Silver Lake’s Driftwood store floats into Echo Park

After being open  2-1/2 years at the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Sanborn Avenue in Silver Lake, Driftwood, an apparel and housewares shop, closed last year after the adjacent Cafe Stella expanded and took over the Sunset Junction space.  Owner David Browne looked at several locations before deciding to set up shop in a small, box-like building with a big picture window at the corner of Echo Park and Scott avenues. Browne was familiar with the space.  He had opened his own gallery and art studio – Berdhouse – in the same spot about five years ago and had held on to the lease, subleasing the space to other tenants.  Earlier this month, after renovating the building, Browne reopened a much smaller version of Driftwood on Echo Park Avenue. Instead of occupying about 1,000 square-feet of space within a few feet of Intelligentsia Coffee, Driftwood now displays its ware in a living-room sized space a few steps from the Dash bu stop.

“I was apprehensive at first,” Browne said of squeezing the store into the smaller space, which measures about 15 feet by 12 feet, not including a dressing room. But the limited space forced Browne to focus on higher-quality items and has been easier to manage than the larger store. Inside, Browne has stocked Driftwood with a variety of items, including vintage sunglasses, books, dishware, leather goods and apparel – new and vintage – for men and women. “I want to supply stuff and products that the neighborhood needs,” said Browne, whose store is open from 12 pm to 6 pm, Tuesday – Sunday.

Browne is still adding more merchandise and as well as finishing touches to Driftwood, which includes making a sign for the new store.



  1. The neighborhood really doesn’t “need” more over priced crap . Really .

    • Glad we have someone who can speak for the needs of the entire neighborhood. And appears to be an economist…I mean, you seem to be able to tell when goods are overpriced.

      Go take a walk.

      • In the article , its says …………“I want to supply stuff and products that the neighborhood needs.”
        I agree , its nice to know people can speak to the entire neighborhood on what it “needs” .

        I will take a walk , in the neighborhood I’ve lived in for 52 years, thanks.

  2. yes, the neighborhood needs vintage sunglasses

  3. I loved Berdhouse. I also loved Driftwood. They actually have deals sometimes. Some good ones. And they dont sell crap. They sell nice hand made clothing. I’m glad they are back.

    • I’m with you, brother. I firmly support our small, local businesses. Even if the goods cost a little more in some cases, you are typically getting quality. I think that people’s view of prices is warped by years of shopping at Walmart and Target. Not that there is anything wrong with those stores, but they are not the same thing.

  4. In the article , its says …………“I want to supply stuff and products that the neighborhood needs.”
    I agree , its nice to know people can speak to the entire neighborhood on what it needs .

    I will take a walk , in the neighborhood I’ve lived in for 52 years, thanks.

    • Wow, 52 years! You must have a positive outlook on EP!

      • Aldo Thee Apache

        52 years? Are you Charlie Chaplin?
        You damn hipsters, Get Off My Lawn!!!!!!

        • ATA…That’s fricken hilarious ! I needed a GOOD laugh!! thanks and I Good with the changes Our (not MY) neighborhood is evolving into. Bring it on! I remember that tiny lil building too and its good to see business as usual there once again. Why not? Some of these lame azz people only complain but i welcome the fresh breath of air. Oh and I have been here for over 57 YEARS! So I’m cool with it, I just need a lil adjustment here and there and i’m good. – Digging it all

  5. Love that there are places to buy gifts and treats in the neighborhood without having to go to Silverlake (although I love Clover), or worse, the mall. So much rather spend my money at a small business (collar & leash, stories, sunset beer) than at a big corporation.

  6. Looks like he sells stuff you see at a garage sale. Except he’s paying $3 per square foot. Moron.

  7. Needs of a community are,
    Safe streets , cutting crime down , stamping out graffiti , good schools, decent grocery stores, catching thieves and morons who stab people walking down the street etc.. those have always been and remain the same .
    THESE are real issues and real community needs , i highly doubt the needs of the community have changed that the needs of the community suddenly become vintage sunglasses .
    Get a grip , Seems you out of touch with the real community needs .

    • And how are you contributing positively to meeting those needs c-minor? Or maybe it’s b-flat?

    • all of those things come when there are more businesses that open. you get more foot traffic, people taking care of their property, people calling the police when things happen (and the police actually respond now – way different than it used to be); in short: being involved and invested. EP has crime now for sure, but it was a lot worse before, and the police never came, tags never got cleaned up, there were wild dogs running around,… things are looking up, no sense begrudging some guy who wants to sell sunglasses.

    • Most (all but one) of the things you mention, c-flat are to be provided by the public sector (aka the government) which is funded by taxes, which is funded by businesses such as this one.
      That it sells at a premium will get you to your goal faster (theoretically) because higher prices equal more tax.

      If the store doesn’t sell things the neighborhood likes or needs, it will go out of business. It is a very simple concept, sweetie.

  8. Why hate on a small business? Of course the proprietor is not speaking for the entire neighborhood (god knows there are enough people doing so here) but merely what his business will attempt to offer on a smaller scale. We all know what kind of reactionary attitude is behind such grumbling. Try to remember that you all live in a major city, and not some monochromatic village.

  9. Wow. What a bunch of grumpy, tasteless old-timers…(or the same 2 grumpy, tasteless old-timers.)
    I am glad to see this in the neighborhood. I wish you success!

  10. Glad to see Driftwood resurfacing. I need some new Bass Sunjuns… hope you still carry them!

  11. i don’t know why everyone has their panties in a bunch over driftwood moving to echo park ave. i am so happy to see a cute little store open instead of another locked up storefront that doesn’t appear to cater to anyone / is probably lived in. driftwood’s aesthetic matches that of upscale echo park and it does nothing but boost the economy and contribute to a stronger sense of locally owned businesses– whether that be a 99 cent store or a carefully-curated selection of curios and garments. the guy who owns the shop is incredibly sweet from my experiences and i think you guys need to give him a break!!!

    Instead, why don’t you focus your energy on saving elysian park from pending development (http://saveelysianpark.org/) or go complain about the ugly-ass condos that are sprouting up across from magic gas… oh wait it’s not magic gas anymore it’s “echo fuels” and they took down the adorable old wrought iron sign… why aren’t you complaining about THAT?

    dear driftwood– don’t let these old grumps get you down! i for one am happy to have you here– welcome back!

    • well said lilsadie! more small businesses are good for the hood. the shop may not be for all residents, but neither is the lil trophy shop or the store that sells cheap stuffed animals. all are welcome!

    • Agreed! Everyone likes to pile on one misconstrued comment–I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean that he thinks all Echo Park needs is his merchandise. Also, so glad you plugged Save Elysian Park. Instead of complaining on the internet about how other people aren’t making Echo Park a better place, we all need to stand up and make it a better place ourselves!

  12. The owners hot!! I dont care what he sells, or who needs it.

  13. Hmmm, it seems like a lot of “old-time” EP residents want abandoned storefronts and hordes of drunk-ass gangbangers hanging out in front of decrepit apartments and harassing all passersby, rather than a guy who fixes up an old shithole and turns it into a local business. Now that’s some solid community thinking, there!

    Seriously, I don’t get why people are complaining about what this guy sells. You should be happy that people are trying to make this community a safe, thriving place instead of a gang-torn wasteland. Is it perfect? No. Is it more expensive? Yes. But here’s a hint – if you’re paying $650 in rent because you’ve lived here for 30 years, you’re paying under market. That means your landlord, if he/she can’t raise rents to be competitive, will do only the bare minimum to keep the city off his back. No improvements, no nothing. You are paying an unsustainable rent in an unsustainable situation.

    Do I, as a semi-new EP resident, like the new condos that are going in across from Magic Gas? No, I don’t. They’re ugly as hell and lend nothing to the character of this beautiful, historic neighborhood. That said, would I rather have people living here who care about the neighborhood rather than a bunch of gangbangers who graffiti up and shoot up THEIR OWN NEIGHBORHOOD? You bet I would. And if you’re longing for the past, when that existed, then I feel bad for you.

    This guy is putting existing space to good use that is in keeping with the new spirit of the neighborhood. You don’t have to like what he sells, you don’t have to patronize his shop, but seriously – get with the program.

      • Aldo Thee Apache


        • Yeah DITTO and i’m a old timer here in the hood BUT not one of those who are full of….you fill in the blank, i’m not gonna waste my time! Welcome to the hood Driftwood. Like BD said and i totally agree! I was one of those gang banging fools and i personally like how things are changing, it just takes a lil getting used to but its all good as far as i’m concerned!
          Ignore those old complaining fools, They don’t speak for me (no one can but me). Young or Old, I do!

  14. hotel de ville lifestyle

    Welcome to the neighborhood! Glad to see another business open on echo park avenue!

  15. Can I get some curated gear? As long as they have “curated” stuff, Iwant it!

    I dont care what the cost… When I pull my Audi up to Mohawk Bend I need to be stylin.

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