It’s open season on Echo Park & Silver Lake hipsters

Take cover at the Brite Spot and tread carefully across Polka Dot Plaza.  Singer Meg Myers in her new “Tennessee” music video goes hunting for hipsters in their popular Echo Park and Silver Lake habitats, pelting them with foam pellets fired from a Nerf gun as she yearns for her native Tennessee.  “You want to go to Little Joy on your Vespa? I don’t think so. God I miss Tennessee,” sings  Myers as she takes down a Silver Lake hispter.

Of course maybe it’s worth putting up with Echo Park and Silver Lake hipsters instead of having to live  in Tennessee and deal with the hipsters of Nashville.


  1. Blah. What a lame song and video. Go back to hickville, if you want to be an ignorant hater. Shooting people with Nerf guns? Is that cool any where?

    • It is an awesome video! If you cant see the hilarity in someone pointing out the absurdities, maybe you haven’t lived through an obscenity such as the florescent shirts and shoes of the eighties! HA

      Hipsters will indeed look back and laugh at their choices just as all that have lived through such a horrible fad…

  2. this is stupid

    • Meg,

      Please please post where I could get one of those hipster guns!

      Or can I at least hire you to service my neighborhood?

      • I love this video!

        Those over-sized rounded eyeglasses from the eighties hipsters wear give me the creeps! EEEK!

  3. I’m not sure which is worse the hipsters or the video, both sucked pretty hard.

    • Dr. Domingowitz

      This video is the essences of hipster … it takes a hipster to know one! I can tell by the tight pants … take off the tight pants they’re choking blood off to the brain

  4. Too easy. Literally and figuratively there’s no easier target for a transplant to declare open season on than hipsters. But it has its moments, one of which I must admit chuckling at as the cashier stands bored to death behind the Nerf-proof glass as the bullets bounce off).

  5. Meg darling, if you find living here so insufferable, please get yourself back to Tennessee pronto. Especially if the only reason you’re here is to develop your “career.”

    There’s a kneejerk reaction on this blog to tell complainers to “move to the westside” or “move back to the midwest” or “leave if you can’t handle it.” This often bothers me, because we all have a right to live or move where we choose. But this insipid youtube hit-seeking video forces no other response.

    P.S. That “bluesy” yarling on the chorus is like having sandpaper rubbed on my eardrums.

  6. “God I miss Tennessee.”

    Probably the first and only time that phrase has ever been uttered. Love home some people come to a town, bitch about said town, then make a song about how they dislike the place. Feel free to go back to Tennessee honey, I assure you not one single person in LA will even notice you’re gone.

    • +1.

      Yup, there’s something that can be “critiqued” about any part of LA, or Southern California. And sometimes deservedly so. But really, Tennessee? Who cares about a State that’s contributed so little to this country? The only claim to fame for Tennessee is country music — and this isn’t even the music you write.

      The point of this music video — shooting perceived “hipsters” — couldn’t be any lamer.

  7. Number one the song sucks. Go back to Tennessee, I have been there plenty and Nashville has plenty of hipsters as well (What You want to ride your Vespa to Third Man Records?). Shame on The Eastsider for even posting this crap.

  8. Good lord, how old are these creatures?

  9. Eastsider, why even post this crap?

  10. outsider-on-outsider crime….

  11. That was pretty lame. How about break dancing Japanese robots blowing up hipsters in Highland Park?

    • Those guys! I was going to Radio Shack a few months back and saw them hanging out between takes in the ally. Nice to see the end result!

  12. It’s a hate crime based on people’s appearances. But it’s ok, because it’s only mock violence, right? The song is awful too.

  13. Jerry Malatesta

    Relax, people. Don’t people come to LA to try to be creative? Give her a break, and don’t take everything so seriously.

    • I don’t think anyone is losing sleep over this, just pointing out that hipsters shooting hipsters while talking about how they hate hipsters is pretty stupid.

      Unless they are just trolling all of us, then it’s kind of funny. Sadly, I doubt it.

  14. Welcome to California, now go home.

  15. Hey, Kettle! I’m Pot. You’re black.

    Are “hipsters” still a thing worth referencing? Wasn’t that so two years ago? I’m bored. This is boring.

    • I agree. The word is outdated now that it’s been ingested by major media outlets and thereby crapped out into various scenes by way of merchandise. The look is all about being quirky while rendering yourself vulnerable by displaying some aspect of you from the opposite sex. This is just contemporary culture now and so I don’t know what’s more annoying anymore: the look itself or the endless hypocritical war on it.

  16. Why is she trying so hard?

    How embarrassing.

  17. CRAP!

  18. Yawn. They needed to take off their clothes. Nudity would have at least made this video semi-interesting.

  19. I will not pass judgement upon the song and video, but I will say I’m surprised no one has gone completely crazy about the title of the original HuffPo article:

    “East LA Hipsters Targeted In New Meg Myers Music Video”

    because I remember the time when Echo Park as East LA would end in a 75 comment war.

  20. DJ Bento hipster box’s favorite video.

    And like another posted before; outsider-on-outsider crime, lol.

    • Poor little Fleaman.

      Is there a day that goes by that you’re not either thinking about me or writing about me on this blog?

      It’s getting a tad bit creepy. I mean, should you really be this obssessed with someone you’ve never even met? I’ve offered to have anyone who doesn’t particularly care for what I write to have a little meet and greet with me to find out if they’re as mouthy in person as they are over the interwebz, but oddly enough there’s been no takers.

      Imagine that.

      • Sure. I’ve offered this as well, put your money where your mouth is. For someone who is truly obsessed with ‘hipsters’ (yet fails it define what a hipster is beyond ‘skinny jeans), to call me ‘obsessed’ is incorrect. I’m heckling your broken record use of the ‘hipster’ nomenclature, and I’m not the only one that does it here (by far).

        You’ve stated before that people that wear skinny jeans are ‘hipsters’. You’ve also endlessly whined about ‘hipster sheep, whaaa…’ on this blog (if I had a nickle for every time you’ve posted that!).

        So, it’s quite simple for a meet: On a school day, 3:30pm, in front of Marshall. You will yell out; “skinny jean kids!! Bhaaa, you’re all hipster sheep, bhaaa!!!”, I will then know who you are and come up to introduce myself.

        Pick a day.
        (BTW, I’ve offered this before and you’ve conveniently stopped posting….hmmmm…commute from simi valley really too far for you?).

        • stop flirting and start dancing, you two.

          • I keep offering, but I’m not getting a reply.

            I think it’s far too scary to dance when it’s face to face.

          • The offer was made, YOU’RE the one not taking it.
            Again, re-posted:
            So, it’s quite simple for a meet: On a school day, 3:30pm, in front of Marshall. You will yell out; “skinny jean kids!! Bhaaa, you’re all hipster sheep, bhaaa!!!”, I will then know who you are and come up to introduce myself.

            You refuse to do in public EXACTLY what you do here, on a internet blog, in the safety of your home.

            And your retort to say you’re ‘not getting a reply’.


          • now I’m SUPER bored.

            but for reals, If you guys end up meeting in person, can I film it?

        • LOL, what a hypocrite .

          Who’s the loudest ‘loudmouth’ here regarding ‘hipster sheep’??
          Who whines and crys ‘hipsters sheep” day in and day out?
          Yet who is afraid to say in public, in front of those they claim to be ‘hipsters’, the same things one says here?

          That would be you DJ hipster in a box. YOU are the one that is afraid to be as ‘mouthy in public’ as you are here.

          Check and Mate.

          • Strange. DJ hipster’s post I responded to disappeared.
            Anyway, to put my post above in context, DJ offered to ‘meet in a quite public space’, to test my ‘loudmouth’ that way, ‘w/o distractions’.

            He did not want to meet in a crowd of skinny jeans kids, while shouting out ‘hipster sheep, bhaaa’ like he does here.

            So to sum it up, DJ hipster is a ‘loudmouth’ here re; ‘hipster sheep’, but in public, DJ will not be loud about that at ALL! LOL.

          • Again, we live in the same neighborhood. From what we’ve written before, we probably live relatively close to one another.

            So why are we discussing this over the inernet when we can have a private discussion about your issues with me in person? You know, the way people used to have discuss things before the relative safety of the internet made people infinitely more opinionated and mouthy.

          • yes, discuss this over beers, then make-out

          • Exactly.

            But between the mods censoring my replys to this person and Fleaman’s avoidance of the offer and instead keeping well hidden behind a computer screen, I don’t think it’s going to happen.

            And that tells me everything I need to know about internet bloggers.

          • Why do you avoid the question? Answer my question: Why won’t you say the same EXACT thing(s) you post here in public?

            Having a “private discussion in person” is the same thing as what you’re doing here, other than everyone else gets to read your hypocrisy in real time. Perhaps that’s what bothers you?

            Again, answer the question or forever be the hypocrite that you are.
            Calling me a ‘loudmouth that’s afraid to be loud in real life’? Again, you opened the door and now you can’t close it. You won’t be mouthy in public in front of what you call ‘hipsters’, yet you will do so (and have done more than anyone else) here in safety of the internet.

            Check and mate.

          • And again, loudmouth, avoiding meeting in person to discuss whatever “hipster” issues you may have with me yet continuing to bark the same things over and over again on a blogsite shows me what type of person you are.

            It tells me that you desperately need the anonymity of the blogosphere to be able to run your hypocritical mouth, because the thought of having to have this sort of discussion in front of an actual person causes you to backtrack, talk in circles and ignore the offer on the table.

            If it’s too frightening to you to have to do this in “real life”, just say so. There’s nothing wrong with being a coward, as long as you admit to it. Admit that all you can do is talk loud on a blogsite, offer to meet up with someone (like you have done in the past, per you) and then when the time comes, retreat to talking in circles because you’re too afraid to jump when the moment is upon you.

            You’re already living up to the pathetic, cowardly internet blogger stereotype. The only thing left for you now to do, is own it.

          • Wow.
            This is why I won’t meet with you in ‘private’, lol, I’d have to be an idiot to do so.

            I’ll meet with you in public, just as I’ve offered, yet you REFUSE to do.
            You refuse to say in public what you say here. Correct or incorrect?

            Will you say in public what you say here or NOT?
            If ‘yes’, then we know where to meet and how.
            If ‘not’, then who is the ‘loudmouth’??

            Why you can’t grasp such a simple concept is beyond me.

          • Are you guys gonna rumble?

            We’ll get a big crowd together. Let’s all place our bets.
            Can you imagine trying to explain to someone from ANY other country in the world what these two men are fighting about?
            Do you think they would get it?

            No one is allowed to use the word hipster anymore. Everyone keeps abusing it so now I’m taking the word away. You are all being punished.

          • Talk about avoiding.

            You’re just embarrassing yourself now. You’re talking about something dopey like meeting in front of a school to hear me call the students “hipsters”. It’s dumb and it’s your way of not having to do the thing you’ve already said you’d be willing to do before.

            Writing back and forth with you has become boring, in truth. Because only one of us has the gumption to take this discussion out of the blogosphere and take it to where it should be. A face to face discussion between two people who obviously have issue with one another. But we both know, by you avoiding this and essentially ignoring it in writing and instead offering up a joke of a “meeting” that you don’t want that. Cowardice, anxiety of what might happen, panic, the pathetic realization of what little heart you actually have for in-person discussion and debate… whatever it is, you’ve shown your true colors.

            You are that stereotype of the little boy hiding behind his monitor, typing all the things he wants to say, but would never have the stones to actually say to anyone in person. Congratualtions on that.

            If you ever get that manly feeling inside and change your mind, do write. But if by chance I figure out who Fleaman is in “real life” and we bump in to each other at Red Lion, TJ’s or the car wash on glendale, I’ll make sure to come up, introduce myself and start this discussion in earnest. It will be a quick discussion, trust me.

          • Please continue. I’m grabbing my popcorn now….

          • Whatever bro. You declined to fight another commenter here a few weeks back if I remember correctly. You have no credibility.

      • Clarification: I’m heckling your broken record use of the ‘hipster’ nomenclature—-when you refuse to even define what a ‘hipster’ is (so far, only ‘skinny jeans’ according to a post of yours).

        Once and for all, define what a ‘hipster’ is to you. For someone that uses that word in just about every post (‘cept for the one above, how convenient!), and refuses to define what it is to them, it is an ‘obsession’.

  21. Posting this was a mistake. Re-think.

  22. Hipster backlash is so 2 years ago, get with the times, Meg, you unaware, self-loathing hipster.

  23. It’s always the other guy or gal that’s the hipster. In reality, likely 90 percent of the people who post here would be labeled a hipster by somebody. Yes, I’m talking about you too!

  24. joannna elizabeth

    Shocked at the replies here. Yeah, it’s not a novel concept to be the transplant insulting the silly hipsters… but I thought this was executed pretty well, and had some cute, funny people in it. I laughed out loud a few times and just sent it to a friend.

  25. DJ Bento and fleaman, President Obama is okay with gay marriage.

  26. Dear flea and bento

    Please stop. You’re embarrassing yourselves and diluting the quality if this blog.


  27. This is getting good http://bit.ly/elaPar

    The ultimate goal of any website and “news” blog is to sell ads & increase page hits to generate more revenue. Obviously, key words such as “hipster” and “gentrification” is an easy way to stir up the bees nest. At at the end of the day, the Eastsider wins & we bitch& moan over stuff that’s already been said many times over . Simple really.

    I think that if Bento Box and Fleaman were standing in line at 2 am at the Flaming Taco, they wouldn’t even notice each other…


  29. I’d love to bang her. Darling face and looks like she’s got some booty.

  30. Wait, I get it! You’re both the same person.

  31. Wait, I get it!! Eastsider, can you confirm that Mr Flea and Mr Box are the same person?

  32. Reminds me of Portlandia. Poking not-so-clever fun at an easy target and going on way too long (ala SNL). Only in this case it’s even less clever.

  33. “DJ” and “Fleaman” have gone quiet.
    They must be having a skid-off on their fixed gear bikes.

  34. Fleaman + Bento = The Eastside Story 🙁

  35. Every get the feeling that this idiot wrote this after a hipster dude broke up with her?

  36. eastsider, this one kinda seems like click farm. we expect better of you.

  37. I did not watch the video but just her statement….grrrr. I am a third generation Californian and Angeleno and get so tired of people coming here and then bashing the place, have RESPECT when coming here and be nice to the NATIVES.

  38. Poor dear is trying too hard to hate the thing she’s aspiring to be. When I saw this video my first thought was, “Hipster on hipster crime. HA!”
    If I was walking down the street and that little girl shot me with something, you can bet she would get beating.

  39. Totally Not a Hipster

    Fleaman and Bento Box sitting in a tree… h.i.p.s.t.e.r.i.n.g —

    First comes insults, then comes disses, then come PBR’s and a bro-down session —

    p.s. — This video misses the mark. Also, if you’re going to make fun of hipsters, try to avoid being a hipster yourself. Self-loathing hipsters are so very hipster.

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