Eastside Property: It’s not all about hillside living in Montecito Heights

Photo from Redfin/TheMLS

Montecito Heights – as its name suggests – is best known for its steep hillsides, winding streets and cantilevered homes with breathtaking views. But the neighborhood also spills down the hills to the west and into the flats next to the Arroyo Seco Parkway, where the historic character of nearly century-old cottages are protected by a historic preservation district.  The main drag of this portion of Montecito Heights is Griffin Avenue, where this 1923, two-bedroom cottage went up for sale this week.  There are no “jet liner” views here on Griffin Avenue but the home is filled with vintage charm and features, including clawfoot tub and hardwood floors, according to the Redfin listing. Living on the ground floor of Montecito Heights it not necessarily cheap,  however. The approximately 1,000-square-foot home, which sold for $213,300 last November, is now up for sale at $449,500.


  1. It’s a nice house with a good floor plan for it’s size. Updated beyond the typical flipper level quality that we’ve seen in the area. If you are shopping at this price level, it is worth a look.

  2. So overpriced for a 2/1! One3/2 just sold for 313000

  3. A little jewel. I hope they get the price they seek.

  4. Typical flippers ruining the character of the neighborhood with their overpriced cookie cutter improvements. Marble, wood, landscaping…blahhh, who is this fool kidding. This Montecito Heights travesty should have been painted beige with a chain link fence or block wall with custom wrought iron and one of those fancy steal doors from The Home Depot. I would also have liked to see this worthless flipper through in at least half a dozen chiwawas in the yard or a least a pit bull. So typical for these corner cutting, money grubbing, neighborhood ruining dirt bags!

    • CP, that’s probably what this house and the whole neighborhood looked like originally. If you want to live in a shithole, go achieve your dream but stop denigrating those who are doing something positive.

  5. To those complaining about this, you owe it to yourself to stop by, take a look inside and ask yourself honestly why you have such hatred for people putting money and time into improving your neighborhood. Yes, they are trying to make a profit. But there are many worse things that people can do rather than making houses better.

    Complaining about landscaping shows how weak of an opinion you have CP. Sorry.

  6. Hey Adam, think you got a bit lazy and did not read CP’s whole post..

  7. No, I caught it all. Including his desire to have all houses in the area painted beige and adorned with ‘steal’ doors.

    Ironic posters typically know how to spell.

  8. $450k for a 1000ft house in the middle of Ave 43 territory.

  9. I too read CP’s post as ironic. The intentional misspelling of chihuahua (the name of a Mexican city and state) made it obvious. Those with the aesthetics described by CP, are most often not literate or awake enough to describe them.

  10. Yes, $426.00 per square ft. is very high for the location. On the plus side, those french doors opening up to the covered porch add a lot to the sq.ft., and the garage finished off for work space adds more. The landscaping is much beyond the usual wood chips. The picket fence, gazebo – all extra nice touches. Nice job. Cute house.

  11. When did the definition of ironic change to mean sarcastic?

  12. @skr. Thanks for the correction. CP’s comment is an example of sarcasm.

  13. CP = TypicalLAHater on a different computer?

  14. Voice of Reason

    You people need to take some chill pills. Why would ANYONE want the seller to include six Chihuahuas or a Pit Bull in the sale of the house??? This is obviously a nice house and I am sure the poster was being sarcastic in an attempt to mock the plethora of “gentrification haters” running rampant on The Eastsider. As far as I am concerned, any attempt to renovate homes in these neighborhoods is for the best…even if the improvements don’t meet the personal taste of the individual reader.

  15. this house is between two nice craftsmen’s that have been nicely maintained. Not a ‘great’ street to be on but if things keep going has they have what be a good spot in the near future.

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