Storefront Report: New French and Latino menus await Highland Park diners

What's behind the curtain at Ba?

Courtesy Garvanza's

The Highland Park dining scene continues to expand, with newcomers featuring organic Latino and French Rustic cuisine.  This week,  Ba Restaurant, located in a pale-blue storefront at the corner of York Boulevard and Avenue 51, opened on a limited basis but plans to expand those hours soon, chef owner James Graham told Patch. The narrow dining room, located past an entry with a pair of crystal chandeliers and heavy drapes, features an ambitious menu with items such as Spiny Lobster and tarragon ravioli in raspberry beurre blanc, which at $25 is perhaps one of the priciest entrees on a Highland Park menu.

Meanwhile,  several blocks east, Garvanza’s, which had adopted the name of the surrounding neighborhood, plans to start regular hours on Saturday, May 5  said manager Elisabeth Gonzalez. The focus will be on fresh and organic Latino cuisine.

While Ba Restaurant plans to remain open until midnight on some evenings, Garvanza’s will focus on an early morning crowd  and a weekday lunch business in addition to serving brunch and dinner on weekends. Gonzales provided a run down of what to expect:

Our regular hours will be Mon.-Fri. 6AM to 3PM  –we will have great fresh coffee made by local roasters Plow & Gun, fresh organic juice, great breakfast burritos and fresh baked goods for early morning commuters. On the weekends we will have a delicious brunch menu as well as lunch and dinner. 9AM -9PM Sat. and Sun.


  1. HP got some french?!?!? say it aint so!!! YAY!!!!

  2. Fresh & organic Latino cuisine?
    What the hell is that exactly?

    • Something delicious, I’m sure. Support the community.

    • One restaurant is french. The other is latino. What is confusing about that?

      • Right on GravyHands! My Mother used to say, “If you can’t say something nice, STFU!”……

        • See… and my Mother used to say, “If you can’t not suck the butt of someone on the internet like a sad little lap dog because they sort of agree with a point you made on a blogspot, STFU!”……

          I think it was something like that.

          Maybe I’m paraphrasing.

    • @mimulos1

      Here’s what I think it is….

      In the early mornings, they’ll drive out to Oxnard and pick the fruits and vegetables they’re going to use for the food (Organic) and then they’ll come back here and load up the deep fryer that’s in the broken down roach coach parked behind the restaurant (“fresh”) with everything they picked and the fatty and lard packed meat (aka “free range”), undercook it and serve it up to you at $12 – $15 dollars a pop.

      See? Fresh & Organic!

  3. More “white people restaurants” please. All the better to help push out the lowlife Avenues morons with their retarded “where you come from”s.

  4. @cs what does skin color has to do with restaurants? Maybe you are the moron for posting such an ignorant comment!

  5. Sorry, I should have said “rich white people restaurants”. There does at make it better? Does it agree with your sensibilities?

    A question for you HLP Hood: is an un-PC internet comment less, more, or just as moronic as being a gangbanger?

  6. Went to BA. The place is amazing. Doesn’t matter your race, or how long you have been in the neighborhood. If you like really good cooking, you will love BA. Also they will be open until midnight, so another place to get a good meal with a glass of wine later int eh evening.

    Nothing wrong with that!!

  7. I asked what “fresh & organic Latino cuisine” was…………

    ………too confusing??

  8. It’s nice to see so many wonderful changes to our Northeast communities. Another diner also opened in Highland Park without much fanfare. It’s owned by a local 22 yr old who wanted to bring a good burger to the area and he succeeded.
    Not a fancy place but the burgers are amazing.
    I had the vegetarian burger which had an wonderful mixture of favors and my brother had the spicy turkey burger that was moist and spicy. I hear the onion rings are the bomb. Will be going back.
    Fusion Burgers
    5933 York Boulevard

    • This paid commercial brought to you by…..

      • No one paid here. It’s always nice to support local merchants who live and work in the area. They live and work here and know what a community needs and wants. Unlike other merchants who live in other parts of the city or outside LA to cash in on the “up and coming” establishments.

      • And you’re just a troll? or is someone paying you to bash every single business in Highland Park?

  9. DJ Baa-ento Baa-ox. I love your first comment. It made me think of the way that you agreed with Kittenface on the Bellevue Steakhouse. Butt sucker? Hipster Sheep Follower! Baa Baa! I’m with you Kittenface. I think that it was something like that.

  10. I am SOOO happy that Garvanza’s is finally opening. They’ve been working on that place for at least the past 4 years since I moved to the neighborhood. It’s going to be nice to have a place like that to walk to!

  11. BA is definitely worth a visit. They’re aiming really high in many ways.

  12. Can’t we all just get along?

  13. DJ what are some restaurants or businesses that you approve of and/or patronize? Something more in your lower price range/taste level, for instance.

  14. Wow. The seats look a little eat it and beat it

  15. Tina Gulotta-Miller

    Went to Ba and really enjoyed the duck and the amazing French wine. The decor is wonderful and the seats are so comfortable. It’s intimate and cozy. We relished the food and the atmosphere. I have to commend the owner and chef James Graham on bringing a classy and refined menu to our neighborhood. We are also looking forward to Garvanza’s restaurant opening May 4th. We live several blocks away and we can just walk over.

  16. I can’t wait to try Garvanza’s tonight! Ba looks a little overpriced; i.e. an entree of “Spring vegetable salad with grilled wild mushrooms — 19” (taken directly from their website). A little rich for salad with mushrooms.

  17. Why don’t we all just be grateful that there are those entrepreneurs who are not afraid to begin and continue businesses in communities in Los Angeles. I salute good food and those who take the opportunity and risk to create a wholesome living, not only for themselves but for all of us!! Los Angeles, as a whole, is coming of age, once again, and we all should take the time and support and enjoy it!

    Born and raised in LA and California!

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