Pedestrian hit in Echo Park traffic accident*

A car struck a pedestrian on Echo Park Avenue this morning, prompting the closure of the street as officers conduct an investigation. Police declined to provide any details about the incident but a black sedan with a shattered windshield was in the middle of the northbound traffic lane on Echo Park Avenue north of Lucretia Avenue. One Eastsider reader said the accident took place at about 9:30 a.m.  Echo Park avenue had been blocked off between Lucretia Avenue on the south and Effie Street on the north.

* Update @ 4:41 p.m.:  The victim died in a hospital following surgery at about 11 a.m, said Officer Karen Rayner with the LAPD. The man, who residents say lived near the accident scene, was walking east across Echo Park Avenue when he was struck by the northbound vehicle, according to an officer.  Echo Park Avenue was reopened after being shut down for more than three hours.


  1. I knew something terrbile was bound to happen especially because that intersection does not have a the stop sign. I myself was about to be over on that same street due some stupid driver one time. Hopefully they now they take into consideration in putting.one now. Sry to hear such terrible news.

  2. Hi, I saw this accident take place and gave the police all of my information but did not stay on the scene because I did not want to linger/rubberneck as they tried to save the poor man’s life.
    The driver hit this man going quite fast. He did not apply his brakes, I guess he didn’t have time to. I had stopped for the pedestrian, who crossed from the northwest corner of Lucretia to the northeast corner, across echo park avenue. He was an older man and walking slowly. As he passed my stopped car, into the lane of traffic going north, the black Audi came and just plowed right into him and he flew up the street maybe forty or fifty feet before landing.
    If anyone knows if this poor man lived or died, please say. I sure hope he survives. It was a terrible impact.
    It is a very somber reminder to go slow and not use city streets like they are freeways.

  3. Was the poor guy jaywalking? This is why I don’t stop for jaywalkers. You think you are doing them a good deed but idiot and/or inattentive motorists around you may not see them in time to stop. Heck even some pedestrian crossings are glorified death traps. Drivers need to slow the hell down!

  4. He was not jaywalking.
    He was crossing the street from one corner to the other.

  5. I drove by while EMS was working on him. While there is no stop sign at that intersection, it is between two stop signs (Morton and Effie) so traffic should not be speeding there! Unfortunately, increasing density and traffic with the new development on EP will only make things worse .

  6. This highlights the terrible driving on/around EP Ave. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been passed on EP Ave while doing the speed limit. No one stops at stop signs on side streets, not even around the elementary school. And now that baseball season is upon us again, we have those unwilling to pay to park who drive recklessly through our streets as well. Gahhhh, i sound like a little old lady, but seriously, I hope this man will be ok and that people take this as a sign to drive with caution (and while I’m at it, stop texting at the wheel).

  7. There’s too much speeding around the area. Riverside Drive is probably the worst, but EP Ave is bad too.

  8. Many years ago we used to have a crosswalk at that intersection, but when the street was fixed, was removed it and was never put back the crosswalk, this intersection is so dangerous sadly people run like they are going in a highway, there is no respect for pedestrian I live around and I seen how people has to run to cross the street or almost hit by a car. What happen today is very sad. Authorities take action until someone is killed.

  9. I hope the man is okay; this is just terrible. I am tired of people speeding through our neighborhood as a cut through to get to their own neighborhoods. EP Avenue is part of a special neighborhood where there are kids playing, pets being walked, and neighbors enjoying the sites. I am tired of big, annoying semis cutting up EP Ave and then getting stuck at Cerro Gordo. I am tired of cars racing up and down with music blaring and shaking the houses at midnight. This is a neighborhood, not a freeway. Something needs to happen where EP Avenue is not used as Glendale Ave, Part 2, otherwise, this is going to keep happening.

  10. Too all the people at the scene who did not help…shame on you. We are all suppose to help each other. Don’t you people know about the “Good Samaritan Law”

    • A lot of people stopped immediately. Nobody took off without caring for him. I passed by a bunch of people assisting him. It had obviously just happened, although I didn’t see the accident directly. They waved me off or I would have stopped too. I did call 911 as well. I don’t think you have to worry about involvement from the neighborhood. There are a bunch of very caring people in our district that are happy to lend a hand and help another. We should try to get another crossing or speed bumps. It is a very pedestrial friendly neighborhood.

      • That did not happen. They stopped but did not offer assistance. I saw only one person helping (me). Everybody else was just taking pictures. Telling me to leave the injured person alone. Of all the calls it was mine, yours and the victims neighbor. The guy who hit him smoked a cigarette rather than call for help or help me. .

        • that’s true, samaritan. the driver was smoking and standing by, looking on. so weird. such an awful day. I wanted to help the man and was told by the people there who said they knew him not to touch him. I wish I would have ignored them and just sat and held him or something. it’s too late now but that man was dying and he was really alone. about calling, I think lots of people did call. I did not have a phone on me but I was screaming asking a neighbor to call as soon as it happened and he did call for me and he said they were getting another call about it at the same time.

          • This must have been a terrible thing to witness. You guys sound so upset. Please take care of yourselves.

  11. Sad situation 🙁 I really hope he’s ok.

    A good time for everyone to remember that “right of way” is an absurd concept. The car will kill you, thus it has the right of way. Your family will be the only one benefiting from monies received in your wrongful death suit.

    LOOK before you step into the street, cars don’t appear out of thin air. Speeding or not, if you walk in front of a moving car, you lose.

    • In this case it did not matter. The guy, was who was driving, was on the PHONE Dialing!!! It is against the LAW to be texting, dialing, or talking without a hands free cell phone. Doesn’t matter the pedestrian has the right away always. That dumb shit took his eyes off the road to make a call. Very irresponsible and careless.

  12. I asked one of the officers when I walked by if the pedestrian was killed and he said yes, thus prompting such thorough investigation. A lesson for all who speed on ep ave (I see this A LOT)
    RIP, sir.

  13. Excuse me Fauxican but that car indeed appeared out of nowhere. The man was crossing the street. He was old. He was slow. The car was speeding up very fast, northbound, and the man was ALREADY in the street, halfway across, crossing.
    You weren’t there–do not blame the pedestrian: ridiculous, really, to say he should have looked. He had looked. He was halfway across when that car came. I was there in the intersection and saw the whole thing and it was not his fault.
    The driver was apparently not looking, was fiddling with a blue tooth or something. He didn’t even brake. He plowed into the man as if he were invisible.
    In any case: the man died. I just spoke to police who came to get a statement. Eastsider, you might want to update with that sad development.

    • Local girl, I am truly sorry that you witnessed this — it must feel like you’re stuck in a nightmare. Thank you for providing your account with compassion. Please take care of yourself — this is a traumatic day for you and you will need time to recover. My prayers to the deceased.

    • Police have yet to verify the cause of the accident or the condition of the victim. We continue to check with the LAPD Central Traffic Bureau.

    • I can tell you’re upset. I didn’t blame the pedestrian at all. This story is precisely the reason I wrote the above post… cars don’t always obey laws. Pedestrian right of way only really matters in court, we have to protect ourselves on the street. I say this as a cyclist in LA, where if I were to make decisions daily based on my “right of way” i would have died about 100 times by now as people just don’t pay attention.

      May he rest in peace.

  14. It never fails to boggle my mind how many Angelenos will blame the victim in these situations.

    “Was the pedestrian jaywalking?”

    “Was the cyclist wearing a helmet?”

    As if that excuses maiming or killing someone? The “car-centric” mentality of some Angelenos is borderline sociopath. It’s like they have no empathy for their fellow human beings unless their encased in 4,000 lbs of steel.

  15. The message of what happened this morning seems very clear.
    At least to me.
    The message is to drivers: Pay attention. Don’t be careless. Do not use your phone in the car. Don’t look at it, or dial, or do anything but keep your eyes on the road.
    And go the speed limit.
    it is the only good that come of what happened.
    I feel really bad for the driver, who is surely distraught. but if he is charged with vehicular manslaughter maybe it’s a just deterrent to careless driving.

  16. Its not like it used to be in the neighborhood , as a matter of fact , the only stop sign on Echo Park Avenue was the one @ Baxter and Echo Park Avenue by the school . It was a straight away all the way up the Avenue .
    Every one is in a damned hurry around here or on their cell phones, never make fulls stops at the stop signs and are just all around careless.

  17. It’s not necessarily blaming the victim…though some of course are quick to do that. It’s just that recognizing that many drivers are reckless morons and ALWAYS expecting to get hit when you cross the street could potentially save your life. Right of way is of not much use when you get hit by 4000 lbs of steel, is it? In this case though, based on Local Girl’s testimony, it seems like there was not much the victim could have done to avoid getting hit.

  18. So sad, unfortunately LADOT has been removing crosswalks and stops signs for years to speed up traffic… make no mistake about it, our streets are dangerous by design!

  19. its only going to get worse the area is becoming a high density zone with no public transpro.
    Los angeles is owned and operated by the developers at the cost of public safety , thanks your city councilperson for this .

  20. Maybe the attitude towards some additional traffic / safety controls along Echo Park Ave. will change after this horrible accident. A year ago opinions were pretty mixed: http://www.theeastsiderla.com/2011/05/16945/#comments.

    At some point the balance has to tip and either driver behavior or the street itself need to adjust…

  21. Who was the driver of the Audi?

    This is utterly ridiculous. I’ve had cars honk or gun their engines when I didn’t cross EP Avenue quick enough and this is complete bullshit.

    I want the name of the driver of the Audi, and I want manslaughter charges. This is utterly unacceptable and as a community as need to speak out against it.

    • That is such a rude comment given a man DIED amidst reports of driver negligence.

      That avenue is NOT a highway and yet I’ve witnessed for over 15 years rampant speeding and serious bad driving habits all up and down it. Even as (and especially since) the neighborhood has bloated with people and new developments. Have some respect for life people – and remember, driving is a privilege.

      Such a sad, sad story. To the man’s family, may you heal and know great love in your time of sadness.

  22. And he lived right across the street of where the incident happened , my heart goes out to his family and friends , R.I.P

    • I drove by shortly after it happened, and I saw that this man looked like my neighbor from up near the 1950 block. Are you sure it was a man who lived across from Lucretia? It was awful and I have been worried about him all day. Just awful…

  23. I agree with all the previous posters’ comments. Let’s get together as a neighborhood and demand safer streets. It doesn’t cost much to paint a crosswalk or install an extra stop sign, or lower the posted speed limit. I work for the City and trust me it’s a matter of political will and being a squeaky wheel. The Neighborhood Council should TAKE ACTION.

    I’m very uncomfortable with the recent spike in pedestrian fatalities (or near fatalities) of the most vulnerable people – first a pregnant woman in front of Pizza Buona, and now a poor elderly gentleman on a residential street. What’s going on?!?

  24. This is so sad. I think it should be a reminder to everyone as to how fragile life is, and could be gone in an instant. I was not at the seen at the time, but live and walk my dog on that street everyday. I do find it in poor taste for people to be finger pointing and judging others as to who helped at the scene and who didn’t. I can only imagine how horrifying this was to witness and each person inherently acts differently in these situations. Some people are shocked or just to frightened. And while it’s true that some people may not have known what to do in this situation to help, ultimately this man died and the focus should be on what we all can do to prevent something like this from happening again, and being good to each other.

    • thank you for posting this. wise words.
      all the speculative accusations from people who weren’t there make it worse and not better.

  25. Very sad. Who are these morons who crash their cars into pedestrians and storefronts? They do not deserve to operate a motor vehicle.

  26. @ drivers friend. Tell him to turn himself in now. I have his dmv info. Tell him he has until today.

  27. This is a very tragic story that I first heard about on the Echo Park Patch twitter feed. Bogus that you guys didn’t give them credit for the story.

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