News & Notes from Boyle Heights, Echo Park, Glassell Park & Highland Park

Visitors Guide, Echo Park

  • Scenes from a Boyle Heights police pursuit. CBS2
  • District Attorney decides against filing felony charges in weekend beating at Dodger Stadium; misdemeanor charges to be considered.  Daily News
  • Two men in Bryan Stow beat to face federal weapon charges.  L.A. Now
  • College district to discuss future of Van de Kamps campus. Patch
    Highland Park real estate broker sentenced to three years probation for trying to keep a sexual assault victim from testifying against his son. Patch
  • Rampart Division warns residents of  increase in car break ins and thefts. Patch
  • The Eastsider thanks M. Brooker and S. Sites of Silver Lake for purchasing Reader Sponsorships.
  • Happening Today: 51st California Assembly District, Echo Park. Save the Date


  1. I have to wonder…did the sign actually work? I completely understand the frustration.

  2. C’mon webcam for Lapd to monitor for people breaking bottles and other minor stuff. They have better things to do than look at
    A webcam for someone pooping in the street. Lol

  3. Kinda funny that they used the word “defacate” (sic, it’s actually defecate), as if some drunk crapping on your sidewalk will know the meaning of the word.

  4. Where is the Spanish translation?

  5. In Spanish:

    Estos pinches gringos no saben a vivir en una communidad diverso.

    • We love diversity. It’s the broken glass, shit and piss we are trying to avoid.

      I don’t think your translation was very accurate.

      • That makes no sense Skoal, the sign says absolutely nothing that references ethnicity or race. It says (I paraphrase): please don’t break bottles and use my property as a bathroom. Seems like you’re the one who’s having a problem with diversity.

        • Good lord , Its satire…….get over it .
          No actually , i do not have a problem with diversity ,
          I have lived here for 46 years , but thanks.

          • ……….oh , and read before you post genius.
            The translation all be it bad ,satirical, not funny, whatever, was in response to the clueless’ first post .
            That makes you both clueless.

          • Another classic Eastsider comment, “I’ve lived here 46 years.” Love it! You must be right then skoal……

          • well alright then Skoal; my apologies. after seeing 10,000 similar posts that are completely serious, I guess I’m getting a little touchy on the whole ethnicity subject. Sad. Maybe I just need to stop reading the Eastsider, knowing what people actually think is beginning to bum me out.

    • I think you meant to write, “Estos pinches gringos no saben vivir en una comunidad diversa.” I’m sorry, skoal, but I’m a “gringo” who apparently knows more Spanish than you do.

  6. So a living in a diverse community means dealing with pooping in public and broken bottles where kids play? That is freakin stupido.

    • Yes! I love it when the response is, “then move out of the neighborhood whitey!”
      Classic eastsider comment. As if only white folks want to live in gang free, shit and trash free communities, brilliant……

    • “estupido”

  7. Fun to see where all you high strung people took my simple question.

    But still, where is the spanish version of the sign?

  8. Clue is right. haven’t seen white people breaking bottles and writing on my walls since the late 70’s.

    Unfortunately the sign will probably serve to incite not detract. No matter the language…

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