Sunset Junction Coffee Shop to take over empty Silver Lake cafe

Sunset Junction shop owners were left mystified last fall when K2, a barely year-old Silver Lake restaurant that opened in the former Eat Well diner space, suddenly closed and was hidden behind a plywood barricade. But that barricade recently came down as work began to transform K2 into the Sunset Junction Coffee Shop, the most recent venture by Jenna Turner, co-owner of Chango Coffee in Echo Park and Susina Bakery & Cafe on Beverly Boulevard.  Turner’s idea is to open a contemporary contemporary coffee shop serving “really good American food” and offering consistent service. “It will be a friendly, neighborhood place,” said Turner, who plans to open Sunset Junction Coffee Shop by the middle of this week.

Turner has been plenty busy this year, which began when she teamed up with Marc Gallucci, owner of Fix Coffee in Elysian Heights, to buy and renovate Chango Coffee in Echo Park.  In Silver Lake, Turner teamed up with a different set of partners to lease the Sunset Boulevard storefront formerly occupied by K2, which opened in 2010 with high expectations of drawing more business to Sunset Junction after the space had been vacant for several years.

Turner said the restaurant is undergoing a minor remodeling, which includes a new color scheme as well as different tables and chairs. The Sunset Junction Coffee Shop will start by opening from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. with breakfast and lunch service. There are plans to eventually serve dinner and possibly stay open late, said Turner.

Neighboring merchants are looking forward to seeing the midblock space open for business. “We are thrilled that it’s going to be a functioning restaurant,” said Sarah Dale, who owns a shop, Pull My Daisy, on the same block.


  1. I PRETTY sure there is already a coffee place there – why is this a good idea?


  2. Good luck to them, but isn’t that going to be about 7 steps from Intelligentsia?

  3. 7 Steps from Intelligentsia on one side, and a storefront away from the lovely Casbah Cafe on the other side. I suppose if there’s enough traffic to support 3 coffee shops on the same block, more power to them, but I’m not sure that’s the case even on that block.

  4. Jenna’s Susina bakery/cafe is a success (and makes some of the best cakes and scones in town). She’s worked her makeover magic on Chango and I welcome her arrival in the Junction.

  5. I think you’re all reading “coffee shop” in the modern, post-Starbucks sense, whereas the restaurant seems to be using the way it was used back in the day (and is still used in small town America) to mean a diner primarily serving breakfast and lunch. After the loss of Eat Well and Coffee Table, I, for one, welcome an alternative to Millie’s for a good basic breakfast.

    • Spencer — I think they failed to read the article which says “ontemporary coffee shop serving “really good American food” ”

      Intelligentsia doesn’t have food and Casbah is a totally different environment than an American cafe.

  6. Best of luck to all involved.

    Nearly every restaurant and store that brings life to Sunset is far better than another cold and gloomy closed storefront.

    With luck, the new restaurant will be great and the three coffe shops will become a hub that draws people together to all of them.

  7. Thank goodness, it was pretty sad we only had 34 breakfast/lunch options in the area.

  8. too bad it’s not gonna be a Waffle House

  9. this is great. K2 was pretty good, but never quite got it together. And this place sounds like it’s got a rockin’ pedigree. Sure you can stand in line for get Chicago-owned espresso down the street, but now that there’s no brioche and butter at Casbah…I think there’s room for a shop that does what EatWell did so well.

  10. Let’s just call it what it is. A diner.

    • Actually, it is not a diner. A diner is a specific kind of place, constructed as an old-style diner car. In fact, they originally were diner cars moved onto a location — and over the years, some of them added additions to them.

      There are few real diners around here. But there is plenty of mislabeling about it.

      If you want a diner, go to New Jersey, which has the most REAL diners anywhere in the country.

      • Awesome factual and historical response! Another Jersey transplant? My fave was Flem-Fam, Flemington.

        • You’re right. It’s not not like a Jersey diner. I’m from N.J., too. I guess I meant restaurant. If it was a diner, it would have pork roll. Probably won’t have that. ..Bound Brook diner R.I.P.

  11. A diner is called a coffee shop on the west coast. It’s a regional thing. With all the transplants in la I agree it can be confusing.

  12. What I hear sounds nice,, And I like the name, and only hope the restaurant lives up to it.

    However, a general planning-oriented comment: Yet another restaurant?! We are already overrun with restaurants. That is about the primary thing opening everywhere in Echo Park and Silver Lake: restaurants. That and bars or other establishments offering drinking, although alcohol more so in Echo Park than Silver Lake fortunately.

    There is far more to life, whether pleasantries or necessities, than simply restaurants and drinking alcohol. We used to have something more than restaurants and alcohol. I wish we could get that back. But I guess restaurants are charging prices so high as to make heavy profits, allowing them to bid up rental prices far beyond what other kinds of establishments can pay. And so we see a continual closing of other kinds of business and opening of restaurants — all over.

    • Why is more alcohol in Echo Park rather than Silver Lake fortunate for you mark?

    • Mark, please provide examples for your utopian purveyor of pleasantries.

      As a matter of fact, restaurants are finally charging a true reflection of the good sold. The basic ingredients of menu items and labor have gone up, which is why it seems restaurants are so expensive. The fact is that a $5 sandwich doesn’t exist or is not edible.

      A place to get a burger and a beer would be nice. GOOD sucks so bad and menu so outdated I get heartburn driving past. The new spot could force GOOD to stop sucking.

  13. If there is a good tuna melt on the menu… And shakes. We need more quality milkshakes! Well, I do at least.

  14. I miss the old seafood restaurant. Seafood Broiler? Monk fish, Thresher & Mako Shark. New is good too.

  15. I was crossing my fingers for a Latino gay bar that played videos and had drag shows.

  16. Sounds like a smart business move to me…

  17. was the seafood place called Seafood Bay?

  18. Yes the Seafood Bay.
    There used to be a Carniceria next to it (Seafood bay) that was great! A little family owned market where you could get milk, eggs, TP etc. in a pinch.
    I miss the Salvadoran Deli too! They had great empanadas!

    • I once bought a dress at Seafood Bay – one of the waitresses set up a tiny shop in the restaurant. I remember getting a receipt that said Seafood Bay: The Boutique.

  19. “contemporary coffee shop serving “really good American food”

    I’m sure there will a “contemporary price tag” on this “really good American food”. I’ll go to Ricks on Fletcher instead.

  20. NO MORE RESTAURANTS!! Sunset is inundated with them. (And another, the Village Idiot is moving in.) Give us another gay bar or laundromat! Silver Lake is going to pot. I hope that new place and the Village Idiot BOTH fail.

    • But I’m not gay (nor are many others), and there are laundromats everywhere.
      And speaking of “SL going to pot”, you hope independent businesses that open in SL will Fail? Or at least ones you don’t like (unless they’re a gay bar or laundromat)?? Yeah, I’ll hope for the utopian opposite of your wishes, lol.

    • I would like more gay bars and more restaurants! My partner and I have been to both gay bars and all the restaurants in walking distance quite a number of times (and even biked up to MJs a few times), and it’s always nice to have more options where you don’t have to call a taxi. We’ve started branching out to Hollywood and Downtown when we want some more diversity of restaurants, but this looks great as a new option for brunch!

  21. How about a public car park so we can frequent these businesses. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve just said f**k it after circling the strip looking for a parking spot.

  22. Honestly, I”m sick of coffee.

  23. How about condos instead?

  24. I love the resilience of the Sunset Junction neighborhood. We’re still in this post-recession economy and yet new destinations for foodies and shoppers keep popping up. Hurray 4 Silver Lake!

  25. I’m bummed. Can’t we think of something more original than another coffee shop. I know it will be different than Casbah or Intelli but its still WAY to close in concept.

    How about some originality how about and Ethiopian place or Jamician or even an amazing pizza by the slice Or great a great deli that’s open for DINNER and late. Everything in the area is open mainly for breakfast/lunch.

    Oh well I still have flore.

  26. Abby’s in Eagle Rock; Patty Melt on Rye with grilled onions for $4. What!?

  27. Just give me a coffee shop like the old days, that has prices you can afford several times a week, no squeaky booths, and actual table service instead of throwaway sugar, butter, cream and jam packets…then I’ll go. Oh,. and if there’s even a hint of styrofoam, count me out.

  28. Actually, my friend says that since she’s gotten off coffee, no more cramps, hopefully they have herbal teas. 😉

  29. *Name fail* oh wait, concept fail. The Gap should just open shop in the junction already.

  30. Just another place with expensive prices

  31. Silver Lake Is 2 Words

    Permaculture suggests ‘The Problem is the Solution.’ Ok, why not make this new joint a BYOB diner-style laundromat that also serves really good burgers…and turns in to a fabulous gay-friendly karaoke joint after hours.

    C’mon creative LA people, everybody get together and love one another. Right now.

  32. Since there’s no Yelp page yet, I’ll just write this here: My boyfriend and I decided to try this place last weekend. The woman who seemed to be in charge asked us to wait 10 minutes for a table, during which time, another couple showed up and took a table that had opened up outside. One of the waiters had seen us waiting, but still let them sit. Oh yeah, and my boyfriend had to keep opening the door for the 2 wait staff because they were unable to carry things outside and open the huge, heavy door. When we finally sat, we waited for another 5 minutes and were completely ignored, with no one even coming over to offer drinks. The woman sat another couple behind us, immediately took their order, and then rushed off before I could get her attention. We tried to get service for another couple of minutes, but finally bailed. We went to Home on Hillhurst where the food and service were amazing. My advice, don’t waste your time here. The menu isn’t even that great and the people working there don’t seem to care about properly running a restaurant.

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