Echo Park shoe store to shut down amid sluggish sales and Dodger traffic

The Warehouse Shoe Sale shop in Echo Park is closing after 15 years in business, with management blaming slow sales as well as Dodger game-day traffic congestion that makes it difficult to reach the Sunset Boulevard store. “It’s very hard to get there,” said  company district manager Lupe Campos of the Echo Park store, located in a small shopping center at the corner of Sunset Boulevard at Douglas Street near Dodger Stadium.  The combination of slow sales, traffic congestion and a small parking lot has prompted the company, WSS, which owns more than 50 sporting shoe stores, to announce the upcoming closure of the store and the search for a new location nearby. However, WSS, which has posted store closing signs in the windows, has not set an official closing date yet.


  1. Tite! This place sucked. Hopefully we get something cool.

  2. Wow I never knew this store was there. I always travel to WSS at Westlake and I LIVE in Echo Park. Wish I woulda known.

  3. I wouldn’t exactly blame dodger traffic for their sluggish sales. they have plenty of opportunity during the rest of the year to sell merch, the prices they charge, i would imagine folks just buy their stuff at the mall, same price.

  4. I am so craving for the stretch of Sunset between Douglas and Beaudry to gentrify into oblivion already. Downtown’s right there, as is the park and a large volume of people pulling through on the roads. Believe it or not, congestion can actually be great for the right kinds of businesses. It’s got the bare bones for a successful stretch of shops, restaurants, bars and cafes.

  5. Although I live in the area and buy shoes often enough, I have never been tempted to enter that store. It is just too ugly. Glad it will be gone!

  6. The half dozen or so times I went there, I REALLY wanted to buy a pair of shoes, but I never found anything I liked. I thought their prices were totally reasonable. And they were always very helpful.

  7. I really liked this place it’s sad they got the ‘boot’!

  8. ya, they got “run” out of town by some of the newer shoe stores..

  9. The store never seemed to offer discount “warehouse” prices beyond those you’d find anywhere else, which probably had something to do with their lack of business. Why not give a discount to fans who show their Dodger ticket stubs or offer a little more aesthetic curb appeal? How about offering additional Dodger related merchandise? Autograph signings? Promotions? Most businesses crave the kind of exposure that store gets on Sunset. They clearly didn’t know what to do with it. Something else (and hopefully better) will undoubtedly emerge in its place.

  10. Perfect place for a TGIF’s and a Starbucks…

  11. Might be the only place in echo park to buy a soccer ball.

  12. The people cheering this business’ demise are the same we’ll hear complaining when some sort of day spa or clothing boutique that they’ll also never visit takes its place.

    But what an odd excuse to blame game-day traffic — especially since the place has been dealing with 15 seasons of it — the last one of which saw the the lowest stadium attendance and least street congestion in the team’s history.

    Talk about a blown save: If management had been proactive on game days they’d’ve hung a banner on the building and/or stood out there with fliers promoting some sort of “Dodger Fan Discount” to all those gridlocked fans inching past the place.

  13. Chucks there are 15 bucks cheaper than anywhere else…shit i just outed myself.

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