Silver Lake faces more detours and disruption

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Motorists and bus riders alike welcomed the reopening last month of  Glendale Boulevard between Waverly and Riverside Drive as the construction of a new water pipeline delayed and detoured Silver Lake traffic for months. But many of those motorists and bus riders – as well as nearby residents – should prepare for another round of detours and delays that are scheduled to begin this month and look to be even more disruptive to traffic and neighborhood life.  As part of the same water line project, the intersection of  Glendale Boulevard, Rowena and Lakewood avenues (by the Silver Lake fire station) will be blocked off at times during a three-month period, according to the L.A. Department of Water and Power, which is overseeing the project.  In addition, traffic on an approximately half-mile stretch of Glendale Boulevard between Rowena Avenue and Farwell Avenue (near Fletcher) will be limited to only eastbound traffic during much of the day on weekdays and Saturdays. That one-way traffic pattern is expected to last six to eight months. Wait, there is more.

In addition to motorists, residents and store owners along Glendale Boulevard and Rowena Avenue should also prepare themselves for construction noise and dust as well as the loss of street parking. The plan for now is to ban street parking on the south side of Rowena west of Glendale Boulevard in an area near restaurants and shops.

For more info on the project, contact DWP Project Manager Sabrina Tsui at (213) 367-3331 or at sabrina.tsui@ladwp.com. Click here to view and download a map with road closure details.


  1. Thank you for the detailed info. Already encountered this situation a few weeks ago. Sigh. Just when I was cheering being able to go across Glendale Blvd to Riverside Drive again. Oh well, back to other routes around the neighborhood, to the 5 fwy and into the Glendale.

  2. Something seriously missing in this story. It says the project is AT the intersection of Glendale and Rowena and Lakewood. And from that intersection running EAST to Farwell.

    But the parking that is going to be banned is all on Rowena West of that intersection! Wait a minute. What is going on, why is the parking WEST of that intersection being restricted when all the work is East of that intersection? That can’t be for a project that is East of that intersection!

  3. DWP Project Manager Sabrina Tsui should be fired.

    The City Council should be taking steps to get this work done faster.

    This has been a traffic nightmare FOR TOO LONG. Seriously… THEY’RE JUST PIPES.

    • I’d be happy to make the call, but before I do, would you please explain what all is involved in digging up the street, removing old pipes, and putting new ones in, just so I know what it is I’m talking about? Somehow a lot of Silver Lakers know how this is done and can comment on how slow it’s taking, but I’m part of the 1% in Silver Lake that isn’t trained as a civil engineer and isn’t qualified to comment on how long it should take. Thanks.

      • @Jerry Malatesta





        Do you not know where you are?

        That is all.

        You may now return to your regularly scheduled whining by sad, hipster, civil engineer sheep.

    • Hit By Nightmare

      A lot of DWP people should be fired.

      By the way, they are NOT removing the old pipes; it’s only the new pipeline going in. One Rados (contractor) engineer acknowledge to a resident in December that they don’t have the manpower to work all their construction sites at full speed, according to this story:

      Sucks for residents, sucks for all the businesses who’ve taken serious losses… right on the back of a bad recession.

  4. Highland Park (York & Figueroa) has been going through much the same situation and it’s going to continue (as with this work).
    As Jerry said (and I’m sure most SLers aren’t civil engineers either) the process is probably long and involved because it is a long, involved process.
    Be thankful the Eastsider is providing this information so we can plan accordingly…

  5. And don’t get too comfortable…there’s more work coming…
    The Glendale-Hyperion-LA River project (5-21-13 to 6-19-17)
    The work being done currently is part of the Wastewater Wastewater – CSSA – 60 Miles
    The link lists all the projects involved in the work, the Glendale/Rowena
    SSRP P21B Glendale Blvd & Rowena Ave (P21A & P21C) is 50 or 51 on the list…

    so there’s a lot going on, all of LA, not just in one small corner of the Eastside..

  6. This comment is a re-post from the other disaster that the DWP is unleashing on us at the same time…….Seems to make more sence here.
    “They create the situation, then plant motorcycle cops at the right place to write tickets to frustrated motorists who try to make those illegal left turns to avoid the traffic the city create. Example… three motorcycle cops sitting on Rowena ave and Rokeby st. by the fire station writing tickets non stop at 9 AM. at a couple hundred dollars a pop for 5 minutes work in the name of traffic safety is a pretty good haul for the day. It would be nice if they were at selected intersection directing traffic to make the commute a bit more pleasant for us but that wouldn’t raise any revenue would it?”

    • Wunderkind Nicht

      that’s it! this is all just a way to increase traffic ticket revenue. spend millions of dollars on infrastructure, just to rake in the thousands in traffic tickets. good to know all those silver lake civil engineers jerry’s talkin about are getting trained at the same place where these silver lake accountants and finance folks are.

  7. bunch of yuppie , hipster whiners here sack up homies.. don’t like it move.. you people make me sick.. complain about everything !! I swear deal with it..

  8. lizzy silver lake

    Sunny, why so cloudy? Referring to the residents of this area as “you people” sounds downright prejudiced. As does the name calling. The traffic disruption in this neighborhood has been significant as has the impact of the construction noise, dust, and congestion. I believe that the people of this neighborhood, white, black, latino, young, old, square, hip, disabled, blind, deaf, poor, or crazy rich have a right to voice their concerns about what’s going on. And Sunny, don’t forget, it’s not so easy to just move, as you suggest. A lot of families owe more on their houses than they’re worth or can’t afford the costs associated with moving and finding an affordable rental unit elsewhere.

  9. I’m with you Sunny. All the people complaining are new to the area because they heard it was hip and cool to move to, point made by Lizzy. Anyone that has lived here long enough already owns their home and wasn’t fucked by the banks or has been renting long enough to actually have a say. Sad to say that Silverlake and Echo Park are the new suburbs, I mean urban places to raise families. I can’t get past the Trader Joes soccer moms who call themselves artist fast enough. This area was cool before all the neo yuppies moved in and declared it theirs, it isn’t hard when you have daddy’s money.

  10. candi I totally agree with you, I’ve been in silver lake forever and traffic never bothered me. what bothers me is Losing Netty’s and Back door Bakery or Hairlucination. And the coffee table all the old school places I would frequent now you have $16 hamburgers @ resevoir . $8 cups of coffee @ Lamill. the yuppie westsiders have invaded and brought PETA with them. Silver lake was cool then now it’s just uptight,nose in the air,yoga mat carrying yuppie. hipster tight pants wearing zombies patrolling the block.

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