DWP chief to address concerns over Silver Lake water line construction

The head of the Department and Water Power will come to Silver Lake tonight to respond to complaints that the agency and its contractors have failed  to property shield residents from  a major water line construction that has disrupted the north end of the community. The  project, which has involved ripping up numerous streets on the north end of Silver Lake,  has become a contentious issue as many residents have grown worried about potential  health and environmental risks in addition to years of road closures and detours.  Tonight’s appearance by DWP General Manager Ron Nichols comes after numerous and often contentious meetings between agency officials and residents.

“After many months of serious issues that weren’t getting resolved … I felt a face-to-face with either the Board of Commissioners or Mr. Nichols was needed,” said  Jerome Courshon, who has focused attention on the project’s health and environmental concerns.

Nichols agreed to appear before the Silver Lake’s Neighborhood Council’s Reservoirs Complex Committee after Courshon asked Congressman Adam Schiff to get involved and set up a meeting with the DWP’s top leadership. “Upon receipt of Congressman Schiff’s letter, Mr. Nichols agreed to meet with us,” Courshon said.

Tonight’s meeting will begin at 7 p.m. at the Silver Lake Presbyterian Church, 2930 Hyperion Ave.


  1. Jerry Malatesta

    How many people live near the construction, and how many claim they are getting sick? I would think the people in that area would be more concerned with and more sickened by the air coming off the 5 Fwy.

    • There are a good 150+ residents that live either at “ground zero” or within one block of the construction along Glendale/Rokeby. Now that construction has moved to the intersection of Glendale/Rowena, there’s another perhaps 200 that live within 2 blocks of there. And then there’s Ivanhoe School, where some parents have already expressed their kids are having more health issues than before — and this school has been only one long block from the past 7 months of construction on Rokeby.

      And where most of us are is more than 1000 feet from the 5 freeway — past the “dropoff rate” of Particulate Matter from freeways.

      It’s not only about *now*, at this point. Thousands — tens of thousands — will potentially be impacted as this pipeline construction continues through Silver Lake, and eventually into Burbank & North Hollywood. You can read about the issues here:

  2. I’m just getting tired of the closures and the roads being torn up and barely fixed back up again. It also seems like nothing is ever moving very quickly with this construction. The intersection of Glendale and Riverside is still as torn up as ever, and that was just finished!

    • Don’t even get started on the decrepit condition of concrete streets like Griffith Park Blvd and Prospect Ave.

      Cal Trans can get the feds to pay billions for a couple extra lanes on the 405 but the everyday street conditions in LA stink.

      Are the pot hole fillers private contractors? I’m guessing they do a mediocre job on purpose so they can fill it again the next year.

  3. Let’s hope when it is all done they leave it as nicely as they did in Griffith Park where they repaved, planted a bunch of trees built some fencing and mulched. It looks really nice. After all this inconvenience, a little visual showing at the end of it that the DWP or their contractors left the area better than they found it (more than just the new pipes) would go a long way to recapturing neighborhood good will!

    • LOL, don’t count on it! No beautification is being done on the streets that are finished. Trees on Rokeby lost half their branches — the ones on the parkway overhanging the street. They look horrible now, but DWP and the contractor aren’t doing anything about it…

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