Will Dodger parking price cut bring relief to surrounding neighbors?

After former Dodger owner Frank McCourt raised the cost of stadium parking to $15 from $10, many Echo Park and Solano Canyon residents who live near the ballpark complained that budget-conscious fans ended up parking for free on nearby streets, where parking spaces were already in short supply.  That prompted some residents to create fake “Resident Parking Only” signs (pictured) and windshield placards. Today, the new Dodger owners, which include Lakers legend Magic Johnson, took a step to win over fans and neighbors by cutting the cost of general stadium parking back to $10, according to L.A. Biz Observed. Let’s see if that move proves to be as popular with the neighbors as it will be with the fans.


  1. I take the 2 bus to games. It’s great, I don’t have to pay for parking and don’t have to park in front of some poor guys house either.

    That said, dodger stadium wasn’t built yesterday. People knew what they were getting themselves into when they chose to live so close to the stadium.

    • @ Bum Maybe you don’t know this but, the majority of the families that live in that area have been there for decades. So I disagree when you say people knew what they were getting themselves into…. It was the stadium that moved into the neighborhood. Not too also mention that they literally pulled people out of there homes so they could build the stadium. Google Chavez Ravine

      • rochelle peterson

        Thank you! My mom witnessed them dragging a grandmother out of her house and I think even broke her leg my recolection is correct. I don’t blame it on the Doyers though, but the people who sold the land. thanx for setting him straight though. There is much history on it, books and stuff, so the info’s out there.

    • rochelle peterson

      hey BUM, great 2 c some people are willing to take the bus to save 10 bux as well as being considerate to the surrounding neighbors, (although i think the later isn’t the reason your taking the bus), but what about the people’s families who have lived there for many decades, even before the dodger stadium was built, and were neighbors to those who were evicted from their homes so that the stadium could be built. What about the people who built the stadium knowing what THEY were getting themselves into when THEY decided to build on land where people already lived? And for the people who “knew what they were getting themselves into when they chose to live so close to the stadium, maybe didn’t consider people would be so cheap as not to pay 10 bux. u know the forum charges 25 bux? jsut saying. 🙂

  2. The idea that the majority of the families living in the immediate vicinity of the stadium have been there since 1959 is pure nostalgic fantasy. In reality, people either die or move on.

    Back on the topic, I recall cheapskates parking outside the gates during the O’Malley days so we can’t blame this entirely on MCcourt. It would help of they redesigned the lots so it doesn’t take an hour to get out after games.

    • rochelle peterson

      Wow, really? just read your 2nd post. Uh, I’m real. I exist. And my family has roots going waaaaay back there. They’re real too. Yes, there is a handful of hipsters who have “discovered” the neighborhood, but there is history that goes way back, and I know if for a fact. I AM from one of those families, AND I know many of them. And guess what BUM, THEY’RE REAL TOO! Oh, yeah, people have died and moved on, but a little secret for you, people have FAMILIES. Yeah, so, a few people made families before they died. That’s reality. And your suggestion to redesign so it doesn’t take so long to get in to park, it happens at every big event. It’s called traffic. If you don’t like traffic, maybe u should find a smaller town? Just a suggestion. K,thanxbye

    • I guess my family is “nostalgic fantasy ” since 3 generations of us have been here in Echo Park since 1952.
      Back on topic, it has always been awesome to be within’ walking distance of the stadium .

      • rochelle peterson

        hey! your “nostalgic fantasy” must know my “nostalgic family”. lol. and yes, back on topic, it IS nice to walk there without having to take the bus, or complain about spending ten bucks. 😉

  3. Im happy that its faster and cheaper for me to walk than to drive/park.

    • rochelle peterson

      🙂 Hi kittenface. You seem nice and friendly. If you ever wanna’ bbq at my families house (which we’ve been there for generations) let me know! And we can walk there! It’s in our back yard, literally!

      • kitten face is NOT friendly , always posts about how all old time echo parkers are gangbangers etc….
        has NO CLUE .

    • I heart KITTENFACE

  4. If you inherited your grandmas old house on Elysian Park Drive and chose to live there then I suppose, in a way, the decision to live in the parking footprint of dodger stadium was made for you. If you merely have roots in Echo Park, and choose to move to a house within the parking footprint of dodger stadium, when 95% of Echo Park residences don’t fall within this footprint, well then that doesn’t count. You made a decision to live somewhere with a nuisance that existed before you got there. I think people are misunderstanding my point a bit.

  5. If residents are upset about the parking, they should go through the proper channels to impose restrictions. Until then, you sound bitter that people are legally parking on public property. Sorry.

    • It’s not just “parking.” It’s tailgating and heavy drinking and fights and people pissing in public and leaving trash everywhere and … it’s pretty gross. And it was NOT always like this. From all reports, it has gotten much worse in recent years.

  6. Bum, you certainly know how to talk out of yours. You don’t live here, so you really are blowing smoke out of your bum.

    I’ve been living in EP for 20+ years. Dodger fan parking in residential areas, before McCourt, was only an issue for opening day and when they had the really big fireworks show on 4th of July. After Frankie the parking lot attendant raised the rate to $15 it was a freaking zoo in the residential areas. I know, I was one of those impacted. So, yes, I knew the stadium was there when I moved here and for 17 years it wasn’t a problem until the carpet bagger rolled into town and screwed the fans, thus screwing the residential areas. There’s nothing like angry or celebrating fans stumbling back to their cars and pissing on our sidewalks, retaining walls and streets. Not to mention the not-so-occasional fan who “got lucky” after the game, was sober enough to get it up and leave his bodily fluid filled “love wrapper” on the sidewalk or street.

    McCourt really brought out the worst in everyone.

    Thanks for taking the bus, please continue to do so.

  7. We need a vigilante group. We could solve this and many other neighborhood problems.

  8. If parking on the local streets have been a problem for so long why is there not “a” street with parking restrictions?

    Could it be the usual apathetic attitude of these residence?

    There is a solution. Quit your crying and do something about it. The $5 cut is not going to change anything.

    • I’ve done a lot and the city has so far not done anything. Please suggest how you would go about getting our streets permitted because what I’ve tried hasn’t worked.

      • Here is how we were able to get permit parking
        Call the City Council members office.
        The Council office will give you the DOT persons contact info and if you are lucky, that staff person will contact the DOT person for you
        When you contact the DOT person, let them know you got their info from the Council office
        You will need 67% of the residents, renter or owner it does not matter
        Get help from other people on the block, if your block has more then 50 residential units, you can’t do this your self
        Make sure you or others involved are able to speak and write in all needed languages.
        Get all the petition info translated so the people signing know what they are signing
        If you have apartment buildings with more then 10 unites, make sure you have someone in the building who is well liked by the other residents to help you

        Submit back to DOT along with application.

  9. The parking situation could actually get much worse due to the fact that mccourt retained some ownership of the parking lots. Some fans who in the past had no problem forking over the 15 bucks may now be inclined to park outside the stadium because they don’t want the former owner to have any of their money. In fact, there was a recent LAT editorial encouraging fans to boycott the lots.

  10. Hey I’ve bought a V.I.P. parking pass thru Craigslist for cheap maybe I’ll b able to afford getting it straight from the ticket booths..Go Dodgers..

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