Man shot in Echo Park drive-by

One man was injured in Echo Park early this morning after multiple shots were fired from a vehicle near the intersection of Alvarado Street and Sunset Boulevard, according to Patch. The shooting, which took place at about 1 a.m., is believed to be gang related, police said.  The victim was shot in the arm and leg but his injuries were not considered life threatening. One person who lives nearby reported hearing half a dozen shots.


  1. Boy, these gang bangers really need to get to the target range!

  2. Damn right henry hawk.

    But let’s whine about “hipsters” and “gentrification” like a bunch of b$%&ches while the real problems persist.

  3. By the way have any of you ever seen a gangbanger fight? Theur ability to land a punch is about as sorry as their shooting.

  4. And jeezy takes it to an all new low.

  5. I loved Echo Pk, but after nine years of bullets and graffiti…I had to leave…I wasn’t a hipster and I didn’t gentrify anything… Good Luck to old hood…at least the dude wasn’t murdered, Officially

  6. Dam lame ass lil kids doing drive byes still they r not no gang bangers if Ur gunna do it do it rite

  7. This thread is a mess.

  8. Best thread ever

  9. Thugs go home. Oh wait this IS home for these loser scumbags.

  10. This is my home y you guys have to hate but just remember those were no gangsters that did the drive by they were lil kids trying to get fame so stop trying to say some thing you guys don’t noe bout!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. If you get in a car, carry a gun, and shoot it at someone else you are no longer ‘a lil kid trying to get fame’

    They become a psychopathic murderer that needs to be beaten up and the gun stuffed into their face. Sorry but making an excuse for them is bullshit.

  12. Hahahahahah Ok you guys are fools and don’t noe what a gangster is you watch to much tv and sorry to tell you but a gangster don’t do drive byes no more and dont shoot from a moving car !!!!!!!! You ppl are so lost in life

  13. Hahahahahah Damm you White ppl really have no life f$c$ it we will be in echo park forever so if you don’t like it go back to Alabama Hahahah ima real gangster and all you are scared of us so don’t tryin talk all hi class ……..I’m just saying them lil kids that did that lil drive bye are not gangsters

    • Yeah we r really afraid of you and your pens writing on walls. Have fun rapeing each other when you are in prison. ..you do know all gangsters either die or go to prison right? Ever see an old gangbanger? They end up in prison or dead.

    • It’s not fear. It is pity. I truly feel sorry for your lack of education and the isolation you must feel in this world. You are evidence of a failure of our society.


      U jus stoopid yo! U b sayin all dis shit bout bein tru dat noe wat im sayin but u just a loss sheep folloin da rong herd yo!

    • Nobody is scared of you. You are just a bunch of overweight brats who can’t even throw a punch.

  14. For your FYI I’m not no gangster I’m a big bad a$$ gee but all you ppl on here really think what you say is true huh funny hope you guys fill big and tall for every thing you say cuz you will see who gets the last laugh ……


    • Why would some small-time gangbangers get the last laugh? Never happened. Never will. You are important in your own mind…the “white people” who you talk down upon are actually working to make the area better and don’t do that by shooting sloppily from the car like some drive-thru customer coward. Why don’t you work to make things better too?

      Take a look around. The days of gangbangers in Echo Park were short and now they are most certainly numbered. Good riddance – and all of the Latinos I know in EP agree with me, by the way.

  15. Hahahahahah dam you ppl really believe every thing you say huh man this is my hood no one can stop us u guys been trying for years and still can’t hahahahahahaah echo park foe ever so stop trying to

  16. Hahahah funny anyways just remember who’s hood this is and stop being scared of us and roll up Ur windows like always

    • The hood belongs to everyone who has chosen to make their home here. Not just you and your friends. Nobody is scared of you, by the way. You think that just because you have guns and some friends that you are some sort of tough guy. I would be just as scared of eight old ladies with guns.

  17. Hahahahahah this is my turf and you will all be sorry when we move all you out of my hood and all you old ppl can eat sh$t for all I care

  18. Hahahah you mean when you guys leave who we going to be jacking you guys are dumb Hahahahahah go get a life I bet you gus are braging to your friends saying your talking shit to a gang member huh Hahahahahah

    • Not that I’m generally a violent person, but this super twat makes me what to smack him hard.

    • Yep! I was just on the phone with my mom bragging about this rich exchange!

      “A real gang member?” she asked. I said yes mom he starts all his sentences with “hahahaha” and spells like a second grader! So cool!

      But I know he’s practicing his spelling because his hand writing is everywhere!

  19. want obviously i meant

  20. Man you say all this stuff bout gangsters and it’s not gunna change ever so go move back wit you mommy and leave us gangsters alone we are not scared of no one police nobody trying stop us you cant Hahahahahah we stay banging all day every day

    • Dude,
      I own 4 units in Echo Park. I’m not going anywhere.

      And you are not the only ones with guns… “noe” what I’m sayin?

      Bring it.

      • Preach, Robaire. Nobody scared of some two-bit, washed-up gangsters.

        “We stay bangin’ all day”? No. More like “we stay smoking weed and playin’ Xbox all day.”

  21. Hahahahahah that’s y we stay writing on all your houses huh you will never stop it att all so shut up White trash

    • Oh, I get it. You’re just a racist. In that case, be silent. You lose.

      And yes, we will stop it. There is no doubt about it. You think you can oppress everyone else in the same way that you oppressed immigrant Latino families for years? You really have another thing coming. Y’all are out of here in five years, tops.

  22. Hahahahahah shut up waste of time ppl we run these streets all day long just remember to lock your doors and stay inside hahahah

  23. Why are you guys arguing with a lil boy gangbanging online? lol who cares. I just hope this young kids realise that being a gangster and hurting ppl will only lead them to a bad future 🙁 Go to school better yourself for you and your families.

  24. This is truly the most pathetic thread I’ve read and NOT because of any commentator here but because of this ‘Echo Park’ FOOL!
    I am Mexican, in my mid twenties, gay and grew up in EP. I love Echo Park as it is my hometown.
    What doesn’t seem to register in my head, is how a human being can have the privilege of living in this world and truly have no purpose in life? All i can think of is that this fool didn’t get any love while growing up. Its truly sad. He is so bitter, unhappy, filled with anger and only makes me feel sorry for him. I am in peace to know that all the harm you are creating to others will return to you and unfortunately in a much much worse way.
    Lighten up buddy and enjoy life. I truly know the rest of us here are. 🙂

    Oh and since you claim this is your ‘turf’, why are we still here? And in the event that you do keep all this land (i cant believe i am writing this HAHA), what next? This is pathetic!

    If you all want to know who this ‘Echo Park’ commentator is, look up the word FOOL in the dictionary. PEACE!

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