It’s Flag Day on the Glendale-Hyperion bridge

On Monday The Eastsider reported that the City Council was scheduled to vote this coming Friday to allocate more than $2,000 to hang 30 American flags along the the Glendale-Hyperion bridge in time for Memorial Day. That would have left little time to get those flags installed on the bridge linking Atwater Village and Silver Lake. This morning, however, an Eastsider reader noticed that the U.S. banners were being hung and on the lamp posts lining both side of the span:

A private company that seems to focus on/specialize in US Flags was on the bridge this morning . I couldn’t catch the name while driving by, but “American” was part of it and had a brightly painted flag graphic on the side of the truck.

The City Council has still not voted on the issue but perhaps AAA Flag & Banner,  the contractor mentioned in the council motion, wanted to get a jump start on the project. Last year, the city lacked the money to install the flags in time for Memorial Day as it had in years past.


  1. Yep, that seems to be them (I thought for sure it said “American” but I guess my brain filled that in from the “A” and the flag…). Similar: http://farm7.static.flickr.com/6010/5930506293_825a93ef16_o.jpg

  2. Nice to see.

  3. So, a one-day effort. $2,000 a day! Even construction contractors don’t charge that much.

    And funny, the contractor knows who he is before he has even been picked. Talk about having the politicians in your pocket!

    • uh, labonge had already picked the contractor and mentioned them by name in the motion that he submitted.

    • You don’t know the itemized costs of materials (x30 of everything), legal labor costs, insurance costs, traffic control, permits, etc.
      Plus, it might even include taking them all down on Nov 30th.
      And this is a PRIVATE company doing the job, so don’t forget to account for some profit.

      If you can show this was a gross overcharge, then by all means show it.

      Just the flags (no poles, brackets, attachments, etc.) can easily be $14ea, which is already $420 for 30 of them.

  4. Who the F* cares about the politics or the cost!!! The bridge looks very nice with the flags and it’s great to see them on such an important holiday.

  5. Thank you Tom La Bonge for remembering the brave, who are no longer with us today. I am a Vietnam Veteran who apprecites those who appreciate their freedom to live in this beautiful Atwater Village. Thank you for the beautiful US Flags on the Hyprion Bridge.

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