Man commits suicide in Atwater Village

A distraught Atwater Village man fatally shot himself  Thursday night, prompting police to close off nearby streets during an investigation.  The man shot himself in the head after talking with another  family member, said Capt. William Murphy with the LAPD Northeast Division.  “This is a coroner investigation and we held the scene so they could conduct their investigation,” he said.  “We also brought out crisis response personnel to deal with the family’s grief.” He had no further details about the incident

One resident who lives nearby said she and her husband were passing by the corner of Valleybrink Road and Sunnynook Drive at about 6:45 p.m. and saw that Sunnynook was closed off with police caution tape and that a body covered with a sheet was on the ground. “We asked neighbors; no one knew what happened but heard gun shots shortly before,” she said.



  2. Last night was a bad night!

  3. This was my brother Fernando while I was on a plane flying back from Hawaii I came home to a family that was in pain grieved by the loss of a father, son, and brother. Why couldn’t this have been avoided I called the LAPD to inform them of what he may do while on my way to the airport gave them his cell phone number to be traced, the color, make and model of the car he was driving…why did they not reach him and stop this!!! My family is in great sadness over his death, this should never be a choice. Peace can be found here on earth without the use of drugs, alcohol or anything to be used to escape this world. Unfortunately for my family alcohol has been abused by all of us and has lead us to misery.

  4. I’m sorry for your loss Carmela. My thoughts are with your family.

  5. Carmela, although I have never met you, I did know your brother Fernando very well. I am truly saddened by what he did to himself. Underneath all the problems he may have had, he was a great man with a a good heart. It’s sad what alcohol and drugs can drive a person to do. I only wish he would have reached out to the people who truly cared and would have helped him in a heartbeat. My deepest condolences to you and all of your family and especially to his daughter.

  6. I also knew Fernando, almost 14 years! I am deeply saddened by this. It is so unfortunate. Carmela, my sincerest condolences go out to your family. Most of all my prayers and thoughts go out to his beautiful daughter. Fernie, I’ll never forget you had a good heart. I’ll always remember the good times and laughs we shared. May your soul finally be at peace! Miss and love you!

  7. Fernando was a loving,good hearted & funny person who loved his daughter very much. Sad what Alcohal can do, I know he would still be here if he would’ve stopped drinking, he had alot of support and people around him who loved him very much put it’s up the person to change. My thoughts and prayers go out to his Daughter she’s the one who will miss him the most, more then anyone!

  8. The way you were so passionate about everything you taught me. Always to question everything, how you believed in me with everything I wanted to do. You were a quiet brilliant man, misunderstood but I understood you. You always had jokes that not everyone got but that’s what made you more of a character. You had a heart of gold , lying was never an option and you taught me just that. I wish I had one day just to have lunch and “gorge” like we use too not caring about the worlds problems. Just me and you. Now that your physically not here is one of the toughest struggles I probably can ever face. I always want you to be happy no matter where you are. I want you to be proud of me with everything dad please promise me that. Like the last things you told me I love you forever…. Something I wrote write after this happened. He will always be remembered.

    • Gayle & Susan on SunnynookDrive

      Anika, I know you do not know me, but I was there with Sabrina moments after this happened. I stayed there with Sabrina and Fernando’s brother until medical help arrived. I do not know if he was an organ doner, but he looked healthy. I only wish the paramedics had kept him on life support so he didn’t die in vain.
      Please know that we feel your pain and are so sorry for your loss.
      Gayle on Sunnynook.

  9. Gayle & Susan on SunnynookDrive

    Fernando was across the street when this happened. We heard his sister, Sabrina screaming, after we heard the gunshot. We called 911 and I waited with them . Sabrina tried CPR but when help arrived it was too late. She, her other brother and cousin came in to our home for a bit to wait for the coroner , before they could get back to their cars. A very lovely family. We are so sorry for their loss. I do not know the pain he was in, but I hope he is at peace now. God bless the family and their tremendous loss.Our sincere condolences.
    Gayle & Susan on Sunnynook.

  10. My most sincere condolences to the Rampino family. I can’t even imagine how his family must be trying to cope with this tragic loss. I pray that Fernando may have found the solace he so longed for. May you be resting in peace now.

  11. Fernando’s last moments occurred right next to my house. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of those who loved him and now feel such a terrible loss. I want to make sure that all of his family and friends feel welcome to pay their respects at that piece of earth. All of the candles and the flowers placed there will be respected, as will the presence of any who want to come to say farewell to him. I am so sorry for your loss.
    Marlene on the corner of Valleybrink and Sunnynook.

    • Gayle & Susan on SunnynookDrive

      Marlene, I think we need to sit and have a conversation.I am not getting “over this” as I should.I have work and social engagements and a friend in town from Detroit. But Susan thinks we are sharing some grief and should talk. Honestly, I just wanted to block it and be done with it, but that isn’t working . If you check this website then know I’ll be in touch. This just came from out of the blue and was so random. Only those of us who were there know the depth of the feelings that emerge. Hope to talk soon.

  12. Fernie, You had such a big heart, it didn’t have to come to this! If only you knew how much everyone always cared for you despite some of the bad times. There is nothing anyone can do or say to bring you back or change the decision YOU made. If only you were sober, you would have remembered all the good times and all the things worth living for, MOST OF ALL, Anika. I remember Fernie as a Good Hearted, Funny, always thought he was the best dancer, red short wearing kind of guy! So many things didn’t matter to him, but what he cherished the most was his Daughter.

    Anika, I know this is going to be a very hard & sad time. Please don’t question the love your father had for you, it was tremendous, you were his everything! The demons took over him, drugs & alcohol & he just couldn’t fight anymore. Remember all the great times & memories you had with your Dad. In time your sadness will be replaced with happy thoughts & memories of him. Like you said, he was misunderstood, but you understood him. He ALWAYS talked highly of you and know he will ALWAYS be with you, watching over you, as your special Guardian Angel!

    My thoughts & prayers go out to the Rampino Family. Ferni, may your soul finally rest in peace! Love you Fern!!! xoxo

  13. It would have been 25 years this June 2012 when I laid my eyes on the man that was going to be my future childs dad…..People might think that I am going to vent and be sad But, what I am going to say is that Fernando was a WONDERFUL FATHER! I am blessed that my instincts where correct …..we have a wonderful and beautiful daughter together and he will forever be missed….I am not going to talk about drugs and alchohol because that is not what’s important…..for the people who loved and respected him will remember a loving man with a dear heart! Ok. he was stubborn but, I earned that righ to say it 🙂 Fernie………..always know that I will take care of
    AMR as if u where here…………….love you fern!!!!!!!!!!!! give me a sign of strength

  14. Dear Rampino Family,
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
    Christ’s Church at Griffith Park

  15. Fernando was a great teacher he taught me how to play poker and so many other card games we went to the Movies, Pomona Fair & Knotts he went and all the rides with me and bought me my first fried twinky (he thought it looked disgusting) he helped me with my homework he was very smart he knew all about science. He would always pay a lot of attention to me when he would come to see my Mom. I know your in heaven and watching over me you will always be rememberd. I will miss him sooooo much. : (

  16. My condolences and prayers to Fernando’s family and friends. He was loved, and I will have fond memories of my juke box loving friend.

  17. I did not know Fernando or his family, but as your Atwater Village neighbor, I am so very sorry for the loss of your son, brother, and father. Our family is sending our love and well wishes your way.

  18. Debbie Rampino-toyoshima

    I am Fernando’s Cousin. We are so sorry for your loss Carmela and Anika. Give the family our deepest condolences. We are in shock. We just found out. If you get this please get intouch with us. It’s the same phone# Or you can find me on Fbook under my name and maiden and toyoshima. Also Serina is trying to get intouch. I am praying for all.

  19. Gayle & Susan on SunnynookDrive

    The sight of Fernando’s last night is still preserved. I noticed this week that there are flowers , rosary’s and notes. It must have been his birthday, recently. I often see his Mother come and sit by the spot where he decided to end his life. My heart breaks for her sadness. I just remember seeing his beautiful green eyes as they closed. Sabrina did her best to revive him. I will never forget that evening. I hope and pray he is in a better place.
    Rampino’s , we still mourn your loss.

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