Teenager injured injured in Highland Park afternoon shooting

A teenager who police believe is part of a tagging crew was shot Thursday afternoon in Highland Park on Figueroa Street near Avenue 54, reports Patch. The victim was grazed by a bullet after he and another teenager were confronted by two other males, police said.  The suspects, described as two males in their 20s, remain at large.


  1. This is worth getting shot over. Writing my “tag” affiliation to my dead end life.

    Such a pathetic and meaningless existence…

  2. Is the kid a minor? Hold the parents responsible. Tagging is such a blight on our community. Wouldn’t it be nice if they just all offed each other?

  3. Tagging is totally worth getting shot!

    • I wonder if it was a competing gang that fired the shot or if it was a fellow fed-up home/business owner…

      Hmm. Maybe we could take a cue from this. Not saying we should shoot to kill but a non-lethal shot of rubber bullets might send the message.

  4. Been a steady escalation with these clowns as they approach 17 and start sporting real mustaches instead of peach fuzz.

    Word from the LAPD patrol officers today is that the kid will live. Of course, no one seems to know who it was that shot him but clearly at least 4 or 5 people should be able to point the right fingers.

    In the meantime, I hope they don’t shoot at my building (I’m sitting here now)

  5. I can’t read a lot of tags they seem to be in a very weird illegible scripts. When I tag I write my full name in impeccable cursive so there’s no confusion as to the property or area that I have designated as my own.

  6. How about we talk about ways to keep youth busy after school and on weekends instead of thinking about shooting them with anything?

    NELA has a rich art history; why don’t more people from the local art community reach out to the elementary, middle and high schools in the area and provide art workshops/classes/supplies for “legitimate” art? Reach out to a school, their art budgets are small as it is any volunteer work or donations would hopefully be greatly appreciated.

    • “How about we talk about ways to keep youth busy after school and on weekends instead of thinking about shooting them with anything?”

      Why should we have to do the job the parents should be doing?

      • THANK YOU!

        • Because it takes a community to raise a child. You want to live in a better community do something besides sitting on your asses and bitching about it on a message board and go out there and improve it!

    • There is plenty to do in the area and neighborhood. The problem is that these guys have created mini-tribes that lock them into small pockets. If they venture too far, they get beat up because they are IN A GANG.

      That’s the problem with joining a gang. Other gangsters want to kick your ass.

      Within 1/2 a mile of this location are a ton of opportunities for positive life enhancements. None of them are at the library, debs park, the audobon, lummis house, aven 50 gallery, free bike shops, etc. Instead, they are hanging out at 54th and Fig writing on the walls, telephone boxes, light posts, curbs, buildings, windows, post office trucks and more.

      Suggesting better arts programs will help is simply a shill for more funding for the arts. It’s ok to do but certainly would not help this kid from having been shot. One time I stopped these fools from writing on the lamp post and they threatened to shoot me. They have nothing to lose. They’ve already given up on themselves. Sorry.

      • So we should give up on them? All the places you mentioned are great resources but if you know those aren’t attracting their attention then maybe its time to come up with new ways to either get them to those places or create new ways to keep them engaged in a positive manner within the community. I somewhat understand what the situation is with the tagger crews and tag banging, I worked with middle/high school aged youth in the NELA for a little under two years. There are not nearly enough resources in the community to meet the needs of residents. “Suggesting better art programs” is not a way to shill funding for art programs, in fact it was the opposite. It was a call for the community to get involved and volunteer. But heaven forbid anybody get off their couches and attempt to create a change.

        At the end of the day this isn’t the only solution but I think its definitely a more positive solution. Its amazes and frightens me how aggressive some comments, not necessarily in this thread, but in any discussion about youth being involved in criminal activity can be.

        • “So we should give up on them?”


          Why should the rest of us have to do the job the parents should already be doing?

          Why is no one trying to hold the parents accountable for the fact that their kids are running wild in the streets?

          No one seems to be able to answer that.

          Some people shouldn’t be parents.

          • If they get caught tagging their parents are held responsible because the majority of the time they have to pay the $1,000+ fine.

            And the community should reach out to its youth because one of the usual scenarios is that their parents are over extended, if there is even two of them in the home, working two jobs or not being able to even hold one job so they cannot provide for their child the way they wish too. So the child grows rebellious because either they are a latch key kid and figure no one gives a damn about them so why should they care about anybody or anything else OR they grow rebellious and look for quick ways to make cash because our capitalistic society has driven it into their young impressionable minds that the only thing that matters is material goods.

            And you are right some people shouldn’t become parents. But they did so now the community has to deal with the consequences.

            The way I see it, which I know not every one agrees with, is that one way or another we are gonna deal with these troubled youth. You might be assaulted by a misguided youth or you are gonna be paying taxes that fund the prisons they get shoved into.

            People always rant about how this country is going to shit, and I agree it is. But how bad do you think its going to be for these kids if no one helps them out? How bad is it going to be for the children of all you folks who hate this kind of illegal activity? You like/love the community you’re in then help it out, especially if you want to stick around for a generation or two. And NELA is one of the most gorgeous places in the city, its our city its needs our help.

          • El Dandy,

            Please don’t give us the “over extended” argument. If you cant afford the child the you shouldn’t have it. Plain and simple. There is a problem culturally that needs to be solved from within and it should start with birth control. Growing up in a catholic church myself I am very aware of the antiquated ideology of NO BIRTH CONTROL. Understandably the church wants more members (future contributors) to be born. But unfortunately this is at the cost of the rest of society.

            So you want to reach out? Reach out and hand out some condoms or any of the other 15 contraceptions on the market today. Educate people how expensive it is to have children.

        • El Dandy ,

          Stop Preaching,and go start one of these self group for rebellious teens.

          If not I have some paint and brushes , your welcome to come clean up after theses loser on my block….

          On the bright side maybe the word gets out!! “They are shooting taggers”


  7. Headline says injured twice.

  8. I whole heatedly agree BEANTEAM. I was raised Catholic too but I was lucky enough that my parents asked me as a teenager if I knew what a condom and how to use it. And when I was working with youth in NELA we did the same. But that addresses one part of the problem, why ignore the rest of the issues youth face today?

    And the over extended situation is true, not for all of the parents in NELA but it is a real situation. Just because you didn’t have that situation or did have that situation and were able to overcome it somehow that is no reason to not take it as a legitimate concern.

    • El Dandy,

      You are missing the point. I am not in that (over extended) situation by CHOICE! My wife & I make a comfortable income but still decided that we would not have children because of the afford-ability factor. People should know that if you have a limited income, they should not to do anything they can’t afford much less have children. it is a disservice to everyone involved (the struggling parents, the neglected children, the burden on welfare/ social services and mostly prisons)

      Somehow we’ve crafted a society where it is taboo to point out these very obvious solution. The mentality needs to change there first. Until then, no matter how many after school programs no matter how many outreach programs you have you will be left with the same BS.

      Oh by the way, thanks for making my point. You stated that your parents educated you on birth control. Which means they probably also had enough time to discipline you enough to not paint walls or join gangs.

      YOUR PARENTS DID WHAT THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO DO. Which is the whole point of this discussion.

      Thank you.

      • are you organizing a tea party rally here in Echo Park anytime soon? If so, I would love to come. I also have no patience for people who have less than myself, can’t stand the thought that others may have had a different upbringing than myself, and I have absolutely no understanding (or desire to understand) of how others circumstances position them differently in life. i like your style, my way or the highway. i’m pretty sure if we put our heads together, we can achieve a completely homogenous world where everything happens exactly the way we want it to. what a glorious day it will be.

  9. Arrest all taggers, Fine em minimum $5k+ and if they’re under 18 the parents are responsible for penalty payment. If over 18 double the fine and throw em in jail.
    Also, we should be allowed to shoot them since they are shooting at us for no reason.

    • Punishment or threat of punishment does not stop crimes from happening. If it did, jails and prisons wouldn’t be overflowing. Getting to the root of a problem is the only way to correct it. Use yr brain.

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