Storefront Report: New Silver Lake coffeehouse prepares to open

The signs outside a Silver Lake strip mall still say Box & Ship and Silverlake Cleaners but inside a new  coffeehouse and restaurant is in the works. Modern Eats plans to open in a few weeks in a building on Glendale Boulevard near Fletcher Drive that houses a Subway sandwich shop and a laundry (Anyone know if this building was a former Kinney shoes store?). A person involved with the business, which does not have website yet, said Modern Eats will start with a breakfast and lunch menu before adding dinner service. Expect a bakery, too. A Starbucks is just around the corner but Modern Eats may fill the void for an independent coffeehouse and restaurant following last year’s closure of the Coffee Table a few blocks west on Rowena.


  1. Very happy to hear. The Coffee Table is much missed so hopefully this will fill that void.

  2. I believe that was the Kinney Show store back in the late seventies. Shopped there for all my Earth shoes 🙂

  3. YES, this was a Kinney Shoe Store. I got all of my shoes there back in the eighties. Looking forward to the new cafe.

  4. It was Kinney Shoes until it caught fire. This is a nice upgrade.

    • It was a Kinney Shoes but then was a video store. A very nice video store with so many titles. It was suspected arson. The store was not doing so good.

  5. Masteroftheobvious

    Oh great, now there will never be parking when I want a mani pedi.

  6. Ugh.

    Now I’m sure I’ll get the wondrous opportunity to rub elbows with so many of my anonymous fellow ELA bloggers now that coffee haus #159 will be opening up in my immediate vicinity of the ‘hood.

    Waiting with bated breath, I am.

    Ugh, indeed.

  7. Hopefully it will be as good as ” The Back Door Bakery” that closed a few years ago. I miss that place!

  8. Speaking of the Back Door, what’s been going on there since they closed a few years back? There was some kind of construction going on in the front, then it stopped and was replaced by yellow construction tape. Loved the Back Door Bakery … Miss the place.

  9. Regarding Back Door:

    The owner of the building thought she would start a restaurant. My guess is that she ran out of money during the construction or got cold feet. I hope someone does something in that space.

  10. As long as it doesn’t charge the same heinous prices as LAMillCoffee, I’m glad to welcome them to the neighborhood.

  11. Yes, that was a Kinney’s Shoe store in the 1970’s, and maybe into the 1980’s. I shopped there often. They had clothes, too, and I still remember this skirt and jacket set I got there that I was crazy about. Looking back now, I think it was probably hideous! Purple and white checks. Eeek!

  12. lizzy silver lake

    Too bad it’s a rather forlorn strip mall. That’s not particularly appetizing. But I wish them the best! I’m all for independently owned and run business in Silver Lake….it’s what makes this such a great neighborhood!

  13. With all the construction/confusion going on at the Ralph’s Market shopping area, I think a small pleasant coffee shop will attract a lot of people.
    My coffee language doesn’t include the word “Star—-s” so I wouldn’t have thought to stop in the area for coffee or a light meal–Astro is ok but a little depressing at times.
    I certainly wish the new place well, and look forward to seeing their website.

  14. DJ Baa-ento Baa-ox can’t wait to rub elbows with his fellow hipster sheep, and he is waiting with baa-bated baa-breath! Baa Baa!

  15. back door relocated to sun valley!
    wish they would come back

  16. Oh, GREAT.. Just what we need another “Coffee House” with a day old coffee and stiff bread.. Our neighborhood was so lovely before all the “Trendy’s” started making their way in, and YES, I will keep my Debbie Downer self away from another business that will only last a year..

    • I live in this neighborhood and I would like to know where all of these coffeehouses you speak of are? There is LAMill, which we all know is a bit pricey and is more of a high end cafe than coffee house, so that doesn’t count. Then there is Intelligentsia, which is not exactly close at all to that location and is not a quiet coffee house either. Then of course there is the small and rather loud one up the road by Gingergrass. So that means there is only one in that general area. It sounds like you have so many coffee houses on your radar, that it has made you mad. I would love to know where they all are!

  17. Here’s another random memory: Does anyone remember when the flower shop on the corner of Lakewood and Rowena – just up the street from this new coffee shop, and across from the old Auto Bar – was the office for L.S. Dexter Realty?

  18. BEH!

    Not happy it may take away some Biz from Silver Lake Coffee co just down the street.


    • Take away business from Silver Lake Coffe co?! That is by far the WORST coffee shop in our area, terrible coffee, and if you order any of their food (which is disgusting by the way, all Sysco products and nothing home made) they always get your order wrong, its a joke amongst a lot of people, since they can NEVER get anyone’s order correct. Plus they have a B health rating. I don’t think this new place will have any trouble taking business away from that place, and hopefully it will make Silver Lake Coffee step their game up. I wish this new place was moving in to silver lake coffee’s location, that is the one thing that place has going for it.

  19. didn’t this used to be video shop also. that huge sign used to say video, anyone remember?? that same sign used to be on glenoaks in glendale across the dmv offices.

  20. Won’t this increase traffic on Rowena?? I thought we were going on a road diet. Now I hear about a new Bakery and Cafe? Rowena Binge and Purge Highway!

  21. Their timing for opening couldn’t possibly be worse. With westbound Glendale traffic being shut down during the day at Farwell (due to DWP pipeline project), a lot of people are going to take alternate routes for the next 6 months and avoid this area.

  22. Actually the building that houses the current business there was the whole Kinney Shoe store.

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