Who says dogs can’t ride bikes?

Pookie, Bambi and Chispa ride down Stockbridge Avenue. Photo by Carlos Morales

Of course it does help to have a large basket and small dogs. On a recent bike ride through El Sereno, Carlos Morales, publisher of The Voice newspaper  and member of the Eastside Bike Club, took along a basket full of furry passengers named Pookie, Bambi and Chispa. Morales says the dogs don’t like being left behind:

I run many errands on my bike. Every time I grab a bike and attach a basket to it, the dogs go wild, jumping up and down and running in circles. On this particular trip I was going out to Alhambra for a late lunch and the dogs began to wag their tails and follow me to the gate. So I decided to go back and attach the basket and take them for the ride. I tell people these dogs have lots of “Frequent Rider Miles.”


  1. My dog is the same way. I’m almost certain she prefers bike rides over walks.

  2. This is dangerous. If the biker takes a spill, the dogs could end up run over. The fall from the bike alone could hurt a dog, especially a small one who fits in the basket. The dogs may love it, but the human, who knows the risks, needs to be a good dog parent and refrain from doing this, however fun it might be. On a bike path in a rural area, this could work great. On the streets of L.A., no.

    • Some entrepreneur far more energizedthan me should already be pitching a line of doggy bike helmets.

    • A bike ride down residential streets hardly seems like it will put the dogs in much danger. I’m personally glad this owner is not so overprotective that her dogs miss out on something they obviously love so much. Life is full of risks (canine and human) – I say go for it, just be a little extra careful when riding with the pups. – signed, a different “Silverlaker”

    • The owner needs to move out of LA as well. When the big one hits those
      pups are toast :(!

  3. Might not be safe, but sure is cute.

  4. Silverlaker, you beat me to it! I was going to mention the aghast at no doggie helmet…but mine was going to be only tongue in cheek, while your’s is obviously sincere…I could give two licks about anyone and their dog as long as they don’t hurt anyone else…good grief!

  5. MtWashingmachine

    Dangerous for dogs?! How about the person riding the bike? If the rider takes a spill the odds of the person getting hurt are far greater. There are tons of other dangerous things for dogs, like being on a leash or playing in a backyard (snakes, eating plants etc). Maybe we should keep our dogs indoors in padded rooms with helmets, shoes, and safety gear on along with our children.

  6. Not quite basket dogs but we’ve put together a whole team of dogs on bikes at Bikehound.

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