Police searching for car thief in Echo Park*

LAPD police helicopter over Echo Park.Officers on the ground backed up by an LAPD helicopter are searching for a suspected car thief who bailed out of his vehicle near Sunset Boulevard and Alvarado Street. An officer with the Rampart Division said the search, which began shortly after 9:30 p.m.,  is focused on the area north of Sunset Boulevard. Police are preparing to close off some streets to seal off the area.

* Update: Police called off the search after failing to find the suspect, said Lt. Wes Buhrmester with the Rampart Division. The search ended after approximately three hours.


  1. its 950 and I hear no helicopters- guess they caught him!

  2. i’m looking at the helicopter so i guess they didn’t

  3. I don’t think they’ve caught him yet. There’s a helicopter going around near Alvarado, Allesandro, Reservoir, and Montana, and there are a lot of police cars around there too.

    This could go on for some time.

  4. Yes the chopper is still up there as of 9:57pm.

  5. Ugg now someone’s car alarm won’t go off. It’s like a cartoon over here right now.

  6. He’s having a beer at Mohawk Bend.

  7. this neighborhood is never lacking for idiotic criminals.

  8. I heard a volley of what I believe were gun shots around 9:45 that sounded like they were somewhere in Elysian Heights, maybe on Cerro Gordo and Lemoyne or so. About 15 minutes later a helicopter swooped over that hillside and did a few circles and then left.

    • Fireworkds for sure, coming from somebody’s party on Echo Park Ave north of Baxter. I was watching them out my window 🙂

  9. yes heard the shots or fireworks? anyone know what that was? it went on for quite a while…

  10. I heard it. Sounded like fireworks.

  11. I am not sure, it was not all that loud, so I assumed it was far away, it had a distinctive “pop” sound to it.

  12. I heard it …still not sure ,hard to believe a car thief would take priority over mass shooting that was like 20 shots fired if in fact they were gunshots

    • A busy tonight in Echo Park. Police did check out a reports of shots fired near Echo Park & Donaldson but did not find evidence of a shooting.

  13. i still hear the chopper choppin… it’s 10:50 p.m. Not to mention that there was a chopper overhead all night last night too.

  14. Thanks for being on point with the updates!

  15. A moment ago a voice from the helicopter addressed the person, saying they should come out with their hands up and follow directions…

  16. Sounds like they got who they were looking for. Just heard some loud speaker talk. Couldn’t make it out but it sounded very authorative hahaha

  17. I don’t think the thief came out with his/her hands up. Still circling. need to leave house but was waiting for this to resolve.

  18. I heard the voice too. Still going on as of 11:02. I’m trying to sleep. The voice scared me, thought the cops were right outside

  19. helicopter still up…

  20. I can see two cop cars at Alvarado and Reservoir,and there were two up the hill near Allesandro. Chopper’s still flying. Cops have the flashing lights off.

  21. It’s literally been lighting up the corner of Reservoir and Mohawk for over an hour. Same spot! I want to go outside but I’m so darn comfortable right now. Is there some sort of stand off going on?

  22. helicopter still over mohawk and elsinore… heard some weird series of car horns outside a few minutes ago.. almost like a signal. The dog is definitely not getting a walk 🙁

  23. I live on Mohawk and Montana – constant helicopter really nervewracking

  24. The helicopters have been going for hours. Seems like there’s been more and more and more crime lately.

  25. Yo. If this shit happened at 930 and its now 1130, you really that fool is hanging around the same spot?

  26. KB – My poor dog is looking mighty disappointed too……

  27. Closing in on hour two!!!! It’s driving me crazy. I have to go out there and see what the hell is going on

  28. I just called the police they wouldn’t tell me much but they said DONT GO OUTSIDE and LOCK YOUR DOORS so those dogs are going to have to just hang in there for safety sake. I’m hiding in my bedroom with my cats. At least they have kittylitter.

  29. HB you shouldn’t go out but if you do pls let us know what’s up

  30. Around 330 or 4am last night there was a helicopter that circled over Barnsdall Park in Los Feliz for almost an hour. There were many cops on the ground shining flashlights into every corner, but I don’t think they ever found anyone. Wonder if it was the same search.

  31. Just talked to two cops. One was a traffic cop who told me he knew nothing and they just called him and told him to bring cones. And a real cop told me they were simply looking for a man with a gun. They definitely do not have a guy in a car that is standing off. There are a bunch of cops behind the Vons in a small parking lot coming up with some kind of a plan i guess. How the fuck do they think a helicopter is gonna find a guy? If i’m the guy I just go away from the helicopter no?

  32. It woke me up because I live right next to barnsdall park. The helicopter light was shining into my bedroom and there were officers on walkie-talkies right outside my windown

  33. No car could be worth this much bird racket. Still ongoing, even near echo park ave

  34. Def don’t go outside if you live right there!! I’m about 5 blks away and it’s annoying as hell. This is ridiculous –

  35. Just got home and Alvarado is closed going North of Sunset.

  36. It looks like the cops are putting someone in a police car on Allesandro. The helicopter is illuminating the car. Maybe this will be over soon…

  37. Spoke too soon. The cops are taking the guy over to Reservoir. But I don’t know whether that’s their car thief or just some other person they were looking for who they happened to find.

  38. Alvarado Resident

    These comments are REALLY helpful. I’m currently stuck at work, checking these updates to see when/if I can come home!

  39. 12:26am – chopper still circling, has been since 10:30 when I left an event downtown and saw it over around Echo Park / Dodger Stadium, has not stopped…

    I love the East Sider posting stuff like this…
    maybe hear some of it on the scanner here:

  40. Well from my perspective on Mohawk and Montana still helicopter but not as loud. So I don’t know if they have moved over or if they are up higher – I cant see anything since I’m barracaded in

  41. Omg i live on allesandro and my mom cant even come home she has to like park n wait sumwhere
    r the cops even chasing the guy or like r they looking for himm

  42. Reservoir and Mohawk here — chopper is STILL up there, but haven’t heard anything over the speaker in a while.

  43. Near tribal cafe

    So thankful for these live updates. 12:35. Still hear helicopters. Hope my friends get home safely.

  44. Steve on SilverLake Blvd

    It’s 12:36 and the Helicopter’s still circling just like it has been all evening. Doesn’t it need to re-fuel? Doesn’t the pilot get dizzy? Anyway it’s driving me nuts!

  45. Unrelated: Did anyone else notice 10 cop cars in the Walgreens parking lot and a helicopter flying overhead last night just after midnight? I drove by and saw a handful of cops with their guns drawn, pointed at what looked like an SUV.

  46. Suzy Q and Alvarado Resident — As of now, they’re still circling, still shining the light on the same general area.
    Alvarado Resident — Hope you can go home soon. Are you sure they wouldn’t let you through? Have you tried calling the non-emergency police number and asking them whether you can get home?
    I need to turn in soon, helicopter or no helicopter.

    • After checking my trunk to confirm I wasn’t hiding the car thief, the cops allowed me to drive through the barricaded area on Alvarado & Sunset so I could get a burrito from Taco Zone.

  47. I didnt even know that sumthing happened last nite

  48. waterloo/sunset

    Just spoke with the LAPD…Couldn’t give me much more information other than the suspect is still on the run from the Rampart division. Duh.

  49. Concerned on Waterloo

    Never fear, they’re still delivering Domino’s!

  50. After 3+ hours I assume this is a very important car thief. Chopper still raising hell and a friend locked out of their street is coming by to crash on my couch.

    What’s the deal LAPD? Goin after this Guy harder than they pursue some homicides!

  51. To Alvarado resident… I had to
    leave to pickup my man from work … Live one street away. We came back and had no problem getting home.
    This is probably the safest block in the city

  52. no more copter?

  53. Thank you Eastsider LA and neighbors for posting/weighing in. Live on Alvarado/Scott and just got home from work. Cops were blocking Allesandro and Alvarado around Scott. They told me I wouldn’t be able to get to my house for sometime. I managed to drive by them and into my parking in the alley. Inside safely, but helicopter still above. Wait, just stopped now. I hope.

  54. The helicopter stopped….
    Is it finally over???

  55. Hey, while we have neighbors here, have any of you noticed that empty lot on Scott, between Allesandro and Alvarado, being taken over by squatters. The fence is broken/torn down and a bunch of trash all around. I see people loitering around and sometimes they scream at my car when I drive by or at me if I’m on foot. A bit scary when I come home late at night and they’re only steps away. Any advice or info? Thanks!

  56. Still cant get any sleep the helicopters and polive men are all right next my house. I jope they catch the guys after all this comtion dont know how iam going to wake up for work tommrow. I wonder how long this going to go on

  57. Its over no more helicopter

  58. Helicopter’s gone and so I think are the cops. Hope this has been resolved and stays that way. While it’s quiet I think I’ll turn in. 😉

  59. Mom came home she saw two guys on scooters talking to cops cops asking for ID investogating them and mom slipped by but the other cops flashed te light on her n saw the boxes of fruit she was carrying n her opening the gate so they knew she was no harm
    i hope everyone got home safely



  61. MPH – I hate to say it but if that’s going on you need to tell cops – I’m not a fan of harassing homeless people; but I draw the line at abusive. Plus there’s kids around here. Idk; I really love the people in this neighborhood but the helicopters are getting old. Plus I never feel safe after midnight.

  62. I’m going to sleep too – glad I found this site so nice talking to neighbors!

  63. Burrito king during action

    I was at Burrito King during all of this. kind of annoying for just a car theft.. on scott and alvarado I had to show proof that no one was in my trunk before I could continue…

  64. Thanks neighbors and Eastsider! Sounds like they’ve wrapped it up for tonight. Thanks for all the updates! It’s nice to know what’s ACTUALLY going on outside your door instead of letting the imagination get the best of me.

  65. Bobby R. Gabriel

    That’s a wrap…

  66. I live on EP Ave next to the empty lot where they are going to build new condo’s and someone jumped over my fence and ran down my stairs about 15 minutes ago. I called the police to see if it was related and they said there was nothing going on in the area anymore. I just heard the helicopter do a sweep over my house. Sorry if it woke anyone up, but a girl has gotta be safe 🙂

  67. On another note, has anyone seen those police drones flying around the city? When I was on my way to work heading west on the 10 yesterday (Thurs), I saw 6 cop cars going east bound in a sort of formation, and above them was what I thought to be a small airplane flying way too low, and then all of a sudden it started pulling these strange aerial maneuvers and I realized it was very close to the ground, when I got near it I noticed it was too small to be carrying a person.

    • Haven’t seen the drones yet, but I’m guessing they would be a lot quieter than the traditional 20th century helicopter. While there are numerous privacy concerns to work out with drones that I’m hoping various civil rights attorneys can set some strong rules and regulations for, I would rather have drones flying over Echo Park than helicopters.

      • @ ron
        Really you will be glad when drones can invade ur privacy ? Not to bright .

      • Hello ,
        People complaining about the copters flying over head please move to ohio there is plenty of room there.
        Next they will complain about the traffic.

  68. Was considering moving to Echo Park recently. A lot of bad stuff going down as of late. Think I’ll stay put in Los Feliz.

  69. Hope everyone got some sleep. Did anyone catch the model of the stolen car? My neighbor just found out his car was stolen last night from Scott and EP Ave.

  70. 70+ comments, 3+ hours of helicopter, baracades, trunk searches. All for a stolen car.

    A 21 year old human being was murdered in his car a month ago in Echo Park. The eastsider post got 4 comments and no arrest.

    How does murder sit so silently among the community all the while texting while driving, annoying helicopters, a mural’s fate, tagging an abandoned gas station trumps murder?

    • I think you answered your own question in the first sentence.

      If it had been 3+ hours of helicopters circling, police barricades and trunk searches for a murder…

  71. echopark/silverlake

    Cc: unfortunately many murders are silently covered. But 3 hours of helicopters circling right above your house will cause many to investigate, and comment as it unfolds, that’s human nature my friend.

  72. Hahahahahah dam that side of the hill has been a. Lil active there just burning there spot like always lames never see us burning our spit like that huh…..exp

  73. wana last, be the first to blast ! now whassup homie !!

  74. Doesn’t surprise me that they didn’t find anyone. I’m no expert but circling the SAME corner for three hours doesn’t seem like that great of a plan. What made them think the suspect would still be in the area after hour one? Let alone hour two? They most likely were gone within the first fifteen minutes. Waste of resources. A handful of officers on foot could’ve swept the area they kept lighting up in less than an hour.

  75. @MHP

    Have you ever walked by the corner of Waterloo and Sunset? Across from the 7-11? There’s a village inside those trees on the hill. I’m not exaggerating. There’s full on structures and close to at least ten folks living there. For the most part it’s pretty quiet and peaceful but even I’ve been startled occasionally from bodies emerging from the darkness. There’s really not much you can do. If I call the cops they’ll probably just move over toward you and vice versa.

  76. What’s been going on in EP lately!?!? Just read the crime reports on the LAPD website and it’s not looking good. I used to tell friends who want to live in Silver Lake and can’t find a spot to go to EP. Not so much anymore. Think it’s a territory clash between the new and old? Thoughts? Not good.


    @ mecho park —>> shut up girl exp ain’t active all up in u up and down the ave n as always hiding in backyards chickens

  78. welcome to the ghetto!

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