A new paint job and beginning for an Echo Park bakery

A new coat of bright blue paint on Delilah Bakery is a signal of change underway at the Echo Park corner bakery and cafe. Genevieve Ostrander, who five years ago turned a cinderblock storefront church into a showcase for cupcakes and baked goods, has taken on a new partner, real estate broker Darren Hubert, to help manage and expand the business. “It was too much for me to do it all alone,” said Ostrander, who had drastically cut back her hours in recent weeks. “I want to grow the business.”

Ostrander, who lives in Echo Park, said she has been heartened by the many customers who have stopped by and contacted her about the business, sending her emails saying “please don’t close, “she said.

Starting next month, the Echo Park Avenue bakery will once again be open six days a week (Tuesday through Sunday) and will begin serving breakfast on weekdays and make other menu changes, Ostrander said.

Taking on a partner means Ostrander will be able to expand her bakery’s catering business. For now, however, Ostrander and Hubert are focused on the remodel, which will include the repair of the large awning lost during last fall’s windstorm, and starting the weekday breakfast service.

A grand reopening ceremony is scheduled for early June, she said.


  1. More vegetarian options would be great, too.

  2. how about actually selling bread at a bakery? isn’t that a great concept!?!?

  3. As long as the cupcakes stay the same everything will be just fine.

  4. Glad she will still be around. In many ways, her shop and its success started the trend that brought many new businesses to Echo Park Ave.

    • Uh no , although Deliah’s is super awesome, the stores that REALLY brought the trend to Echo Park Avenue were the galleries that existed down the street in the late 90’s early 2000’s …………..

  5. Love Delilah Bakery and Genevieve – can’t wait to see the updated space and taste the new menu!

  6. She really deserves success – such a nice and hardworking person. The space is challenging but she shure does everything right in how she treats customers.

  7. We know Delilah’s will still have some of the best baked goods in town! Can’t wait to be able to schedule a breakfast meeting there during the week. Would love to see some holiday treats for 4th of July. Bring on some fresh strawberry and cherry pie!!

  8. Hurray! I concur that if the cupcakes come back just as amazing as they were (Jack Daniels Cupcake I’m looking at you!) all will be right in the world once again!

  9. Her whiskey bread pudding is crazy good. Brunch on the pleasant patio while eating some of the best scrambled eggs in town and the slogan “come in bitter, leave sweet” made me a regular customer. Her product is great but she needs to pay attention to simple, customer friendly details such as replacing the dog water bowls and high chairs after they were stolen when left outside overnight. Most importantly, please have staff acknowledge customers as they walk in with a smile instead of a glare or ignoring them completely as they make coffee for those ahead in line. I am really looking forward to returning to this little slice of Echo Park heaven.

  10. So glad it’s not closing! Was wondering what was going on when it was closed everytime I went past.

    Cinnamon rolls. Yum.

  11. Please bring back the SLICES of red velvet and carrot cake.. please please please!!
    Nothing compares to her cakes.

  12. Yeah, a bakery that sells bread would be great.

  13. I love this place with all my heart, and I’m hoping this is the change that it needs. Genevieve, if you’re reading this, I beg of you to ask more of your servers. I used to go every weekend, until three weekends in a row something majorly got screwed up with my orders/service. The food is amazing, and generally everyone is so friendly – just a little too spacey.

    • Absolutely agree with Josh. I love this place and want it to succeed, but oftentimes the staff seemed overwhelmed, even when the place was not crazy busy.

  14. So happy to read this news!!!

  15. Please bake bread. Cookbook has only decent bread in EP. Need more options.

  16. so happy to hear the good news! echo park ave wouldn’t be the same without you!

  17. VictoriaNicolette

    Fresh, whole wheat bread, squaw bread, and pumpernickel bread priced just under Cookbook’s bread is really needed in Echo Park.

  18. i wish them / her luck.
    that being said, the paint job on the outside of the building was never her / their problem.

  19. I too love Delilah’s cakes, and always thought the owner was charming. However, I agree with the comments about the disorganized and lackluster service. We used to go all the time, until breakfast was served cold one too many times by a scruffy curmudgeon . I wish Genevieve luck and look forward to a new improved Delilah’s. And yes, bread would be awesome.

  20. Yay! I’m glad you’re back! We always love walking down the street to get a cupcake!

  21. Those new colors are horrid

  22. I wish they would have better coffee upon return. was totally not acceptable for the price and what you would you would expect at a cute cafe, and that kept me away.

  23. Please bring back the slices carrot cake, cinammon and I love the oatmeal cookies and chocolate chip cookies, we wish you a new fresh beginning, good luck Genevie.

  24. Please keep the sausage gravy and biscuits on the menu! I haven’t been able to find anything as close to what I use to get in North Carolina like Delilah’s gravy biscuits.

  25. Echo Park Farmers Market has great fresh baked bread but I know the hours are only from 3-7 on Friday…

  26. I am actually excited about the re-opening of Delilah! i went there only twice and really disliked the cupcakes :/ hope they are mucb better this time and cleaner!

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