Lock up your cars, Silver Lake

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So far this year criminals have driven away with more than 60 cars and trucks from across Silver Lake while more than 100 other vehicles have been broken into.   The volume of vehicle-related crime has prompted the detectives of the Rampart Division, which patrols the area south of Sunset Boulevard, to warn Silver Lake vehicle owners to be extra vigilant. “It seems that this year, LOTS of stolen cars and car break-ins have been reported in the Silver Lake Area,” said Rampart Detective Mario Mota.  There has also been plenty of car-related crime north of Sunset Boulevard, which is patrolled by the Northeast Division.  Earlier this month Northeast Division Capt. William Murphy said stolen vehicles remain among his division’s most significant challenges, with vehicle theft and break-ins accounting for more than half of all reported crimes.

Click on the link below to view the crime prevention tips from the Rampart Division.


  1. How timely! There was a car break-in on Griffith Park Blvd and Lucile today between 6-7 pm in broad daylight! Make sure to hide away any valuables and don’t leave them on your seats.

  2. Guess those neighborhood watch signs don’t actually do as much good as an actual neighborhood watch.

    With ease of access to South LA and two major freeways, Silverlake will continue to be a choice neighborhood for crimes of convenience unless we all start looking out for our neighbors and paying attention to the unfamiliar people on our streets.

  3. Neighborly, why are you assuming the perpetrators are from South LA?

  4. I wrote a huge reply explaining what I was trying to get and that my choice of words didn’t convey what I was hoping to articulate. Then I realized it was a huge waste of time and deleted it.

    We shouldn’t be discussing any neighborhood other than our own. We should be discussing ways that we can join together to stop crime and improve the place we call home.

    • you think all the people that break in to cars and homes are black or mexican. hahha just last week this white large framed White trash looking guy broke into a house. Maybe all these robberies will make all the yuppie hipsters will move out now and give me back my hood ..

  5. Echo park has had thousands of vehicle break-ins in the past few years and no matter how many times it was reported, there was never any change in police activity in the area. My vehicle was broken into 5 times, my brothers was broken into 3 times and neither of us had anything in the car even remotely interesting that would call attention to anyone. We both filed police reports, but the officers acted like it wasn’t important in the least. We sent out notes to our neighbors but it continued during the day and especially between the hours of 2-5 am. I sincerely feel for the residents having to deal with this because at this time or at any is anyone in a position to replace what they’ve worked so hard to maintain.

  6. i think you guys forget where your living.. this is L.A. and your living in high crime areas of silver lake , echo park where do you new yuppies think you are ? West Hollywood? wake up i got car jacked at griffith park blvd and hyperion at gun point. 5-0 came took my info and as there writing the report there yawning homie. cops around these areas don’t give a shiat bout you or your stuff. it’s the wild wild west so carry a gat and don’t make eye contact when you see the ese’s , just cross the street when you see my raza coming.. sad but true !!

    • sunny:

      If you were a real gangsta…

      1) you would have had a gun to point back at the perp
      2) would not have gone crying to the police after you got jacked
      3) would not be commenting on the eastsider

      So shut the f up you troll. You have been figured out!

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