Silver Lake resident alerted to men casing her home

A Silver Lake woman who lives on Benton Way near Berkeley Avenue was running errands this afternoon when a neighbor called her to warn her that two men appeared to be casing her home in a prelude to a burglary. The men, described as African American males, were seen on the front porch and the backyard but were gone by the time the woman returned to her home accompanied by police. The woman said via email:

We had the police meet me at home as soon as I got home around 1pm. The police checked the entire house before I went in and said it was a good thing my neighbor was home and that by her noticing them they were probably scared off.

The woman said the officers recommended that neighbors keep an eye out for suspicious activity. Senior Officer Al Polehonki said he was unaware any major burglary problem in that section of Silver Lake.


  1. this is what i love about silver lake. the community support.

  2. The cops are wrong. There are burglaries in that area. Lived on Benton near Berkeley and Angeles and had my place broken into last year. During that time, there were a string of burglaries in the area.

    • Cop’s didn’t say there weren’t burglaries in that area. Said; “…unaware (of) any MAJOR burglary problem in that section”.

      And that comment is about now, not about last year.

      ‘Major burglary problem’ would be out of the ordinary, as in, more than the normal average.

  3. There are two Octo (or maybe Nono) genarians living right around that intersection, let’s all keep our wits about us and watch out for them as well..

    • Probably not the best idea to advertise their advanced ages on a public blog where thieves or predators might be poking around.

  4. Worth noting, another neighbor noticed a man in sunglasses waiting in a white four door sedan around this time, then witnessed two other men of the above description getting into the vehicle and speeding off. Also, regarding robbery in the area, the officers at the scene mentioned they knew of a robbery crew currently working the area.

  5. Were they wearing hoodies?

  6. Wait….

    If they’re wearing hoodies we get to shoot them, right?

    • Nothing to do with that vigilante in Florida… No racist attitude here, and anyway, I was robbed by a big caucasian when I lived on Griffith Park Blvd. in 04. Robbers come in all forms, but they are for sure all @##holes.

  7. There have been a whole lot residential burglaries in the SL area over the past few years from Occidental to Sanborn primarily south of Sunset. Generally during the daytime 10-7. If you have questions call the Rampart PD (we are loosing SLO Justin Stewart). There are also many neighborhood watch groups in the SL area.

  8. Neighbor was burglarized on Waverly Drive about a month ago. During a weekday. No one saw anything, and it was even on the second floor of a 4-unit building, over the owner/landlord’s apartment.

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