It’s not always so cut and dry.

        • Yes it’s ‘cut and dry’. Left turner’s must yield to ALL.
          It’s quite simple and it’s the Law.
          The exception might be a person running a RED (not Yellow) light, that hits you making a left (though in a cases like that it’s prudent to wait if you think someone is gonna run the red—-if you value your car/life, I know I do and have saved my ass many times. I might not have been at fault if I made the left, but I might be dead too).

          In ‘Orson’s’ case above, he admitted the car that hit him (while he was turning left) entered the intersection while under a yellow light. That makes it 100% his fault, plane and simple—“cut and dry”.

  7. I’d really like to meet the person from Mohawk Bend who thought it would be an awesome idea to set up a valet system right in the middle of the bend, so I can congratulate them on being a idiot. Like that section of the street isn’t sketchy enough, now we have douchebags stopping abruptly in the middle of the road so they can go try Mohawk’s mediocre pizza.

    Such a terrible idea.

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