Two men stabbed after leaving Echo Park bar *

Two men were stabbed early Thursday morning in Echo Park following an altercation with two suspects they had seen earlier in the evening. The two victims in their mid 20s were transported to a hospital with minor knife wounds after they were assaulted as they waited for a bus near Echo Park and Montana Avenues at about midnight, said Lt. Terry Gutierrez with the Northeast Division.  The police report confirms most of the details of the incident as portrayed in a blog called “Your Friend, Savannah” and picked up by Echo Park Now.  The two male victims said they had seen the suspects earlier that night after they went to the Sunset Beer, a beer store with a bar area and lounge.

After the two men departed Sunset Beer and waited for the bus, the two suspects approached them and a confrontation began, with one of the suspects yelling “You guys are fucking faggots,” said Lt. Gutierrez quoting the police report.  The male suspect then knifed one of the victims below the rib cage and the other in the abdomen area, she said.

Both victims  were in stable condition but Your Friend Savannah said one of the victims has already left the hospital.  Your Friend Savannah said the two victims were not gay.  The blog also indicated that the two victims had been robbed but there was no indication of that in the police report, said Lt. Gutierrez. Police identified both the suspects and victims as Latino.

The suspects remain at large.

* Update on Friday, May 25: Patch is reporting the incident will be investigated as a hate crime.

* Correction: An earlier version of this story, based on interviews with police, said that the victims had seen their attackers earlier that evening inside Sunset Beer.  That was not the case.  The victims were at Sunset Beer but the suspects were not, according to new police information provided by residents.   The two victims may have seen the  suspects on the street outside Sunset Beer but not inside the establishment.


  1. I hope this is being considered a hate crime by the authorities.

    • All violent crime is a “hate” crime.

      It shouldn’t get special treatment just because a slur was used.

      • Ummm…yes it should. The slur indicates motive. This is the very definition of a hate crime.

        • All violent crime is a “hate” crime.

          • But not all hate crimes are violent. “Hate crime” has a legal definition. If you dislike the term so much and don’t mind having to explain yourself all the time, call it something else.

        • Assault and robbery were the crimes…..the motive is irrelevant. It doesn’t matter if they were stabbed for being perceived as gay or if they were stabbed for drinking Golden Road beer instead of Eagle Rock beer…the stabbing and robbery is the crime. If we augment all criminal charges based on what we believe was in someone’s heart or mind at the moment they violently attack an individual (it’s not illegal to be a homophobic asshole, but attacking someone with a knife sure as shit is), then it becomes a “thought crime”. I for one don’t want to live in world where free thought becomes outlawed. I hope they catch the bastards.

          • Karren, if people are targeted because of race, religion, sexual orientation (real or perceived) it’s a hate crime. We need laws such as hate crime laws. Motive is very relevant.

          • I hope they catch the bastards as much as I hope KarrenBigs comes to someday understand that a crime’s motive is never irrelevant.

      • Violent crime can be the result of rage, hate, fear, mental illness, desperation.
        The legal term “hate crime” needed to be created because people like you don’t get that it’s not just a “slur” -it’s a motive.
        “clueless” is a perfect name for you.

        • Valerie is a perfect name for you.

          The point is that all violent crime is motivated out of hate. If someone stabs you and then he calls you a fag (or you “say” he called you a fag), it shouldn’t get more privilege than just the stabbing.

          It is called PANDERING! We’ll give this group special treatment by giving the same crime a special degree. it’s very similar to reverse racism. Think about it.

          • that is a very naive statement blow hard. as Valerie pointed out, there are many different reasons for crime/violence. hate probably enters the equation far less often than any other motivation. not pandering, just protecting the rights of people who often have their rights trampled.

  2. Scary and terrible! Glad the two men are ok. Hope the police catch the suspects.

  3. really? ugh this is so embarrassing for echo park.

  4. Sunset beer seems pretty mellow!

  5. This sounds fishy to be honest…

  6. I’m Glad they are out of the Hospital.

  7. they must have ordered the gay beers.

  8. i’m assuming/hoping that the “faggots” remark was not actually in regards to their sexual orientation; it’s often a catch all phrase for hotheads.

    • Voice of Reason

      I assume they were all gay…why else would he have said that? Although, I would imagine it would have been better if he would have said, “You are such a silly goose” and pulled out tickets to the Sound of Music singalong at the Hollywood Bowl.

  9. yeah we weed ’em out homie.. slowly but surely .. .. you yupsters still think echo park is safe huh? hahaha pendejos.. we don’t die we multiply. I’m a nightmare walkin, pychopath talkn , king of my jungle gansta stalkn. hahha learn it ese !! we run the streets.. ya estu vo !! HPG Mr Criminal

    • what is a ‘gansta’?

    • Ice-T is your theme song? That makes you like 80 right?

    • HA! Gangsta don’t spend their time on community message boards. stop fakin. wannabe.

    • Haha. Yeah, sunny lives with his mom (he’s 40), listens to his Ice-T tapes and learns gang signs on YouTube. Great spanish homeboy, more like El pollo loco! Funniest post ever.

    • sunny you aren’t fooling anyone. we know you are a bored white kid trying for some cheap thrills in the blogosphere.

      nice try. It’s over.

      My I suggest to all just to ignore “sunny”

      Thank you.

    • primo, you’re like the nerdiest “gansta” ever.

    • Not to mention the fact the every time there’s a violent crime in the NEW Echo Park, the taxpaying, voting, community-improving new residents are on the phone to the police and their city councilmen. After all, the new residents aren’t criminals and can express their concerns through legal and effective channels. That means every time something happens, MORE police patrol Echo Park, more guys who look like you are stopped and harassed, more of you are arrested and more of you get flushed out to Southgate while your mothers, wives, girlfriends and kids get evicted from their apartments because they can’t pay rent while their tough, badass guys are rotting in jail.

      Sounds like a great way to go about things!

      • Oy racist much…..

      • so dose that mean since I have lived in EP longer than you, born and raised, that I am a Criminal? Some people should not speak if they don’t know all the facts.

        • Joe it doesn’t MEAN you are, it’s just more LIKELY that you are. Notice the difference.

        • HipsterSheepLandlord

          I’ve been here forever and hated criminals the whole time… stop nitpicking. It’s just not debatable…many of the thugs around here justify their violence with the fact that they’ve been here longer. Sooner or later they’ll realize that they moved into our neighborhood too. My grandparents were born and raised in EP back in the early 1900s, why aren’t we committing violence on the same grounds you ask? Because we are not animals.

    • Please go back to school. Please.

    • You tell em’ sunny! Wanna go grab a few big gulps down at the 7-11 before we rule the streets again tonight? All that street ruling sure makes a homie thirsty. Wait, do you think they were saying “homo” or “homie”…damn son, them pendejos can’t get nothing right!?!?

    • Echo Park Neighbor

      It’s ironic that your name is “Sunny” because you don’t appear to be anything like that. Ha!

  10. @sunny – really classy. nightmare walking’, psychopath talking, talking s about 2 people getting stabbed after spending money IN YOUR COMMUNITY. A-Hole.
    Read a book, do something with your life, idiot.

  11. 3 years ago my friend was brutally stabbed coming out of the shortstop on memorial day weekend. He suffered for months trying to get better and finally passed away on labor day of that year. I would do anything to get time back with my friend. These cowards need to be brought to justice and i hope the cops do there job and are able to arrest these cowards. he was no hipster grew up on virgil and this world is too short to have to worry about who has the gun or the knife and who do i have to worry about.

  12. Yet another alcohol-linked tragedy in Echo Park, the latest in what has become a LONG string of them, from fights and attacks to drunken driving accidents.

    And this linked to a place that found a loophole around the normal review and requirements for a bar by calling its drinking area a “tasting” area instead. Wasn’t that decent of them.

    Ain’t the new Echo Park wonderful? A nice place to raise your kids up.

    • Does anyone actually blame Sunset Beer on this?

      I’ve enjoyed the establishment since it opened, and haven’t seen it as a bar at all. The place closes at 11, it serves local microbrews to a room that couldn’t fit more than 40 people. Isn’t the difference between a tasting room and a bar semantics anyway? Aren’t the same liquor laws applied?

      I just feel like this above comment is a cop out.

      • No, the same liquor laws do not apply. That’s why they called it a tasting room – to slip in under the radar, avoid the checks and tighter licenses required of a bar.

    • Sorry, Frank but as a long term resident of Echo Park (yes, decades) I can safely say that there is no place I would be happier raising my son. My family and I have built a home here and we love its diversity. Crimes occur in every corner of this city. My husband and I frequent Sunset Beer and we are happy that they are doing well and find they are a pleasant edition to our neighborhood.

      What happened was not Sunset Beer’s fault, it was the fault of the thugs who attacked those men.

      • FYI,

        Lived lots of places… i agree echo park is great, hence I’ve stayed here.

        However, there is much more gang activity here than in other LA suburbs, denying that would be outright silly.

        I think the best statistic is that if you took away the gangs, you’d have one of the lowest crime rates in the entire county. Almost every assault listed on the crime mapper is “gang related” according to the LAPD.

  13. Very happy to hear that the two victims are doing ok. We at Sunset Beer Are in touch with the LAPD to find out all details and try and get a description of the suspects.

    And Ben, you’re right. Frank has his facts wrong. We were subject to all the same hurdles/rules of any wine/beer bar that opens in Los Angeles. All city/community reviews and open hearings were held as required by law. It doesn’t matter if you call it a bar, a tasting room or a tea parlor (with alcohol), you can’t get an alcohol license in LA without going through the proper channels.

    • Crime has to do with being an idiot, and idiots will commit
      crimes drunk or sober .
      They will rob houses in broad daylight sober.
      They will run red lights and road rage sober.
      Bernie Madoff will siphon millions of dollars from unsuspecting people , sober (or under the influence of a fine Whiskey).
      An idiot a-hole is an idiot a-hole and will do idiot things .
      Quit blaming alcohol , bars etc… there are plenty of people who can”behave” after a few beers.
      An idiot is an idiot , sober or drunk.

  14. The guys coming OUT of Sunset Beer were stabbed……..so, they were possibly drinking……….no where does the story say that the guys who DID the stabbing were drinking/drunk.
    The guys coming out of Sunset Beer could have came out of a movie theater and the same thing would’ve probably happened.

  15. Foreal…leave Sunset Beer Co out of this…thats a great small business who is succeeding in a rather dark time for small businesses. It’s a classy place, whose patrons are quiet, never rowdy…and frankly, from what Ive seen, never visibly intoxicated.

  16. it was just a waste case hyping up I bet

  17. Another peaceful night in our pristine neighborhood!

  18. @sunny

    Hahaha what are you?, a blog banger?????

  19. I hope the two victims are doing ok. It should be investigated as a hate crime. It doesn’t matter that the victims were not gay. According to “Your Friend, Savannah”, the attacker used multiple gay slurs before the stabbing and the robbery. Hate crime laws (race, religion, sexual orientation) are there for a reason. Those kinds of crimes target a particularly vulnerable minority of the population and cause a type of fear and oppression that other crimes do not.

    • @Kevin

      ^^….”It should be investigated as a hate crime. It doesn’t matter that the victims were not gay…
      the attacker used multiple gay slurs before the stabbing and the robber”….

      Wow. And people were uptight about immigrants proving their legal status… imagine if “Kevin” were in charge. You could get charged with a hate crime just for muttering the word “fag”

  20. This is just so distressing, living so close by, walking the streets nightly and liking the presence of Sunset Beer in the neighborhood. Ultimately, gentrification will continue and long time multi-generational residents will continue to co-exist with newcomers. Mentioned before in comments on this blog, my rudest most unwelcoming neighbor is not the long time Latino or Chinese home owners across the street but the Caucasian yoga instructor nearby. Rudeness and entitlement go both ways in a mixed community. Can’t we all just get along?

  21. I was outside the Gold Room last night and a Hispanic man with a tear drop on his face threatened me and told me to get out of his neighborhood. I had to leave because I felt uneasy about the situation. Be safe people. Luckily, I had read this article and knew that there were some bad seeds in the neighborhood, or it could have ended a lot worse.

  22. Joe, sorry if my comment was unclear – it was meant to be in response to Sunny, who, in a comical mixture of Ice-T lyrics and gangster speak, condoned violence against newer residents of the neighborhood as “weeding out” yupsters. My point was that if he thinks by doing so the neighborhood would somehow magically revert back to the way it was pre-gentrification, he’s likely mistaken. All violence against newer residents of Echo Park will likely accomplish is an increased police presence – since the newer residents are unafraid of dealing with the police when necessary – and increased harassment against those who appear to be gang members, whether they are or not. Such a tactic appears counterproductive to me. I certainly wasn’t trying to be racist, nor to denigrate the longtime, neighborhood-minded residents of EP.

    However, maybe if all the so-called “born and raised” residents of Echo Park who now appear so concerned about both the violence AND gentrification of the neighborhood had done something to try to save the neighborhood during the 30 years that the neighborhood was a lost cause, maybe the changes the neighborhood is going through now wouldn’t seem so stark. Maybe if the neighborhood had been kept up and property values hadn’t been allowed to decrease so much, the gentrification wouldn’t have occurred at all. But, alas, it’s happening.

  23. For those blaming Sunset Beer, the stabbing occurred at Echo Park/Montana, which is pretty far down from Sunset Beer. I would wager there was probably another confrontation elsewhere, maybe at the Gold Room.

  24. ///Your Friend Savannah said the two victims were not gay.///

    …because this matters.*

    *that was sarcasm, folks.

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