Police release surveillance videos of Echo Park stabbing

Police have posted a pair of surveillance videos in an effort to find the suspects in last week’s stabbing of two men in Echo Park.   The two victims in their mid 20s were transported to a hospital with minor knife wounds after they were assaulted on Thursday on  Echo Park Avenue near Montana Avenues at about midnight.  Police are still searching for the suspects in the the incident, which is being handled as a hate crime.  The LAPD Northeast Division provided a description of the video above:

In this first video, the Suspect tells the Victims, “You guys are fucking faggots!” He walks away with his 2 associates, then runs back toward the Victims waiting for a bus and stabs Victim-1 in the abdomen.

Persons with information about the incident are asked to call  the Northeast Division detectives at (323) 344-5751. Click on the link below for the second video.

The second video shows the the second victim being stabbed before his attacker runs off:


  1. Have fun in jail… hate crime plus knife to the stomach = mucho anos.

  2. Do the police think the suspects are local??

  3. Yeah, it seems like a lame thing to say, but Sunset Beer Company isn’t exactly a drinking establishment people travel from outside of the area to come drink at unless they’re there there for a scheduled tasting ..

    • Are you posting in the correct story thread?
      1. Sunset beer is on ‘Sunset’, not near Montana/Echo park ave.
      2. Where does it say they were coming from ‘Sunset Beer’?

      • sunset beer is on sunset, walking distance to echo park and montana. there was an altercation between the people who were attacked and the people who attacked them at sunset beer earlier in the evening. one would assume they were followed to the bus stop from there.

        • Ok, I didn’t see the previous article, which I have now read.

          I would think that Sunset Beer, that serves alcohol, would certainly have surveillance cameras inside, which would have better video/pics of said suspects, no?

          What’s up with that?

  4. well the silver lining is that a violent homophobe is that much closer to being apprehended and taken off the streets before he had the chance to kill or seriously injure someone. Thats a good thing.

  5. SolanoCanyonPop

    The hipsters were quite brave. It was the attackers who were pussies running away and only willing to fight with weapons.

    • Badassedness seconded. The second victim acts as if nothing happened after he was stabbed and his attacker runs away.

  6. sorry, I know I just posted. this makes me so angry my ears are getting hot. I don’t understand this at all. I really hope they go to jail for a long time.

  7. pretty brutal act – and scary to see it so clearly in the video on such a familiar stretch of our neighborhood. I’d guess they’ll charge that as attempted murder. hope they catch the guy.

  8. how can i help?

  9. What a coward!

  10. There is so much violent crime in Echo Park & Silverlake, more often than not involving innocent bystanders. Thank goodness for Highland Park and Eagle Rock which despite their own crime issues tends to be mostly gang on gang violence in isolated pockets south of Ave 54 rather than randomly perpetrated acts in high-foot traffic neighborhoods. Disturbing.

    • This kind of attack is still pretty rare in Echo Park. Most violent crimes here are gang related, as well.

      • Ryan Alexander

        He’s right, these incidences never happen. However, there was one incident on December 20, 2009 4:30am when a innocent by stander met with a ’98 Black Tahoe with tinted windows at a round-a-bout just up the street from Echo Park Ave. and Effie. The passenger in the front seat of the Tahoe cracked his window just below his nose to get a look at the victim and all the victim could see was a shaven head and a mustache (of latino decent). The victim was of mixed decent – Spanish, Mexican, Chinese. After a few seconds of eye contact at about 25 feet apart, instinctively the victim drove in opposite direction of the round-a-bout, behind the Tahoe. The Tahoe pulled around the round-a-bout and began to pursue the victim’s vehicle. After glancing into the rear-view mirror the victim could see he had a solid 200 foot lead, when the Tahoe’s lights shut off, as if the pursuants didn’t want to be seen. The victim drove for about a quarter mile at about 50mph up Lake Shore Ave., passing his home, continuing to instinctively evade what he felt was danger. At the top of Lake Shore Ave where it meets Cerro Gordo is where the road bends sharp right and downhill. The victim hit this turn at 45 mph and skimmed the front bumper and fender of a parked vehicle on the left side of the road, just missing the telephone pole to then crash/braze alongside a cement wall of vine and thick brush. Miraculously, it served to absorb the impact, but the vehicle had come to complete halt on the side walk. After seeing in his rear view mirror the Tahoe turn the same corner and lose traction, he accelerated off the curb and back onto the street to make a the first right onto a street named Vestal. Vestal an interesting street because this stretch has two tall hills and dips. While speeding down the first dip the victim heard an explosion which to his surprise happened to be his rear window that had been completely shattered. It hadn’t processed that it was the cause of a bullet until turning back around he noticed there was a hole in the windshield placed about a few inches downright from the rear view mirror which means it could have been his head. The realization hit that this may be it; or surrealism rather; a possibility of permanent black out. After going over the second hill he glanced at his rear-view mirror and saw that there was no Tahoe in sight because they had not hit the apex of the second hill. At the bottom of the hill, he proceeded to pull the vehicle to the side of the road. Processing actions in sequential order was difficult – putting the car in park, unlocking the doors, unlocking the seat belt, taking the keys out of the ignition to opening the door to ultimately escape and sprint across several yards and driveways only to realize he had left his wallet and cellphone in the front seat. Do you continue running for your life? Or do you return for your cellphone and wallet in case they search the car and find out who you are and where you live? Or worse in his case, where his family lived. He stopped to think and proceeded to return to where he had parked the car. From across the street, in the bushes, he watched his car, cautious if the gang members were waiting for him to return so that they could catch him. After watching and waiting for five minutes he bolted for the car and grabbed his wallet and phone and proceed to dial 911. He then got into his car and pulled into the nearest driveway that was dark and unseen. The authorities arrived shortly and they began retracing his steps. They told him there were several calls from neighbors saying they heard around a half dozen gun shots. They found the rounds on vestal and later they took him home. The next day was the best of everything to him. Sleep, food, air you name it. As you probably assumed by now, that kid was me. At 22, no kid should experience an NDE or trauma such as this. However, there is one thing I’m able to take from it and it’s appreciating the experiential aspect of life, merely having consciousness, whatever mood I may be. A strange combination of fearlessness and apprehensiveness that I’m still striving to turn into balance. It baffles me to say it was three years ago because I can remember it like it was last night. Why did they do it? Who knows; it most likely roots from lack of education as how much of gang violence seems to stem. I feel it was a wrong place at the wrong time kind of situation and moral of the story is if you’re living in any big city, keep your eye out and try to realize how possible it is to be a part of a gang violence statistic. Our time on this planet is short enough. Sorry for the lengthy post, it’s the first time I’ve really let it out in ink. TIP – follow your instincts…maybe carry a rabbit’s foot 🙂

      • Ryan-harrowing story. I’d like to tell it on the radio.
        Please email me at fstoltze@kpcc.org -frank

        • In regards to these incidents, there is a meeting tonight:


          Join us for an important discussion.

          Echo Park United Against Hate Crimes Town Hall Meeting

          Tuesday, June 26th

          6:00-7:30 pm

          El Centro Del Pueblo

          1157 Lemoyne Street

          Los Angeles, CA 90026

  11. @ST

    There was no altercation at Sunset Beer. I am one of the owners and my staff and I have discussed this at length with the LAPD and the suspects were never at Sunset Beer Co. They pursued them a few blocks away after the victims left our place of business.

  12. I’ll help

  13. this is why we need to form neighborhood watch groups. between this and aggressive cyclists its time we unite and take a stand.

  14. that dude with the knife runs like a girl.

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