The music stops for a gay Silver Lake piano bar

The Other Side,  one of the last gay bars in Silver Lake and one of the city’s last remaining piano bars, is closing and will be replaced with a sports bar.  The new Hyperion Public will also be taking over the Flying Leap Cafe, which is next door on Hyperion Avenue and shares a common owner with The Other Side.  A notice on the door of the Flying Leap by owner Paul Hargis says:

It is with warm reflection that I pass along the bittersweet news of the closing of The Other Side and Flying Leap Cafe on June 24, 2012. Both have achieved landmark status in their own right, and each has had a real impact on the exciting Silver Lake food and entertainment scene over the past fifteen years. It also marks the end of an era for one of the longest continuously open piano bars in Los Angeles, with its original roots back to the late 1960s.

The Other Side and its regulars of older gay men were featured in a 2006 documentary – “The Other Side: A Queer History” – made by Jane Cantillon. “We are all so sad it’s closing down,” said Cantillon, who will be updating her film to include the bar’s upcoming closure.

The Other Side becomes the most recent Silver Lake gay bar to close as the neighborhood’s once vibrant gay bar scene and nightlife fades away.

Click on the link below to view a film trailer of “The Other Side.”

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  1. Sad to hear this!

  2. Speechless. The fact that a sports bar is going in this space is just the nail in the coffin for Silverlake.
    It’s over.

  3. And so starts the douchebagification of Silver Lake…

  4. Silver Lake is being ruined. The things that were the attraction to be here in the first place are being replaced at every turn by the routine monied same old same old.

    I’m not gay, but what I always liked about Silver Lake was its tremendous diversity and acceptance and tolerance, and the gay community here was key to that. Now the gays — and many of the other elements that made Silver Lake the place people wanted to be — are being run out by money. And all that will be here is the kinds of things that people who had been here were here to escape.

    The straight community along with the gay community in Silver Lake should mourn the loss of this gay bar.

    • silverlakegirl

      I couldn’t agree more, Tom. I’ve lived here for 40 years. This new makes me very sad. Silver Lake is changing…and not for the better.

    • tom,
      thank you. I am gay..and that wasnt the reason I moved to silverlake or echo park…but it is really tough to see so much life being squeezed out of, what was a bit of a refuge…a place where people could go, and make things, and be a part of a community that didnt already have every advantage. i’m just sad.

      • Sad to see them go, and I agree that Silver Lake is changing, and not for the better. My own store may be going away as well due to lack of customers. Been here at the same location for 37 years and never had to think of closing the doors before. I can still sell on line, but the fun evenings at The Other Side and The Flying Leap cannot be replaced. Irreplaceable.

      • there was a movie called echo park

        and i’m speaking of the one with susan day that came out in the mid 80s

        even given the name is echo park, that was what the silverlake of yester year came close to looking like, but now

        you have a tragedy

        and i understand that there is some kind of improvement council in the silverlake area

        that, on the name itself, is and will continue to be a huge mistake

        improvement councils do a lot in destroying diversity

        check out the 60’s

        history always repeats itself

    • exactly, gentrification does not bring culture into the area

      and if you are in doubt about this

      then why don’t why don’t we still have sunset junction.

      but not to worry

      eventually the housing bubble will pop and housing prices will fall in silverlake

      that is what drives everything

  5. It’s indeed sad, as the place is historic and charming, but businesses MUST evolve, or be outmoded and closed.

  6. And we’re getting a SPORTS BAR?
    Why don’t you just throw battery acid in my gay face while you’re at it!

    Seriously – can’t the “sports bar crowd” find everything they need ACROSS THE STREET at Barbarella? This is sad and infuriating and disgusting to read. I’ve lived in Silver Lake since 1990 – and I will not leave this neighborhood. But I am disgusted watching it being gobbled up by condos and outsiders who don’t give a fucking shit about the history or diversity going on here.

    RIP, The Other Side and Flying Leap — you will be sorely missed!

    • Agreed. I’ve lived in and around the neighborhood for much of the last 20 years and it is saddening to see yet another iconic place or business that helped to make the area welcoming to all get swallowed up through gentrification so that scruffy trust-funded hipsters in overpriced “vintage-look” clothing can live in loft condos. I have enjoyed The Other Side for drinks, great singing, and a chance to interact with a great group of older gentlemen who survived the plague and lived to tell about it. It was their special place- a gathering hole for everybody. No strippers, television, or sports. Just good people. It will be missed.

    • the sports bar meme is just a rumor. more than likely, it’s going to remain a venue for performances. it’s sad that the piano bar is closing, but there already many things happening in the bar among staff and patrons to ensure that the piano music doesn’t stop. it may just not be playing in this location (or it might still, but not 7 nights a week).

      i encourage everyone to go there now and take it in as since the announcement, it’s never been busier or more fun. Life is a cabaret!

  7. Nooooooo! This just made my already crappy day crappier.

    Wish I had known so I could’ve at least said goodbye. =(

  8. Uhg a sports bar really!?! Are the gays moving out of the neighborhood or something are there now more people who would rather support a sports bar than a cute piano bar. so depressing… I really hope we don’t have enough residence who like sports bars to make this viable.

  9. This is worth fighting against. Come on!!!

    • People needed to fight with their dollars. When was the last time any of these commenters went to the Flying Leap or the Other Side? It’s been at least a couple of years for me.

      • I was there last Sunday night and nothing was indicted that this tragedy was going to take place. Do we really have to travel to WeHo? Poop!

  10. will they show drag racing?

  11. Wunderkind Nicht

    I guess the owners sold the business?

  12. Mr. Hargis perhaps meant to say “exciting Silver Lake food and entertainment scene”… but “exiting Silver Lake food and entertainment scene” is certainly appropriate as well.

    A sports bar… *shakes head sadly*

  13. I was the newest piano player at this bar and my heart is broken. It was way more than a gay bar, it was the last true piano bar in Los Angeles (“The Piano Bar” on Selma is NOT a piano bar). Now there is no were left for us singing piano players to go…perhaps Europe. I just wish that one of those rich gay guys in Silver Lake (or L.A. in general) who is bemoaning the loss of this institution would have saved it and kept this bit of culture alive. Sad.

  14. But it’s a GAY sports bar!

    Seriously though, it’s not 1971 any more girls. The gay boys coming of age today don’t want to sit around a piano singing “Hello, Dolly” and yell out “Baby Jane” quotes. Hell, most of the 20-somethings out there couldn’t tell Barbra Streisand from Judy Garland.

    We wanted to integrate into the communities we lived in, and to a large degree we have. At work, at school, even in many churches that would have thrown us out 30 years ago. Part of accepting this new norm is moving into a new reality, and realizing straight and gay boys will watch Dodger games and knock back a brewsky together, not a bad thing if you think of it.

    For all the SL oldtimers, there was a time when the neighbors say gay boys moving in and said “there goes the neighborhood–I’m moving to Ventura.” The only constant in life is change.

    • hey lady,
      while i am happy to be more integrated and accepted by straight society ,that does not mean i want to ignore gay history and culture. sometimes it’s nice to not be the ONLY gay person in a restaurant , even if all the straight people don’t mind that i’m there. i wasn’t born in 1971 , but i know a good thing when i see it. and seriously, who ever says “there goes the neighborhood” when the gays move in? we are the first sign that your property values are about to increase. AND , we already have barbarella directly across the street. lame.

      • I agree with you S T!

        Nothing more fun than a piano bar! I’m a strait person and can appreciate a sports bar but cant we have both?

        it doesn’t all have to be Barbara or Judy.

        It cold be some Harry, johnny, or even some Ray!

      • Whatever anyone feels about gay piano bars, this one is closing for a reason. I’m thinking its customer base is whithering away with each year. I really don’t see a market anywhere for guys sitting around a piano singing show tunes. With iPhones/iPods, downloadable music, etc the gay boys of today are getting their music elsewhere, or going to clubs with dance music.

        As for “there goes the neighborhood” my comment, that was about the past ( late ’60s/early ’70s) when folks didn’t exactly dance in the streets because gays were moving in. That’s why I addressed my comment to SL oldtimers and said “there was a time…” Of course I know that ain’t today, at least in SL. I’m sure there are residents of Echo and Highland Parks that aren’t exactly clicking their heels about having gay neighbors, but there’s much less resistance now.

        My point is, it’s a bar folks. They come, they go, the patrons’ demographic changes. It happens all the time. You can’t keep a business open as a museum space to wish back the glory days of your youth. Henry Hawk’s comment above says it best:

        “Any chance we can save it??? I mean lots of people probably didn’t even knew of its existence up til now!”

        If most residents of SL “didn’t even know of its existence” there’s no way the place can stay in business. Sad, but true.

        • Hey lady,
          I believe there’s still time for you to go and check out the Other Side. Every time I was there it was packed. Gay folks grow up, and once they get over Mickey’s and the Abbey it’s great to have an adult place like the Other Side to go to. Sad to see it go.

          • Every time I was there, there were 7 people. You’re wrong that the young gays are going to grow up and want to go to a piano bar.

        • You are wrong Lady. It’s packed all the time. I’ve been to many birthday parties for guys in their 20s, 30s, and 40s there. I’ve seen big groups of straight hipster kids hanging out there having fun. And yes, there are the a good number of older gay men enjoying themselves too.

          It’s such a weird, cool scene. It’s not at all what you describe. To replace it with a sports bar is devastating.

          • Come on, really? If it was packed all the time it wouldn’t be closing. It’s sad to see it go, but if the community wasn’t supporting it we have only ourselves to blame.

        • OK OK OK…..actually as a young queer lady. When I go in there it is packed. Of course it has its off days…but I know a lot of people who go there all the time. My friend even sings there on certain nights and it has always been a home base for me and a lot of my young gay friends. If you want sports you can find that anywhere, but if you want to actually experience something unique and special you come here. The clientele is not dwindling because bars all over echo park and silverlake are trying to mimic this bar and its atmosphere. Just because you probably have not heard of it until doesnt mean you should discredit the people like myself who have been coming here for years! And would have continued to come here for years. Young, old, gay or not. It depends on your sensibilities. And we are out there. So hearing this news is actually very tragic.

        • Ugh, I’m sorry Lady Feliz, but you are totally depressing the shit out of me. If integration means losing our culture and clinking beers together watching football, i’d rather be barred. Why would you ever encourage a historic gay establish to close to make way for a SPORTS BAR which you can find anywhere?

          As a gay 20-something, I can assure you, there are still plenty of us who yearn for something other than the downloadable iPod music that is pumped into our brains.

          • *establishment

          • I’m not encouraging anything. The place is closing of its own accord. People have been fighting for gay rights and integration for half a century, and now that we get it we complain about ONE BAR closing? We still can’t get married in California, maybe we should be marching and protesting about that. One bar doth not a community make.

            You don’t like sports bars and would rather be barred than watch football? Well, there are lots of gay men who would love to watch a game with other gay men. It’s 2012 girls, and “The Boys in the Band” days are long gone!

    • Well said, Lady! 🙂

      • it’s not just just guys sitting around singing . it’s fabulous entertainment from both men and women, gay and straight. it’s something that does not exist anywhere else in this city. it’s a place to hang out, a place for performers to perform. it’s a celebration of people. and, this place has been here since the 60’s. the other side has been attracting a younger crowd, again both gay and straight who just want an alternative to a loud club or pub. to not realize that is crazy. i doubt the “hyperion public” will have the same longevity or impact on people that the other side had. can you please watch the video above and see what this place has meant to people in your community.

    • http://www.theeastsiderla.com/2012/05/two-men-stabbed-after-leaving-echo-park-bar/#comments

      so lady. this is why we still need gay bars and community. we are not accepted everywhere. yes we are more integrated. but we are also stabbed leaving straight establishments just for appearing gay.

  15. Seriously? A SPORTS BAR?!

  16. I found out about this while Im here right now!!!! A SPORTS BAR????? I want to puke!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. SilverLakeHistory

    Was this the location formerly of the Toy Tiger. I believe my grandparents owned Patinos bar in the 1960s at this location (and it later became the Toy Tiger) Does anyone have any memory of Patinos? it was originally started by Patrick & Nino who were Silver Lake hairdressers. I believe my grandparents purchased it from them. Any history or background would be appreciated as my family is trying to piece together family history.

    • It was the Toy Tiger way back when (at least that’s what I recalled in the 70s). It then became Houston’s for a few years before becoming The Other Side. It is a shame Silverlake’s losing this institution… especially in the form of a gay piano bar. I felt more at home having a drink at The Other Side than at MJ’s.

  18. There goes the neighborhood.

  19. Silver Lake only became “gay” in the 1970s. Before that it was Japanese, Jewish and before that it was white silent film crews working on Mack Sennett movies. So everyone just chill out. The only constant in life is change.

    • Are you implying that none of the pre-1970’s residents of Silver Lake might have been gay? Please think before you write!

      • No, he wasn’t implying that. The same way that he’s not implying that Japanese, or Jewish, or film crew people don’t live there now or that “gay” Silverlake is 100% gay. He simply, accurately and non-judgementally gave examples that the defining character of a neighborhood can and has changed over time.

      • And NONE of those silent movie workers were gay???
        Old timers in the neighborhood have told me SL was a haven for gays and arsty folks since those days.

        On a side note, growing up in SL in the 70s really influenced my acceptance of all kinds of people different from me, especially gays.

    • Nope, you’re wrong. Look up the history of the Mattachine Society. Silver Lake / Echo Park have been gay for nearly a century.

    • I get what you’re saying about things always changing, but you’re wrong about Silverlake’s gay scene. It’s been gay at least as far back as the 50’s and was one of the first gay neighborhoods in the country, pre-dating West Hollywood. For a city like LA, the gay history of this neighborhood is pretty long and storied.

      Here’s Eastsider’s own article about it from last month:

  20. I’m a bit shocked that some schmuck with money decided that a sports bar is exactly what the neighborhood needed, but have to shake my head sadly at some of the comments I see above!
    “If I had only known . . . I would have gone.” ” . . . the diversity of Silverlake. . . ” ” . . . if only some rich guy would save it . . . ”

    The piano bar was there from the 1960’s! If you didn’t realize it was there or didn’t go there, bring your friends and make it a viable business; or expect some mega rich guy to “save” something that no one wanted to save on their own, then what are you writing about? Yes, it’s sad to see pieces of our lives disappear and to say goodbye to something that meant something to you at some point; but you can’t expect something to exist is perpetuity just because it adds color! The “character” of parts of Silverlake is that of dirty, falling apart, failing businesses that very few people want to spend time in or their money on!
    Give the piano bar a proper, HONORABLE farewell; take photos and memories and cherish those! But stop expecting OTHERS to maintain something that you won’t! If you WANT a piano bar . . . . open one yourself ! Then you’ll see why it’s closing.

    And if you’ve never been there and are pissed that it’s going, WTF?

    • every time i have been it has been crowded. the long term lease probably ran out and the owner of the building probably wanted way more money. this was not some dirty , failing, long forgotten place just trying to hang on. it was a very popular place with a very diverse crowd. as far as opening a piano bar. it needs to be a place with history . the fact that the other side has been around since the 60’smade being there that much better. it made you feel like you were keeping history going. and a sports bar/pub/tavern is a dime a dozen. they are all over the city.

      • Unless you can provide any proof of your claims, then your comment is pure fantasy. Do you know anything about who owns the building or what the possible lease agreement was?

        Even if what you say is accurate, it’s not the building owner’s responsibility to subsidize a business that is failing. People keep saying that it was packed all the time, but if that was true then some other part of their business model wasn’t working.

        The goal of a business is to make money, not to give you a place to sing along.

        • it’s why i said “probably”. it is safe to assume that a business that has been in the same location for the better part of 40+ years was not paying the same rent as a new business would pay if a lease was available in a prime location in silverlake today. the above scenario it is not uncommon ,and i don’t blame the owners of the building. i am saying it is unfortunate for this business and the community. i was there last weekend and it was crowded. the last time i ate there i needed a reservation. i am speaking from my own experience. should i post a photo when i go there this weekend?

      • It’s true. I’m the pianist on Thursday nights and there is almost always a good crowd most nights. I think the owner just got tired of running it (he has a separate full time job) and got a good offer. It’s not really a gay piano bar… it gets a diverse mix of people, young and old. It’s sad as it was really the last piano bar in LA..

  21. Loved the Flying Leap Cafe. We called it “Gay Europe”, in the fondest manner. Great food without gimmick, an intimate setting, and a darkly cozy decor that reminded us of a small European cafe. Thank you for your 15 years of service to us locals, gay or straight.

  22. so, ultimately, silverlake is… becoming less gay?

    • Ultimately, SL is changing. We don’t know what it will become. All we know for now is that a piano bar with a predominantly gay history and clientele is closing; and a proposed sports bar with unknown clientele is about to open.

      Every body, stop freaking out!

      • I think the clientele of a sports bar is definitely a known quantity. With any luck, there aren’t enough douchbags in SL to let this place survive.

    • With regards to the evolution of Silver Lake, it’s more about “becoming denser and pricier” than deciding to become less gay.

    • Becoming less cultured. If I want to go to a sports bar, I’ll drive to the Valley.

  23. UNLESS…

    it’s gonna be a GAY sports bar


    think about THAT

  24. This sucks bg time.
    The silverlake area is a shadow of its former self.
    Sad day indeed
    Do we really need another sports bar across from a sports bar?

  25. A freakin sports bar? Vomit. I hate to say this, but I hope it fails.

  26. There are gay people who like sports too. Although I am not very happy with the destruction of our gay community, all communities go through changes. My thought, go there and see what it will be like. Bring your gay friends. Give it a shot.

    Instead of bitching, get together with your gay friends and buy/create a new place. Alas, I will miss the bar and restaurant. Just like people, businesses die as well…

  27. I’m a young gay (26) and I’m there every week or so. This is such a bummer 🙁

  28. I agree that the Other Side seemed to be doing ok business. I think the owner of the building just wanted more rent. Silver Lake has become hipper and richer so the commercial rents have gone WAY up. This leads to niche and less profitable businesses (gay bars vs. straight bars) (record store vs. lamill coffee) closing. It does suck because it will change the character of the neighborhood but that’s capitalism for you.

  29. The Other Side seemed to still be doing great business. And even though it was a gay establishment, it’s clientele was far from being exclusively gay or exclusively older.
    It’s closing is a true loss for our community, gay or straight.
    And in response to Lady Feliz, Our eastside neighborhoods have always been a haven for artists, outsiders and leftists. (Way before the ’70s!) And that wherever you go in the world, always includes the gays!

  30. Why are there always comments in support of the rich coming into people’s neighborhoods and making them worse? Sure, if you have the money, you can pretty much do anything you want. It still sucks. I’m against everything that sucks in my neighborhood. I’m against the gangbangers who tag everything in sight. I’m against deadbeats who leave their old couches and mattresses on the curbs. I’m against the cut-through drivers who treat my street like an extension of the freeway. And I’m against greedy corporate developers using their money to shut down the interesting things in my neighborhood and replace them with dreck.

    • I’m with you, David. I couldn’t have said it any better myself, actually. That’s why I’m seriously considering leaving. Its been a fine 18 years, but I’m tired man. Its exhausting. To quote Tommy Lee Jones in No Country for Old Men, “I feel overmatched.”

  31. Galcos Market in Highland Park was recently Cash Mobbed by people who wanted to support small independent businesses. Maybe we should consider doing the same thing for gay businesses in Silver Lake; let them know that the community appreciates them. Rough Trade? MJ’s? People like having LA’s only piano bar in their hood, but if you’re not patronizing it, you can’t really complain when its gone.

  32. This was a wonderful place. The $10 specials on Monday and Tuesday were the best deal in town. I really hate to see this place close, actually they were always packed, so I don’t know if it’s economics or just someone wanting a change. The piano bar was fantastic.

  33. maybe we could fill the place with gay sports fans assuming we can find enough in LA. i’m definitely one and will gladly do my best to try and establish a gay clientele at the new place. nothing drives straight guys away more than realizing they are in a predominately gay bar.

  34. When gay establishments close, a neighborhood gets less diverse and by extension, more traditional “family,” more conservative. Silver Lake has been on this path for years.

    On Hyperion alone:

    RIP CUFF’s, a popular gay bar : now an ungay bar that’s never open (why bother?)

    RIP Basic Plumbing, a popular gay sex club: now nothing

    RIP King of Hearts, a gay sex club: now nothing

    RIP Woody’s: a largely Latino and neighborhood gay bar: now an awful, late ’90-looking circuit queen haven with the occasional Latino / Middle Eastern party

    RIP The Other Side & The Flying Leap: a gay bar that was a haven for gay Seniors, a population largely, aggressively ignored and marginalized, particularly by other gays : soon to be a sports bar.

    and Hyperion-adjacent: RIP Le Barcito: a popular Latino gay / transgender bar: now nothing

  35. Silver Lake has been in the process of “de-gaying” for some time now but this is a nail in the coffin. Unfortunately, the gay owner chose to sell it to those who want to make it a straight sports bar. He is cashing out and moving to Palm Springs. This is a pattern. Look at the Boom Boom Room in Laguna, the Detour, Cobalt Cantina, among others.

  36. Wunderkind Nicht

    With . . .
    One . . .
    More . . .
    Look at you . . .

  37. I love how some of you are going ‘woe is us, the gays will leave if the piano bar is gone’. Are you serious?? A small subset of gay men were the target demographic of that piano bar – guys who loved Judy back in the day, and a few latter day show tune boys. Most gay men would rather jump off a cliff than be caught dead in a piano bar. So it’s now going to be a sports bar – who cares? Yes, I mourn the passing of places like the Boom Boom Room in Laguna (man, that place had my 20’s written all over it), and others will cry over this piano bar, but time marches on. And guess what? This is what happens when gays no longer feel they have to live in ghettos, when they finally get to live where they want, do what they want, maybe marry and raise children and just generally … become mainstream.

    And the Flying Leap had *AWFUL* food and service. Sorry, but that place deserves to close.

  38. I’m a gay man who moved into the neighborhood about a year ago, partly because of all the gay establishments in the area, and partly because of the vibrant scene here. All of the gay businesses that have closed in that past year (The Other Side, Le Barcito, A Different Light) are establishments that I didn’t actually know about until they were closing down.

    In this case, the problem is that that stretch of Hyperion is basically a freeway. This road design kills pedestrian traffic (my boyfriend and I walked up to Speranza the other day and didn’t see anyone else walking farther than to their car), which is the source of most business. And if you’re in a car, speeding along at 35 or 45 or whatever the speed limit is (or the speed cars are going, which is probably faster, given that the road is way overbuilt) then you don’t really see anything except for those couple billboards, and maybe things like the hardware store where the road bends.

    If I had known about this place I would have gone, because it’s just a few blocks from my house. (We go to Casita del Campo all the time.) But it’s nearly impossible for people to find out about a business in the location if it doesn’t advertise, and if no one knows about it, then it can’t survive.

    Of course, I can’t blame the demise of Le Barcito or A Different Light on their locations. (The Eagle is in a worse location than either of them.)

  39. First the Coffee Table, now this….

    The Silverlake I know, love, and have resided in for the last 15 years is slowly gentrifying it’s way out of existence. So much for progress.

  40. All these commenters rending their garments that one of the only piano bars left in LA is closing and becoming a sports bar. Well, yes, it’s very sad that it’s closing, BUT it is only a rumor that the new owners want to make it a sports bar. I know the staff (very well) and the owners and the regulars and can assure you that steps are being taken to keep the piano music playing either at the new establishment (in some form) or in other local bars.

    The saddest thing is that people who have worked hard for a long time in a pleasant atmosphere most likely are losing their jobs and the clientele (some of them who are charmingly quite older and most who span every age) will be missing an amazing community gathering spot.

    Meanwhile, the bar and restaurant stay open until June 24 and they’ve never been busier. Join in the celebration of a great bar!

  41. Lady feliz, thank you for your levity. Nevertheless, I liked that piano bar (although I only went a few times), and the FL. Adios, texture.

  42. A Neighborhood Pub.

    Good Food, Good Drinks, Live Music and More… and yes, some Sports (But we are not a “SPORTS” bar.)

    We are simply going to be the Neighborhood’s Pub. It’s going be all good in the hood… Have faith.

    One Love, Neighbors.

    The Beatles – We Can Work It Out:


    • Hey Hyperion Public, since you are the new owners, why don’t you meet the regulars and discuss your plans. You don’t want to lose out on a regular clientele, right? Set it up, meet them, find a middle ground, make it a win win.

    • Los Feliz Love

      Hello Hyperion Public,
      A few friendly suggestions…
      You should consider having a “The Other Side” night. A night that brings in the old talent as well as the regulars.

      If they want to, you should also keep some of the bartenders. It will make the regulars feel more comfortable coming back.

      You should follow AKBAR’s lead. It gets rated the best gay-friendly straight bar/best straight-friendly gay bar EVERY year by LA Weekly. There’s a reason why Barbarella is always empty.

      Support the local bands. It will give you respect. That’s why Spaceland, the Echo and Los Globos are gold mines.

      You should not use GoDaddy for your website hosting. The owner is an awful person with a bad reputation (he likes to shoot elephants). Supporting his company can be seen as a bad reflection of YOUR business.

      You should not link your twitter to your blip.fm account. And don’t link your twitter to your Facebook. Baaaaad social marketing.

  43. Barbarella, across the street, already serves the purpose of a sports bar/gastropub. I don’t think it’s a very good investment for the new owner if those are the plans. We need a good piano bar! I’ll miss The Other Side and Flying Leap.

  44. This is terrible news. With the old SiLa space next door sitting empty for over a year now, why didn’t these guys open their sports bar there and leave this place alone. All we have to do is take a look at Good on Sunset which was a nice place to go drink some interesting beers (albeit in a strip mall) until they ruined it after the owner got a bulk discount on TVs and plastered them on every square inch of wall space.

  45. People keep saying “Sports Bar” For the record, EastsiderLA has got the story wrong. Please if you call yourself a Publication for the people, get your story right. What about equal time for the people on the “OTHER SIDE’ of this story?

    The music does not stop…

    Hyperion PUBLIC… It’s a NEIGHBORHOOD PUB. For EVERYONE, GAY OR NOT… there will be a REAL piano, not a electric keyboard in a fake piano case… There will be love and the will be camaraderie… For all. Race, religion, sexual preference are not issues… EVER.

    Hyperion Public will be open to the people. We encourage, talent, art, communication, growth, community and change for the good. We always will. We don’t hate and we don’t judge…

    We are going to be the neighborhood pub. For the people… By the people.

    • Hello. I sent the Hyperion Public an email via their website seeking comment and have not heard back. The Hyperion Public logo on your Twitter feed said “Sports Bar” before you changed it.

      • Dear Eastsider LA,

        On your behalf, I say Yes you did send an email. I just found it in the bulk mail with a few other important emails from other groups as well.

        How about this, let’s meet. Let’s shake hands and have a sit down. I think we can be good friends and I (personally) would really like that. What do you say?

        Ps. What you saw that said “Sports Bar” were just templates that were made long ago and meant to be nothing more than a place holders for Twitter, FB and a web site… We are still working on a building proper website and coming up with a proper logo.

        Cheers my friend, I will call you personally this afternoon, if that is ok with you…

        One love,
        Hyperion Public

    • I get what you’re saying but I don’t want to hang out with straight people. I have to do that all the time. I want to go to a space where it’s gay or at least so gay that the straight people don’t bother me. I’m disappointed because we now have to share, and we don’t have many spaces that are our own.

  46. olderthansharks

    “For the people by the people” my kind of place.

  47. So Hyperion Public – Do you plan on keeping the bar and kitchen staff in your new place?

  48. I have fond memories of The Other Side and am sad to see it close — as such. But it doesn’t have to close — as such. I’ll also be sad if the new place is a sterile faux-Westside watering hole, but if it is packed with gay people on a regular basis, then it remains a “gay” bar. What I am surprised about, as a 60-year-old gay man who started his activism at the first March on Washington in 1979, is the almost passive woe-is-us-we’re-being-swept-out attitude of some (not all) of the posters here, some who have a history of being pioneers in the fight for freedom. What happened to your fighting, activist spirit? SHOW UP AND TAKE OVER THE NEW PLACE. The new bar won’t make it without gay clientele — it’s not like across the street Barbarella is packing them in seven nights a week, so the need for another “straight” hangout is questionable. If the new owners don’t want a gay clientele, the place is doomed.

  49. Pink Pistol Pete

    Good point Nac. But historically speaking, most movements are led by a small amount of people; you just have to be the leader YOU want to see. How many folks are participating in OCCUPY right now? It’s seen as fringe. Same with ACT UP, SNCC, and AIM. Black college kids sitting at lunch counters were often advised by those around them to sit and wait. Heck, Obama was told by black leaders to sit and wait his turn. Maybe open an establishment for depressed activists?…Now that, is an idea!

    Anyway, I hope this Hyperion Pub works out as the new owner suggests. I’d much rather have a safe gay space and not have to worry about patronizing straight women or scowling straight dudes (happens all over “integrated” LA when I’m out with my boyfriend), but maybe they will set a cool vibe. Focusing on being an artists haven might be nice. Then again, most of the true Silverlake artists were pushed out years ago by the wealthy gay elite who care about nothing but their property values. Sigh.

  50. glad its closing. dont need drunk perverts around our community,

    • funny thing Joe: I was just thinking how I’m pretty much over having so many homophobic a-holes living in the hood. I would never let my children around your type.

  51. Pink Pistol Pete

    @Joe, repressed homosexuals make the best kissers. Hit me up bro!

  52. Los Feliz Love – I couldn’t agree more. I talked to the mayor of Silverlake (Andrew) and he endorses an ongoing tribute to The Other Side and keeping on our favorite bartenders…

  53. This SUCKS! First they got rid of Burrito King for that awful psuedo Mixto garbage, then the Coffee Table and now this?

    All these damn yuppie health food freaks are sure takin over aren’t they? A sports bar? Really? I never gave a rat’s ass about sports!

  54. We are losing EVERYTHING in Silverlake. We made this great place and we are losing it to soccer moms and vile wealthy hipsters. No more latinos or gays are what is clearly on their agenda. Our passivity helps nothing. The happiest years of my life have been spent here. So sad to see 100 crying babies a day in the
    same places gay men once held hands and were comfortable. GUTTED: Decalred historical landmark Le Barcito (formerly The Black Cat and Tabascos), Flying Leap, Detour and The Crest gay coffee shop. Sports bars, crap for babies and bearded trust-fund hipsters have TOTALLY taken over. They are even invading Casita Del Campo and beloved El Conquistador. Gays and Latino families scattered like scared rabbits instead of fighting and staying. When I walk outside my apartment now, it is like being in a foreign land.

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