Police searching for patients missing from Silver Lake area mental health facility*

Police are searching for two patients who went missing Thursday night  from a mental health facility in Silver Lake and are in need of medication.  KTLA reports that one of the  patients may have may have a criminal record.  The station’s video footage indicates that the two male patients were housed at the  Gateway Hospital & Mental Health Center  satellite facility on Hoover Street near the 101 Freeway. Gateways Hospital, which has its main facility in Echo Park, has asked police to “apprehend and transport”  the two patients – James Sheppard and Christopher Bednar – immediately back to the hospital. The Gateways facility on Hoover Street provides numerous services, including court-mandated residential, day-care and outpatient treatment as well as programs for patients with mental illness who , according to the hospital website.

Sheppard, age 50,  is a white male with brown hair and eyes and stands 6 feet tall and weighs about 185 pounds.  Bednar, age 45,  is also a white male with brown hair and blue eyes and stands just under 6 feet tall and weighs about 280 pounds. Anyone with any information regarding these individuals is asked to contact Rampart Division detectives at 213-484-3440 or 213-484-3400.

* Update on Saturday, May 5: KTLA reports that one of the suspects, James Sheppard, has been taken into custody.


  1. I didn’t know this place still existed. CREEPY.

  2. DJ hipster in a box is on the loose!!


    • Gateways has its main hospital and treatment center in Echo Park but also operates a satellite in Silver Lake on Hoover street.

  4. Ha , i guess i should put my bong down before i comment , my bad.
    Thanks Eastsider , for keeping it real .Seriously.

  5. City Hall has spots for them!

  6. I think the escapee’s have found the comment section of the Eastsider…

  7. This story is making me crazy.

  8. In the early 80’s a Gateways outpatient at the Hoover facility murdered several local women. His MO was to rape, strangle, then set fire to the premises. The condos at Monroe and Hoover are built on a lot left vacant from one of his crimes. Since then the City has allowed Gateways to expand twice. Lucky for them they’re located in an easy neighborhood for the City to give its blessing.

    • Hey, ‘WES’, cool how you perpetuated all kinds of stereotypical prejudice and panic over a very isolated and unique, and perhaps apocryphal experience, a raping/strangling/arsonist madman, outpatient, no less. I put nothing past condo building developers, nothing. Back up this story, please. Smells fishy.
      I moved to EP in ’83, and I am a longtime psychiatric RN, who was the evening charge nurse at Gateways on Effie for 3 years. Out of an average daily census running in the 40’s-50’s, we had 2 AWOLs, both of whom were returned by LAPD within hours. The clientele is mainly long term chronic schizophrenics, often homeless, who are at much greater risk from the ‘normies’ who would exploit them, than they are to anyone else. The population is mostly benign: No criminally insane, no mentally disordered sex offenders, no arsonists,cannibals,kidnappers,frothing at the mouth child-raping axe murderers. Sorry to pop your paranoid bubble,”Wes”,but I think you do the mentally ill and those that love them a great disservice with dredging up knee-jerk panic-inducing unattributed ‘urban nightmare’ tales like this. So cite us some proof, beyond urban myth, please, or STFU. Thanks.

      • According to the first KTLA link, as well as some other news outlets, the one who is still missing is someone who has been convicted of murder and is likely off his meds.

        While I totally understand your point about demonizing the mentally ill and perpetuating stereotypes, this particular guy that is still missing (Bednar) could very well be a danger to the community.

      • EEESH devildog! Just read the Times article! I guess you owe Wes an apology!

      • So Devldoggies4? I think he backed it up pretty well. The patients in question are not at the main center in EP but at the satellite facility on Hoover on the EaHo/Silver Lake border.

        The neighbors in the area had a very detailed discussion with Gateways about their expansion/replacement of the facility a few years ago. One of the major issues was that the program they run there is for patients with criminal histories. Gateways has always acknowledged that from the beginning. Neighbors have a right to be concerned and Gateways has a responsibility to address those concerns.

        I haven’t heard the details related to this incident but recently Gateways has been a pretty good neighbor and responsible part of the community.

      • Why don’t you STFU! Grandma was raped by this man at DeLongpre and Sanborn.

  9. Eastsider: Do you know if there have been any developments with this story? Did they find Christopher Bednar?

    Thanks in advance for any info. you might be able to find out… Appreciate everything you do to keep the community informed.

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