Atwater prepares for the battle of the salad bars

The Costco shopping Center – a chunk of suburban, chain-store retailing set on the edge of Atwater Village – will soon see the opening of a Souplantation, the San Diego-based chain of salad, soup and pasta bars.  The 180-seat Souplantation overlooking Los Feliz Boulevard is scheduled to open in early September, according to a company spokesman. The Atwater Souplantation will sit across the street from the Atwater Sizzler, which besides steak is also known for it salad, soup and pasta buffet. So what will it be for lunch? Joan’s Brocolli Madness at the Souplantation or the Ambrosia Salad at the Sizzler?


  1. Really? This is news?
    I won’t be eating at either. I vote to bulldoze them both and put the trees back that used to be there.

    • Raymond Hovsepian

      I am sorry if you are new to the area. There were never trees there (unles you go back to the early 1900’s). The entire Costco/BestBuy/Toys R Us site used to house a factory that was contaminating the area. The contamination was cleaned up and I think that the center looks great now.

  2. Ughhhhhhh not Souplantation! It has the word PLANTATION in it. What does slavery have to do with salad.

    Would have been happier to hear of a Tender Greens opening around there, although I avoid that entire retail hellhole in general

    • Dear Sherrie,

      Plantation is not synonymous with slavery. As a matter of fact there are still “plantations” all over the world. It is another word for : estate, farmstead, hacienda, homestead, orchard, ranch, vineyard etc.

      Try again sweetie.

  3. Masteroftheobvious

    Both are gross… You had me excited there for a sec

  4. Tender Greens – 2012. Souplantation – 1990. I didn’t even know they still existed. I guess frozen yogurt is back, why not salad bars too? Yuk. Sherrie is right. Give us a Tender Greens!

    • Oh my gosh, internet complainer-babies shuuuuttt uuuuuup…gaahhhhh!

      If you don’t want to eat salad at THIS salad restaurant, go to your OTHER salad restaurant. Hooray! Choice! It’s not like Los Feliz/Atwater is at any lack of neato local joints. I loves me some mom and pop stuff, but sometimes you just wanna “sell out”, and wander the Best Buy. I like salad too. It beats the heck out of a McDonalds. Tender Greens is yummy, so is Souplantation. Don’t make your preference in salad restaurants a cause in your life.

  5. Bloody hell. The owner/developer is insane. That lot is already a huge quagmire without the manic over-eater crowd laying waist/waste to it.

    And, oh yeah….giggity.

  6. Oh, c’ mon. Can anyone step out of their “I’m-so-cool-sometimes-I-scare-myself” attitude and just enjoy? I’m happy Souplantation is going to be there. If it’s not hip enough for you, discuss amongst yourselves up the street from my house, at Intelligentsia. Happy salads to all.

    • Exactly….bunch of babies! I don’t like this or I don’t want that….always complaining!

    • Has nothing to do with being cool… Has to do with having taste buds…

      • Ahpohpohpoh! Such refined taste buds prefer a proper Tender Greens salad. You’re embarrassing yourself. Why not argue Coke vs. Pepsi or Chevy vs. Ford. Let people be excited without trying to prove how awesome your taste is. We all like Canele and Proof Bakery too.

  7. I would be curious to get the Silver Lake Neighborhood Committee’s thoughts on this.

    • I think the area is in the Atwater Village Neighborhood Council area- but if anyone doesn’t want to visit or eat at these places, fine, it wasn’t a requirement.

      Somebody must have thought there would be enough customers to sustain businesses and that’s what’s needed to come out of a recession. Trying to tailor what you would like may not be what would be viable from a business standpoint.

      The land used to be the site of a company producing Franciscan dinnerware and Franciscan pottery until closing and moving in 1983.

  8. umm hell yeah poop plantation!

  9. Masteroftheobvious

    Has nothing to do with being cool… Has to do with having taste buds… Pooplantation

  10. THIS IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! No more diving to Alhambra or Beverly Hills to go to Soup Plantation. My family of three can eat there for less then $20.00 and it is the best place for vegetarians (like my daughter and I) and meat eaters (like my husband) can also enjoy it . I am very happy with this news.

    • Good place to catch ecoli

      • The Souplantation in Pasadena has a clear record: 5 visits/examinations, 5 scores of 100% in compliance— 1 so far this year, one listed from 2010, three in 2011 (5 is the max they show).
        Of the 11 locations within LA County (excepting Pasadena) 9 have scores of 95 or higher, 6 have 97 or higher.

        As a comparison, Lucy’s El Adobe—84;
        Tender Greens? 4 locations: Highest score (1) 94 Lowest (2) 90.

        I have nothing to do with Souplantation but I do believe in fairness…and I do believe in looking at the ratings for a place before I eat there…

        Here’s the link should anyone else choose to do so..

        Me, if I’m in the area I usually go to India Sweets & Spices…(a 90 grade) but then I’m usually buying groceres there as well.
        It’s really all about choice…personal choice and not someone else’s uninformed opinion.

  11. In Alhambra, the Sizzler is right across from the Souplantation (and also in the Costco mall) so I don’t think the battle of the salad bars will create much of anything. Except the need for more parking. My kid will be excited though!

  12. People are complaining cause Souplantation is too healthy for them, and yes, a family of four can eat for under $20 plus tax! Plus it will replace a place that was way yukkier than that!

  13. If you will never eat there or you never go to that area then why bother to submit negative comments? To those complaining; I realize that anything outside of your personal taste boundaries is horrible and should be destroyed immediately, but please allow the rest of us a little joy and spare us your need to complain about everything and see yourself in print. Your opinions are not as necessary as you may think.

  14. Wunderkind Nicht

    Maybe some would like an LA Mill Deux, where one can pay $40 for 2 cups of coffee and 6 fancy donut holes.

  15. What a bunch of snobs. There are lots of middle and working class families that can use affordable places to eat at, and Souplantation is one of them. You snobs can continue to buy your $5 croissants from places like LA Mill.

  16. There will also soon be a Chase branch added to the complex!

  17. Look, I hate Souplantation. But there are still lower/middle class families in the neighborhood that will benefit from the value of dining out there. At least it’s contained within the complex that houses economically like offerings such as Costco & TRU, rather than displacing an entire block near Canele or TeeHee. Don’t like it, don’t eat there.

  18. I think it is great news as well. Souplantation provides healthy food at an affordable price. You can enjoy making your meal any way you want, without guilt. Kids love it, moms love it, older folks who love buffets love it too.

    The responses are reflective of the snobbishness & self-righteousness featured in a recent article about “organic” / “green” eaters. You may choose the lifestyle you like, but I suggest you remember to keep your negative attitude to others not of your ilk to yourselves. Anyone old enough to remember the ecology movement 45-50 years ago? The green & healthy eating movement are making a second coming; do not lose any postive momentum. Nothing kills a movement like being a pompous jerk.

  19. Masteroftheobvious

    Im allowed to voice my opinion just as you are and I think anyone who thinks souplantation is healthy has been hoodwinked by marketing. I live in this neighborhood and am not a newbie and I think it’s gross just like McDonald’s (who also offers salads)

  20. Hey, I’ve got an idea: Let’s fight about it on the internet.


  21. i swear I saw a new building going up on the costco lot, something along the fast food style lines..anyone know what its going to be??

  22. Awesome! Can’t wait for SP to open.

  23. LOL at this whole thread! I can’t believe people are angry about SP! Would they rather the space just stay empty? I actually went to the Pat & Oscar’s that was in that location once, not sure why, and while it wasn’t so terrible, I never returned. I look forward to being able to eat SP whenever I want without having to drive to Pasadena. If people are mad about SP, why aren’t they also mad about the other corporations in this location?: Panda Express (yummy in my tummy, but a day of guilt), Jamba Juice (300% markup on mashed fruit but good as hell), and Costco (awesome for bulk items, but never not ridiculously crowded no matter what time you go)!

  24. I am excited to see SP opened. Cannot wait to stop by. I love their salads, yummy soups, focaccia breads and family atmosphere.

  25. MarioChiaramonte

    I’m thrilled we’re getting a souplantation. No more having to drive down to Pasadena. I just hope it doesn’t get as busy as the Arcadia location. Hopefully, the Atwater hipsters will stay away, because it’s a chain restaurant, and those stopped being cool in the 70’s.

  26. I really do hope that sizzler is ran out of town, however I do wish that the Costco shopping center is always smell so bad! 🙁 smell along stops me from eating in that area

  27. I live a few blocks from the shopping center, and several family members live like a few houses away, so I am happy to announce that we are all fans and excited about the opening of the restaurant. Yeah! Its definitely fresher and healthier than Panda and an alternative to the Mimi’s and Sizzler’s across the street. If you do not like the type of food do not come and carry your *** to those over-rated hipster places in the area! Then maybe I could finally park my BMW/Mercedes (not a junk PRIUS) in the parking lot on the weekends. Yep, I take car – so what! You ride your bike, I ride in style; who’s looking cool now? Bottom line: the souplantation is simple food, health, and economical. That is access.

  28. Souplantation is indeed economical. So is a Prius. $40 savings each fill-up vs a BMW or Mercedes can afford me better food than Souplantation. Nothing to do with being cool or stylish, just simple math.

  29. Is it a gastropub?

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