Animal remains found near Elysian Park walking trail

The body of a large pig and a raccoon were found this morning near the entrance of a popular Elysian Park walking trail where several other animal bodies have been dumped in recent years. Police who arrived on the scene  shortly after 8 a.m. said the pig, which was partially hidden under a large bush, appeared to be decapitated. The body of a raccoon was found nearby enclosed in a plastic bag.  Police and Recreation and Parks staff had blocked off the area, located off Academy Road and below Park Drive, with yellow tape and plastic barricades as they awaited the city’s Animal Services Department to arrive.


  1. Woa, I saw five owls in a two trees right there yesterday evening. I wonder if this had anything to do with them lurking in the area.

  2. Witchy Times

  3. Is there enough of the pig left for a good BBQ? I can come down there and chop it up if need be…but don’t let the police waste this precious meat!

  4. I once saw some fresh satanic graffiti on Park Row just outside of the park. It was pretty scary stuff.

  5. Nice of the cops to finally tape it off. On my run this morning I saw the officers standing up hill beyond the second fire road gate chatting as I crossed Academy Road. I made my usual turn to take the lower paved fire road almost ran into the lifeless figure that looked like human remains before one of the cops said “uh, you might not want to go that way”. It was quite a disturbing image to see up close. I later saw a neighbor on the trail who told me it was a pig and not human but for half my run I thought I had seen a dead body.

  6. Ya very funny to joke about but the fact is people who do this sort of thing don’t just stop with animals.

  7. So a Pig and a Raccoon walk in to Elysian Park holding a plastic bag. The Satanist says……

  8. “I don’t practice Santeria, I ain’t got no crystal ball …”

  9. Okay, DJ Bento Box, I have to finish your joke – or modify it a bit. A pig, a raccoon, and a satanist walk into the forests of Elysian Park together. The pig turns to the other two and says, “Man, it sure is spooky in this forest. I’m scared.” The raccoon nods his furry head and says, “I’m scared too.” The satanist turns to them and says, “How do you think I feel? I’m going to have to walk out of this forest all alone!”

  10. FYI Santeria memorials have increasingly appeared around the local mts, one having caused the Curve fire in Azusa Canyon a few years back. Over two doz historic cabins were lost, several individuals escaped by literal hair on heads. Spoke once to a lady about the fire, mentioned reading of woman with deputies running for lives, woman with hair on fire. She said, that was me. Fire was caused by Santeria candles left in brush; fire began on a curve on Hwy. 39.

    I see these memorials with candles, place settings, foods and trinkets all the time in the local mts.

  11. lizzy silver lake

    I found a bag of dead roosters in Elysian Park about 4 or 5 years ago. The cops showed up almost immediately. They said it was probably left-overs from cock fighting. More recently, a decapitated german shepherd was found on the trails there. You’d think santeria would have some proscribed way of getting rid of the corpses when they’re done with them…bury them in salt under a rock/burn them and sprinkle the ashes under the bed of a virgin/etc etc. Why Elysian Park? Why not a dumpster or at least in the garbage cans at Elysian Park. So weird.

  12. Let’s not be so quick to blame Santeria. I think that’s racist.

  13. lizzy silver lake

    Henry, don’t you mean religionist? All creeds and kinds practice santeria….

  14. Couple years ago I found a headless chicken and a goat head by the side of an unpopular trail on the other side of Elysian Park. Ook. Dog was happy. Double ook.

  15. Sargent Place body part finder

    I am irritated by this, but I’m glad they are doing it deeper in the park these days. I have picked up plenty of poultry parts from the bushes and a fish dangling from a string within 100feet from my home. Santeria is something I don’t really know about, but the lack of respect for a fellow community member in finding these sacrificial items disposed so rudely leaves me to not respect these ritualists. Use my black bin… Why don’t “you”… I end up having too. Ayahuasca patties are the next worst thing to find within 100feet from my home too. Go camping in a forest a summon a bear for all I care with “your” antics, if you have no respect for what others think.

    • These are not real Santeria practitioners. If so, they would have either not left the body parts in the open or they would have turned the animal into a zomby. These are just kids playing around.

      • Is true. Not Santeria, probably kids or someone who didn’t want to pay the animal services carcass pick up fee…

  16. I used to see headless birds under the big magnolia on the Glendale side of Echo Park. It was shocking especially when you realized how carefully they cut off the heads and drained them of blood. I can’t imagine how awful it was to find the pig or the bag of dead roosters.

  17. The Chupacabra of Elysian Park returns.

  18. Me and another woman called the cops regarding this pig. At first sight, it really did like it could have been human. Both the top and bottom portionif the body was covered in trash bags and only the bloody back was showing. Even when the cops arrived they did not immediately know what this was until they cut away some of the bag. Very gruesome find. Btw, I was there,EP4me, when you nearly ran towards it. I don’t

  19. It’s crazy this happened a couple of years ago during the summer. They found a pig heart and a goat’s head.
    I always feel uneasy walking the trails at Elysian ….

  20. Are the Elysian Park Trails really that bad to hike on? 🙁

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