An Echo Park house for taco-truck fans

Despite what the sales listing for this four-bedroom house says, the property is not in the “heart of Silver Lake.” Instead, the nearly century-old, heavily remodeled home is located in Echo Park on Alvarado Street across from the Echo Park Vons and, on many evenings, the Taco Zone Truck, one of the neighborhood’s most popular food trucks (4-1/2 Yelp stars). While the listing on Redfin plays up the new home’s granite countertops and new wood floors, no mention is made of the fact that the new owners can satisfy a late-night craving for carnitas or lengua tacos by simply walking across the street to Taco Zone.  The house flip, which sold for $312,000 in early April, is now on the market for $569,000.


  1. Upwards of half a million in the flats of Echo Park? Wasn’t there just a car-jacking on Sunset and Alvarado yesterday? Prices seem to be rising as quickly as the violent crime rate in the neighborhood.

    • That just makes the hipsters want it even more.

    • Nah. That place will not sell for half a million dollars. It just won’t. Who wants to pay that to live on that part of Alvarado? That, um, quiet, peaceful part of Alvarado?

      Maaaaaaaaybe it will go for $400K, but that’s a big maaaaaaybe.

    • The advantage of the car-jackings is that it keeps people from Silver Lake out of Echo Park.

  2. “Price Out The Criminals!”
    – Possible motto for the new Echo Park

  3. don’t knock living on alvarado. I do (well one house in from Alvarado really but same diff), and it’s pretty damn awesome. this is the big city after all.
    Running quick comps, I think they may get asking. And good for us all if they do. (lovin’ the new EP motto!!)

  4. Are the listing agents so stupid that they think a home buyer won’t be able to check what neighborhood a house is really in. When you say a house on Alvarado is in the heart of SilverLake, I just assume everything else about the house is a lie as well.

  5. From the listing:
    Homeowners Association Information
    Amenities: Outdoor Cooking Area
    Amenities: Golf
    Amenities: Bocce Ball Court
    Amenities: Hiking Trails
    Amenities: Club House
    Amenities: Recreational Multipurpose Room
    Amenities: Kennel

    Are they insane?

  6. The three hour search for a car thief that involved a circling helicopter blaring at citizens to stay indoors LAST NIGHT involved this exact house. I realize you’re getting ad money from real estate agents, but this is REE DEE KYOO LUSS.

  7. Wait, just to be clear. Curbed reported on this search for a car thief earlier today, but declines to mention the connection – even when the spin on the article is their asking price. [Shaking head in disbelief.] The bungalow complexes next to this listing and across from Tacozone on Alvarado are supposedly gang-controlled. This according to the homeless convict ex-gangbanger who lived in the van outside my place on Glendale and gave me his insight. Bungalows on west side of Alavarado: gangs. Brick apartment building on west side of Alvarado across from Rite-Aid: chinches. He knows what he’s talking about. The shouting shirtless thug who paces around the Chevron at Alvarado/Glendale: gay and lonely.

    • Speaking of gangs in the area, did anyone catch the name of the listing agent’s brokerage? Rockwood Realty!

  8. Sorry, party foul. I wrote Curbed and meant Eastsider.

  9. That price is really fantasyland. And calling that the heart of Silver Lake is criminal fraud — unfortunately, no one is enforcing the law against that criminal sales tactic.

    Nonetheless, on Alvarado! At that price! That price the flipper paid was about top price for that to be worth.

    The house next door to me, REALLY in the heart of Silver Lake at Sunset Junction, on a nice side street, and in “brand new” condition, with a front yard to rival Huntington Library, marble countertops, a big backyard, three bedrooms, a view across the Westside from upstairs, just sold for pretty much that same price. And that was sold by a flipper trying to get as much as they could. So, how could this one, on MAJORLY congested Alvarado, with the Vons parking lot for the view, be worth the same?

    At that price, there are PLENTY of much better choices out there. And mind you, the market around here has been slipping of late — probably because too many people think they can demand a lot more so are not managing to sell at all.

  10. Even if people paid me, I will never live on that stretch of alvarado…

  11. I love how the redfin listing says “Every part of this pristine home has been restored…”. Restored to what? Home Depot Chic?

  12. I think we can have this conversation without the use of the “N word”!

  13. TACO ZONE!!! WOOOO!!!!

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