Bulldozers mow down Echo Park gas station gallery

Station before the bulldozer arrived

Going ...

Going ...

Gone | Photo by Mary-Austin Klein

The former Echo Park gas station that was turned into  an unofficial street art gallery was bulldozed this week.  The bulldozer and wrecking crew arrived on Tuesday and the station at the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Portia Street had been scraped to the ground by Thursday. What’s going to replace the former Meghna station and street art free-for-all? A Starbucks Drive-Thru or more cement-floored loft-condos?  Nope. Just another gas station and convenience store that will be open from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., according to building permit info.


  1. angelino heights

    looks like i’ll have a go to gas station now

  2. It would make for the coolest outdoor beer garden!

    Disco stu don’t advertise.

    • I. don`t know which is Worst ? The Bulldozers that remind me of Russian Tanks; Or the Ironic piece of Junk, that deserves a place at County USC School of Psychiatric Medicine ~

      And then there`s that Wall at Sunset and Stadium Way Frank McCourt replasters every Spring ?

      It`s All To Much ~

  3. Welcome back Eastsider! I missed you the past couple of days. Server problems?

    • Yes. We moved to a new computer server, which crashed. That forced us to look for a new computer and web host. The Eastsider now seems to be happy in its new and larger virtual digs at Wired Tree.

  4. Didn’t know housing or commerce was worse than unused abandoned land. Interesting.

  5. Wow, all that amazing “art” has turned to rubble! But wait! Maybe the rubble is the new art! Yes, that’s it! Rubble art! Please don’t destroy the rubble art! Can we please get a bulldozer back in there to reconstruct the rubble art?!?!? Damn you all you for taking away our rubble art!!!! You will pay!!!


  6. Glad to have another gas location n Echo Park.

  7. I swear I met some kids that were squatting in there.

  8. All’s well that ends well. So happy that you are back Eastsider! For info on what’s going on in the “hood, no one delivers better than you!

  9. Gonna miss that station.

  10. Wish it was going to be something other than a gas station, there are enough in the hood.

  11. I think it should be a Pet/Hipster Wash and Sunglass Hut. Hipsters can come in and trade their god awful, stupid looking sun glasses for conservative Tom Cruise types. Then if they do not have a dog, they can purchase tokens and clean up, get rid of that hipster grunge look, maybe even shave or cut their locks and leave refreshed. Pet Wash/Hipster Wash same thing……the hipsters I see look like un-groomed poodles. Ruff Ruff, over and out.

  12. Thank god it’s not another bar. That would REALLY screw up our parking on Portia. The gas station is welcomed.

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