Echo Park condo sales effort begins with balloons and a tent

After selling new  homes in suburbs such as Palmdale, sale rep Jim Mahboubian this week began the task of selling 36 condos in Echo Park near the center of Los Angeles. While the first model home for the 36 on Echo project won’t be finished until next month,  that has not stopped Mahboubian, who works for developer D.R. Horton, from setting up an Echo Park “Sales Center,”  which in this case consists of a green canopy – decorated with red and blue balloons – that was plopped at an entrance to the dusty construction site. Mahboubian concedes he has not had much time to prepare; even the “Sales Center” sign is a leftover from a Palmdale subdivision.  But Mahboubian, who was handing out brochures from the trunk of his car earlier today, said he has kept busy answering questions from potential buyers and  neighbors, some of whom expressed concern about street parking becoming even harder to find near Echo Park and Delta avenues.

“They are really upset,” Mahboubian said.  But he said he has told neighbors to “relax,” explaining that each unit comes with a two-car garage.

Sales have not officially begun for the three-level condos, which are expected to be priced from the mid $400,000 to the mid $500,000 range. But Mahboubian was taking names for an interest list – which had grown to about 80 people –  and had given an informal tour of the site to potential buyers. At least two had gone to the trouble of getting pre-qualified for a home loan, Mahboubian said.  The first homes are expected to be finished in August.


  1. Hahahahaha…

    “Relax” this, ya jerk.

    Though the idea of everyone who walks or drives by this thing heckling this guy and any potential buyers sounds like a pretty joyful community bonding activity.

  2. They are really going all out!

  3. That’s an impressive sales strategy! LOL. Jeez, From the looks of the condo illustrations, I’d prefer a vacant lot with weeds and car tires.

  4. They really want 72 more cars in this neighborhood? It would be better if they could just build the houses, give out permits to current residents, and not give street parking permits to the new residents.

  5. Yup its sad and sorta pathetic that everything loose,easy, green and uncrowded about EP is going away in a caffeinated rush of crowds of snotnose spoiled trustafarian children in ironic fedoras and silly sunglasses. But thats whats been happening, several years now..and I’m cool wid it. My 1985 $112,000 little hut on a hill is now worth easily three, four times that, so I say sure, keep bringing on gentrification…the gunshots and nightly whirlybirds have stopped , there are some cool new shops/stores, & I can tolerate a lot of foolishness for an $800 mortgage. And EP is passe, the true pioneers are going to Highland Park to live now, anyway. So come on, condo suckahs, you $400,ooo sheep. Just pick up yr dogshit, and stay outta my way.

  6. I wanted it to be a Park. I almost cried when somebody kicked in the upside down aquarium that was glued to the sidewalk with the proposed park design. I smiled with joy when I saw my peeps busting away from Chango for at least a full hour to set up their TeePee in front of this property and take signatures trying their hardest to make it a park. I envisioned see saws and about a dozen latin women playing with their toddlers and carring one in the oven, planning to make more and those cool hipsters walking across from Chango to sit on the park benches and smoke their cigs. Now its all goine, just another corporate expansion, a set of condos that do not fit into the archetecture of this hood, and we still have the hipsters drinking one cup of Chango coffee and sitting there all day long because its cool. Why?

  7. How come the developer’s of this property did not consider/have ground-floor retail for this project? It seems PRIME to create more retail in this triangular fork of Echo Park Ave …. could’ve been so cool! 🙁

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