Morning commute gets longer through Echo Park

The construction of a new sidewalk in Echo Park has a created a new – albeit temporary – challenge for morning commuters headed southbound on Glendale Boulevard. Slow moving traffic has been moving even slower after the right lane of Glendale Boulevard was closed last week approximately between Park Avenue and Montrose Avenue, where a new sidewalk is being built in front of  Parkview Living, a 75-unit apartment complex now nearing completion.  Motorist Artree Maharajh does not appreciate the unexpected bottleneck:

They have shut the HEAVILY used street down to one lane 24/7 making, commuting and travel in the morning (especially on a day when it is raining) ridiculous. Yesterday traffic was completely horrendous.

Maharajh and other Glendale Boulevard commuters might want to plan for a longer commute in the weeks ahead. A construction worker on the Parkview Living site said today that it could take up to a month to complete the new sidewalk.


  1. That explains the backup on the Southbound 2 I see all day…

  2. Good. It’s a neighborhood not a freeway- it should be one lane.

  3. I realize that this question is just begging some ancient EP jingoist to call me names, but I am fascinated by the traffic congestion along the Glendale/Alvarado corridor. I realize that Glendale/Alvarado is one of the only north-south streets in the immediate area, but I am really curious why Alvarado/Sunset thru to Glendale is such a clusterf*ck. People say it’s traffic from downtown going to the 2 but this seems like only partial explanation. I take the 2 to the 210 three or four times a week and the actual interstate is typically moving just fine, so what’s the real problem, especially in the afternoon?

    • I always used this as a short cut to get to or from Downtown. Glendale / Alvarado is faster almost always than taking the 110 to wherever I am headed. The 2 is an easy way to get back to the other cities. It may be more miles, but time wise it’s almost always faster. When in traffic on those street I only imagine how awful the 110 must be.

      Also to get onto the 2 freeway, has one of the worst lane changes I have ever seen. That right there is causing a lot of backup. Almost as bad as the 110 North to 5 North connector in the tunnel. People generally not knowing how to drive in LA doesn’t help either. Too much me me me cutting into the lanes, for proper flow.

  4. It’s still 2 lanes. One for cars. One for me on my bicycle. I vote it stays this way.

  5. By turning the street into one lane, that arterial transforms into something else. Please don’t tell me the next day people are taking the same route.

    • Agreed, it’s all about setting up a better heirarchy to our streets… the 110 should be for long range commuters, Alvarado as a secondary route for locals (with the lights properly synced), and Glendale could be a multi-modal route with buffered bike lanes, wider sidewalks, and more frequent bus service (until Metro gets around to rebuilding a rail link between Glendale and downtown, per their long range plan).

  6. I think the problem is the lights- the main backup is caused by that weird multi-way light as alvarado crosses glendale. that light is long. then it’s smooth til you get to bellevue (until now with the sidewalk const) and once you pass temple you’re all good. I don’t understand why the lights are not timed better. I’m SO relieved to hear that the second lane will come back. I came to the site particularly to find out what’s up with this mess that this is creating here. I live in echo park and i use glendale regularly and I was worried the church had taken over even the *street* in our neighborhood.

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