Murder victim dumped in Silver Lake*

Police this morning are investigating the death of a man whose body was found in Silver Lake at  Allesandro Way and Oak Glen Place. The victim is believed to have been murdered in a different location before his body was dumped near the 2 Freeway, said Lt. Mike Menza with the Northeast Division.  The victim – described as a man in his 20s – suffered from an apparent gun shot wound, Menza said. A resident who lives nearby said officers were going door-to-door Tuesday night seeking information.

Police officers came across the man, who was declared dead at the scene. One resident said the body was found on the street near the entrance to the Loma Vista Street stairway.

* Update on May 18: The victim has been identified as Julio Alvarado. The Eastsider

* Update @ 2:44 p.m.:  Lt. Steven Flores with the Northeast Division said detectives are tying to find out where the victim lived and contact his family. “We have no motive and very few leads at this point.”


  1. what sucky news for hump day!

  2. Let’s hand it to the freeway builders on this one: they know how to design a body dumping area.

  3. Wow….This is a little too close to my house. Coupled with the Body that was dumped less than a mile away (Riverside & the Freeway on-Ramp), this really scares me…. Are there any news reports out there with more information about this?

    • That’s what I’ve been thinking or wondering all day. I heard a bit of commotion last night that sounded like law enforcement vehicles up and down the street but it died down. Was quite surprised to see this news today and feeling pretty skeezed out. Updates, please!

  4. Silverlake Perch

    The cops that were investigating last night believe the victim was not from the area. Dumping a body is awful & traumatizing, but it is better than having the shooting happen on that street, which were the cops’ initial thoughts We were out walking an hour before the cops showed up & saw nothing. Did anyone see or hear anything? Any other information? Who alerted the cops?

  5. I’m wondering when this all went down. I live half a block from Allesandro and Oak Glen and I was outside at midnight on Tuesday and 9am on Wednesday and I didn’t see a single investigator. Where was this body actually dumped? On the highway? RIP?

    • It was on Allesandro Way, not Allesandro st, so maybe that’s why you didn’t see the police barricade? It was right in front of the Loma Vista stair street.

      I left my house (on Lake View) at 10:45pm and the cops stopped my car, told me it was a crime scene, and that I would have to take another way around. I returned at 1:45 am to try and drive through to get to my house and the barricade was still up and the place was still swarming with detectives.

      The whole thing is creepy as hell. My street is a good place to dump bodies? Awesome.

  6. maybe this will make all the new yuppie hipster leave my hood of silver lake . back to west hollywood for you.. this is everyday stuff in the old varrio of silver lake ese. all you yuppies forget where your living .. but when you here someone got caught slipping like this fool then you wake up . que no .. hahha bunch of new pendejos living in my clanton.. we weed ’em out slowly but surely .

    • Silverlake Perch

      Sunny- you may want to go out & get yourself some education. Like it or not that never gets weeded out.

    • SquiggleySpooch

      The civilized homeowners who pay property taxes in this area are not going anywhere. People who treat the neighborhood as squaller will be priced out, or as you put it weeded out, it’s just a matter of time. Those who are busy marking territory like dogs with graffiti and other violence will eventually just move along.

    • You locos put us to shame. Just go away already!

    • Listen, Sunny – (Hey, that makes me sound like an old man!) – Your gangland-fantasy Silver Lake isn’t the same place that I know and love – and I’ve lived here on and off since 1971. You can go on and on with your tired “We don’t die, we just multiply” braggadoccio (look it up, Sunny boy), but the truth is, Silver Lake residents will not allow gang members to take over our community. Most of us won’t confront you ala George Zimmerman, but we’ll report any crimes you and your ilk commit – and testify against you if it comes down to it. We’re watching you and your homies, sunny – so you should behave yourself. And while you’re at it, sign up for a remedial-English course before the state cancels L.A. Unified’s adult-education program.

    • Sorry homie, the hipsters are increasing the gentrification of “yo hood”. Pricing you and your families way way way way way way out.

      The Inland Empire would suit your barrio attitude just fine. Don’t leave your roosters behind on the way out.

  7. Living on Lake View, I drive by this location multiple times each day. On the night in question though, I used India as I had to go run errands in Silver Lake & Glendale. Driving by on Wednesday and this morning, you can’t even tell that anything has happened. This site and a small smattering of others (Patch, LAist, Corralitas Red Car) have the initial report, but noone has any more information.

    If the police really don’t have any information or leads, I wish they would reach out to the public to see if someone may have seen or heard something that they didn’t really think twice about. Talking to my neighbors last night, on the 2300 block of Lake View Ave, none of them even knew anything had happened.

  8. Ummm… Anybody else starting to suspect this “sunny” guy? Sounds like he’s threatening to wage a war…

  9. I really enjoy how when people get all uppity about yuppies needing to leave for West Hollywood and hipsters ruining their neighborhood it is almost always as a direct response supporting some sort of crime or violent act. If that’s the way you remember this neighborhood and prefer for it to be, maybe you should move to South LA where you will be happier surrounded by the type of incidents you so cling to as being signature of your neighborhood. PS – I’ve lived here for 20 years, and before that, my family did since the 1930’s – so whose neighborhood is it? Ese.

    • i work in South LA, that stuff doesn’t go over very well there either. lots of families who will call the cops without a second thought. race and economic status doesn’t necessarily signify a willingness to put up with crime. the “gangbangers” who post on here are trolls; nothing more, nothing less.

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