Parking In The Disabled Space: Even cops do it

Photo by Eastsider reader

An Eastsider reader was driving on Sunset Boulevard near Rosemont Avenue early Saturday morning when he caught sight of an LAPD squad car parked outside the Echo Park 7-Eleven – in the disabled space.  He snapped a photo and noted that there were plenty of other empty spaces at 3:30 a.m. Said the reader:

I looked in the store, the officers themselves were just standing there reading magazines, so it is not like there was any reason. No, didn’t talk to them about it, I am not that stupid.


  1. “Your gun, and your badge!”

  2. I got a $400 ticket for doing this in front of a warehouse in downtown at 11pm on a Sunday night while unloading gear. This is bullshit.

    • Then take the ticket to your production manager and make them pay it because they didn’t find you a load-in area. I have no sympathy for the city, but your show = your logistics to deal with. Disabled spaces are for people who need them.

      • I’m aware of that. But there wasn’t exactly a huge demand for disabled spaces in the middle of nowhere in the warehouse district late at night on a Sunday – certainly less so than the parking lot of a 7-11 in Echo Park. That’s my point.

  3. Yikes. An unfortunate occurrence, and my apologies as a manager and supervisor. I will pass this both up and down my chain of command, and reinforce adherence to parking laws in roll calls.

    (213) 484-3400

  4. This is a common meet-up spot for LAPD. I’ve seen them congregating in the back numerous times. They also double-park and often block the garbage bins.

  5. Please LT, like thats ever going to stop the boys in blue from parking in spots like this and red no parking zones. Start fining them like you fine us.

  6. i like it when the 5.0 park in the red!

    it leaves the actual parking spaces available for the rest of us!!!

    • Actually, you make a good point about shortage of parking and need for more of it.

      But I will note: If there is AN Y legitimacy at all for the red curbs, it is just as legitimate for police cars or government cars with the E-plates. But the city’s POLICY is to not ticket them.

      Red curbs are that color because it is supposed to be create a danger if someone parks there. That danger is the same whether the car belongs to a civilian, a police officer, or another E-plate. If it is not dangerous and not to be taken seriously, it should not apply to the rest of us either! And, disco stu, that would provide that many more parking spaces for you.

  7. Unfortunately on several occasions I have also watched the LAPD bike group blow through the stop signs in Griffith Park on their group rides in the morning and they even have a city van follow them that ignores the stop signs as well…an especially sad example for kids in the park who look up to police and see this behavior. I may be old fashioned (or maybe just old!) but I still think police officers should set the bar for the highest standards of behavior and it’s disheartening when some don’t (as much for LAPD morale on a whole as for residents).

  8. I once called out a cop for driving erratically on Marmion and Ave 50 and not using his turn signal. I suggested through our open windows that he use it and remember to drive safely. He said “honey, we have other safety concerns to worry about.”

  9. Those cops eat so many donuts from 711 that they have become handicapped. Pigs…

    • Now that’s just rude. What a cowardly thing to say anonymously. Most cops are good.

      Parking illegally hardly justifies calling them “pigs” you a-hole.

      • you shut up you LAPD nuthugger.
        i’ve been given tickets for this before and if they can get away with that as well as so many other illegal activities that ive been them do thru out the years than they should be held accountable.

        • “i’ve been given tickets for this before.”

          So you’re saying parked in handicapped spaces before?


  10. The plus side (not counting handicap usage) 7-11 gets my business in the evening for quick errands because it feels like a safe stop as there usually is a LAPD car parked in the lot.

  11. I’ve been known to flag down passing parking enforcement officers just for seeing idiots like this breaking the law.

    If you don’t have the proper reason to use a handicap space please show some do respect to people who really need to.

    I don’t care if you are a police officer or not.

  12. Coming back from Atwater Village with my wife a couple weekends ago we were at a stop on Hyperion in the traffic backed up from the red light at Rowena. Suddenly with full lights and sirens came a pair of LAPD patrol cars from behind us accelerating out from under the Waverly Drive overpass. With all cross traffic dutifully stopped a few moments later one black-and-white made a left onto Rowena and the other continued straight across on Hyperion. Once they’d both cleared the intersection the lights and sirens went off and they continued on their separate ways at normal speeds with the vehicle on Hyperion stopping for the red light at Griffith Park Drive while we sat there blown away at the impatient officers’ blatant misuse of their vehicles simply to get past the accumulated traffic.

    • Will,
      Not sure if you considered this but…quite possible it was a training exercise. Often supervisors will help rookie officers with maneuvers through real street situations so they are more prepared for the real thing when it happens.

      Yes, this officer made a poor decision by parking in the HCP, but piling on with conjecture is careless.

  13. Everyone is quick to point the finger when someone does something wrong these days…

  14. Do what we say, not what we do.

  15. I’m not a cop and I generally dislike associating with cop-types but…

    who cares.. they’re cops. They use their discretion in disobeying civilian law because we often NEED them to.

    At least one of them can come on here and say he’ll take it to the briefings… that’s more than what we can ask for. They have a shitty job, no respect, constant scrutiny… let them park at the accessible spot at the 7-eleven.

    • The sad thing as pictured above is that there was plenty of open spaces.

      Sorry but this was just stupidity on their part.

  16. cars come and go all the time. it’s a busy convenience store. might not have been open spaces when they were trying to park. hey, i’ve done it, too. there’s a 7-11 in k-town (3rd and Kingsley) where I used to live. the 10-space lot was ALWAYS full, and there would be 3 people in 7-11. people would park there and go to adjacent clubs/restaurants.

    yes, i will park in a handicapped spot for 2 minutes if it’s the only option.

    that said, there’s ALWAYS cops at that 7-11. they walk around there like they own the place, going in the employees-only areas, using the restrooms, hell knows what. carte blanche. try doing that shit and see if it flies.

  17. LAPD: high school educated cowboys + failed actors = rude bureaucrats in drag.

  18. miss knowitall

    Has anyone ever seen a true person of need ever use a so-called handicap space? In my 52 years I can’t say that I ever have. I’ve seen plenty of people who seem perfectly fit park there or otherwise hang the disabled placard in their car in order to avoid paying the meter. Sure, sure, I know some people are disabled and don’t “look” disabled… duh you can spare me your snarky comments. I have no scientific study to quote, but I would wager that 95% of the time these spaces/placards go unused or are used by ‘non-handicapped’. Regarding the cops, on the one hand I can cut them some slack because they take a lot of shit for their job – but it is annoying what pricks they often are when writing stupid tickets… I have received two tickets for riding my bicycle on the sidewalk (at midnight, btw, when hardly nobody was around… and was ticketed within spitting distance of a bar where drunk people came out and got into cars and drove away – which didn’t seem to phase the officer). Most people are hypocrites… I guess cops are no exception. It just seems like they act so arbitrarily sometimes, it makes it harder to really give them props… oh well.

  19. I’m also usually wary of cop using their jobs to gain an advantage just because their a cop. They need to be held to the same laws as everyone else at a minimum.

    This is not that big a deal though the appearance is probably the worst part and lord knows they need all the good pr they can get. Its a little arrogant of them having said that this didnt endanger or even deprive anyone of anything. the cops are right there if anyone really needed that spot, which lets face it was highly unlikely.

  20. The cops can park anywhere they want including my front yard as far as I’m concerned. They stand between me and the bad guys and for that I give them the broadest consideration possible. Thanks LAPD! I’m not going to sit around busting on the police for petty crap.

    • Al The Bootlicker

      Another brainwashed kool-aid guzzling fool.

    • Obviously you don’t have any handicapped relatives in your family who might find it inconvenient to have to park in a regular space.

      Look at the picture and count how many regular spaces are open and think how hard it would be for a handicapped person to drag a wheelchair out of a car with someone parked close to you. Note the blue line on the drivers side of the space made just for removing a wheelchair.

      Sir you have no class.

  21. I have never, in my 30 years of living in LA, seen anyone dragging a wheelchair out of a vehicle at a store. However, I have a neighbor who painted the curb blue in front of his house and put up a handicapped sign that he got at Smart and Final in order to be guaranteed a parking space!

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