Is adding a left-turn arrow the right move for this Silver Lake intersection?

Traffic on Fountain Avenue in front of King Middle School on the edge of Silver Lake  can get hectic at times, especially when parents are picking up and dropping off kids while westbound cars back up waiting to make a left turn at Myra Avenue. Would adding a left-turn arrow to the signal light make conditions safer for cars and pedestrians? The office of Councilman Tom LaBonge thinks so and has requested that the city’s Department of Transportation study the feasibility and cost of adding a left-turn arrow at the intersection. The council motion reads in part:

Thomas Starr King Middle School, located in the Franklin Hills community, faces a daily challenge at the intersection of Fountain Avenue and Myra Avenue, where there is constant back-up created by the lack of a left-tum phase for westbound traffic on Fountain Avenue. Installation of a signalized tum phase will be of great benefit to all those who use this intersection, creating a safer area for both pedestrians and vehicle traffic.

Now what about a left-turn arrow at Fountain and Sunset Boulevard?


  1. I live near here and pass this this intersection on a daily basis. I can save them the money for the study; it’ll help. During peak traffic times,I know I often cut the corner through the nearby neighborhood with dozens of other cars to avoid the light.

  2. YES! As a parent of a student who walks to King every morning and home every afternoon, I am in favor of anything that will make her, and the 3,000 other students, trip safer.

  3. Los Angeles needs 30% more left turn arrows, from this commuter’s point of view. Pretty please.

  4. Great! Yes. More left turn arrows please! Riverside & Glendale next I hope (the Riverside and Fletcher left turn arrow is a great improvement!!!

  5. As long as they aren’t removing sidewalk to do it, I think it’s a good idea.

  6. A definite YES! Councilman – go for it!!

  7. I make a left turn at this spot 5 times a week in order to drive to work, and I think a turn arrow is unnecessary. I’ve never had to wait long to turn left. Adding superfluous signals just ends up slowing everyone down.

    • Slowing everyone down in front of a school is the idea, I gather.

      Anyway, a lot of the traffic in Silver Lake is created by “choke points” where the traffic is going from high speeds (35-40) to sudden brake lights and full stopping every other block. Calm the flow of traffic to a steadier 25-30 and things tend to move a lot smoother for everyone as you have less conflicts between commuters and those trying to park or pull in a driveway.

  8. whats a “tum-phase” ?

  9. Left turn arrows are great. But when they turn into red arrows they are a pain in the ass! Green arrow to allow the left turn, but allow the traffic to make a left when the light is green for thru traffic. No need for a red arrow unless it helps pedestrians before and after school when children are present. As far as sunset and fountain. we have a green arrow on the southbound sunset side that works well. Although the city dragged its ass for about three years before turning it on and making it work.
    Typical city.

  10. Yeah, if they put a left turn arrow there, it better NOT be a red turn arrow, ‘cos 95% of the time no arrow is needed there. Would be inane to sit at a red arrow at 11:30pm.

  11. It sure is needed.

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