Echo Park man beaten after confronting persons tagging his home

A man police identified as an Echo Park gang member was arrested today in connection with the beating of a resident who confronted persons who were  tagging his home this past weekend.  The man was beaten on Sunday, June 17 at about 5 p.m. in the 1600 block of Fargo Street, according to police reports.”The resident was attacked by the suspects after he confronted them,” said Lt. Steven Flores with the Northeast Division in an email this afternoon. “Detectives conducted an investigation and identified the primary suspect.  The suspect (Echo Park gang member) was arrested a few hours ago and will be booked for this crime.”

Paramedics treated the victim – who suffered a swollen eye, a small laceration and abrasions –  at scene, Flores said.

One resident said she had heard the man was beaten after telling several persons to stop tagging his garage door.  Another person said they “saw some kids running away while the police were coming up the street” on Sunday.


  1. doesn’t that make you want a stand your ground law here in LA

  2. no, it doesn’t. not at all. not one bit. and I live 4 blocks a way.

    • it seems that you are renting and don’t own nothing in your life so some one else come and destroy it ha,,

      • What does renting and owing have to do with the quality of one’s life ? Ive rented and owned and it doesn’t give the right for anyone to destroy my property or anyone else’s .

        • If you get tagged, and you want to avoid getting the reciprocal/ reoccurring BS, DONT WAIT FOR THE CITY! Get out there and show these a-holes that you know how to use paint too…

          Paint over tags immediately! It’s like a-hole kryptonite.

          • I’ve used Los Angeles’s anti-graffiti hotline/website several times. They are very quick, usual within three days.

            I’m a renter and I use the service to have tags painted over on my block.

          • 3 days not fast enough is the point

      • Even if you are renting it is your property and not even the landlord can enter without permission. Go be 12 years old somewhere else.

  3. Used to live right there. Very pernicious gang problem on that corner, and people get all worked up about Fix serving beer/wine. Too bad.

  4. If you do confront them you better be ready. So many Cowards around here with knives and guns. I know it’s not worth ones life but it pisses me off, when I see that mentality I want to crush it. Violence seems so satisfying in those cases … but that’s what cops are for.

    • It pisses me off too! I hope nothing happens to the man/his house after the suspect gets released 🙁 We need more patrol around Fargo/EP … it’s always that corner!!!

      • Since there only seems to be a handful of them it’s time to identify who these gang members are. Photos, addresses, etc. We should all be able to identify them by name. How about if The Eastsider creates a thread where information can be posted? The community deserves to know exactly who these gang members are. It’s unacceptable that this situation continues in an otherwise peaceful neighborhood and directly across from a school. Has The Eastsider ever considered contacting the gang and getting their take on why they feel threatened in the neighborhood? Let’s get these guys out of the shadows. It seems the “EXP’s” are under threat from neighboring gangs. If those threats could be diminished could they live peacefully with the rest of us?

  5. SquiggleySpooch

    These people are animals. The frustrating part is that arresting him will not do any good, he’ll be out in no time and right back to it. Getting arrested will only give him more street cred.

    • These are bad guys, clearly violent and dangerous guys, but they’re not “animals.” That term at best is hyperbole.

      I also would not presume he will be back on the street any time soon. California has the toughest, harshest laws of any state in the entire country. Assault is a felony. Felony means no less that one year in prison, not jail. And assault will get him notably longer than that minimum for a felony. If he has a prior, this could potentially be a second strike, meaning 15 years before he even would come up for his first parole hearing, and possibly the rest of his life.


      • SquiggleySpooch

        Glad to know this guy probably won’t be out on the streets very soon, thanks for the information Henry.

        Surprise surprise, someone’s here to criticize my use of the term Animals. Gimme a break dude of *course* they’re not literally animals, but in my opinion these “violent dangerous” guys are pretty darn close to behaving like them, marking territory with graffiti like animals pissing in a corner. I call it like I see it.

        • I see your point and I am on your side completely but calling them animals is disrespectful to animals. They are garbage and choose to live there lives in chaos. Such a waste of space.

      • I agree. Calling him an animal is insulting to our non-homo sapien animal brethren. I prefer the term scumbag.

      • You are an embarrassment to all of us latinos. Your ignorant comments shame us all. You are a living stereotype and should try to have some real pride and strive for real respect which can only be earned through living a good life and passing on a legacy of success and happiness to your offspring not ghetto gang mentality. Do us all a favor and focus on doing something positive and improving your life and the future of your family instead of being another sad, sad story that plagues my raza and mi familia. Gangster mentality is a cancer to us and I hope very soon that our young men figure that out. And please do not ever call me your homie.

        • just for clarity there was a post i was responding to that has been deleted.

          • Well, that’s kind of annoying, annoyed. Come one, Eastsider, let it all hang out. God will know his own. No need for you to make that call.

        • Thanks for saying something as a Latino. I believe that if other Latinos take a stand against this type of hatred and behavior, we could all move forward as one united front rather fighting for what is right rather than constantly calling each other out as racists!

      • correct. not animals, but savages in every sense of the word.

      • They are pathetic human beings…!

      • Oh gawd really ? dream on .
        Plus if he is a juvenile , he won’t be given 15 years .

      • ::puts on his pedant hat::

        Calling them animals is not hyperbole at all. All humans are animals of the species Homo sapiens. A fact I think we should never forget.

  6. unfortunately the rest of the thugs buddies will be back on Fargo drinking beer and getting crazy as I type this.

  7. Please let this be the beginning of their end.

  8. I never quite understood why this area of EP has such a high amount of gang members. Now or even years ago. It’s such a beautiful area of EP, now and then. Gorgeous homes! Any of which I would love to own. What’s so tough about living there? What are the gangs fighting over? Who has the biggest garden? Who’s property value shot up higher this month? I have two bathrooms when you only have one? My grass is greener? Or are they just so upset that they don’t actually live in a real hood that they have to result to violence? Someone break it down to me…

    • Has to do with socioeconomics HB. I am guessing you haven’t been around Los Angeles for very long, and I don’t mean that as an insult? EP was a pretty bad neighborhood some time ago, but didn’t start off that way. Just like other major metropolis areas throughout the country, the sixties saw something called white flight. A time when “whites” left the inner city for the suburbs. The reason in their minds for leaving was to escape the crowds, and the crime. Crime unfortunately associated with lower income citizens. Before anyone has a go at me, let me say I come from an economically challenged family growing up. Anyways, so when white flight took place these neighborhoods became pretty sketchy. I hate even saying this as it sounds like white people are not built to commit crimes and other ethnicities are, but them are the facts. That is why you see EP and wonder to yourself how the hell does a beautiful place with beautiful homes in the hills become a haven for gangs.

      • I think HB was inquiring more specifically about why this particular area of EP has a high concentration of gang activity….? EP in general has it’s share of crime, but this particular section EP Ave between Baxter/Fargo has a lot, while the immediate surrounding area is relatively quiet 🙁

        • Home ownership! The gang guys, or grandpa etc., own their homes in the Fargo/Baxter, EP ave. node. That’s the issue, at least when I lived there.

      • Yeah , sure white people don’t commit crimes against people , like Jeffery Dahmer , Ted Bundy , Charles Manson , Timothy McVeigh , Mark david Chapman , John Wayne Gacy , Bernie Madoff .
        Such upstanding white men .

        • This post nor Theos comment isn’t about mad crazed serial killers, its about hispanic gangs in echo park tagging and beating people up. Hang tight buddy, Eastsider will one day post about a homicidal white guy and you can have a field day.

          • READ , from Theo . A generalization:
            “I hate even saying this as it sounds like white people are not built to commit crimes and other ethnicities are, but them are the facts. ”
            Hence , the response.
            So now your turn as you always do , and comment back with a vitriolic , sarcastic comment .

      • ‘white flight’ is term coined after de-segrigation in the public schools, and with the subsequent ‘bussing’ of african american children into schools outside of their districts. Crackers got spooked and headed for the hills. Then the post vietnam recessions hit and the inner cities (of the east coast in particular) had no tax base to keep it stable and the rest is history. Took a few 30 years or so for everyone to remember that these places are awesome – thank you queers and hipsters and liberal honkeys! The fools holding down the fort were surprised to see the tide roll back in. Now here we all are all thinking we were the ones who founded the city!

        • @litone I don’t even now what you just said. Did Theo actually say that or are you saying that’s what he was secretly saying and you deciphered it with your crack wordsmithing detective skills?

          (Btw, I tried to give you both sarcasm with a splash vitriolic wit. I hope I met your expectations. If not, I can take another stab at it for you.)

        • Crackers? Honkeys? Racism is bad no matter what direction it flies.

  9. @ Henry: sorry buddy your wrong, this mecho Parker gang menber will be out quick. I bellieve ny had tougher laws, right here a gangster will shoot himself and nothing happens , in my u will serve 2 years for shooting urself, just ask plexico burguess,

  10. Taggers are a nuisance and destroy our communities!!!

  11. I feel sorry for the guy that was attacked, considering the animal that attacked him has other animals to continue to harass this home owner whats the solution?

    All the bleeding heart liberals in Silverlake are as much to blame for not fighting more virulently against the tide of Latino gang scum.

    • Why do you have to type something like “Latino gan scum” when you very well know that the people bringing you this blog are Latino? Or if you don’t, you’re an idiot. I have no sympathy for gang members. I think of them as antisocial elements who deserve a bullet to the head, same as Che would have given them. But, my friend, I love my Latino neighbors. They’re the first to suffer from this bullshit, and I can’t stand having you disparage them. It does no good.

      • Charly,
        To clarify what you said, you can mention gangs just not that they are latino? Even if they are latino? Why is that?

        • Gangbangers, thugs (whatever you want to call them…) come in all colors and nationalities, kittenface.

          • How about the gang in question? What are their races? Just wondering.

          • KittenFace–
            We need to think beyond color… a crime is a crime, regardless of race, color, nationality, etc. Why put a color to the crime?

        • The reason it is important to identify any gangs race is a question of sociology. It should not be considered a slap in the face of any race that there are gangs associated with that race, as every race has gangs in some form or another. Meaning, it should not be politically incorrect to state that such and such crime was committed by a Latino (In this case) gang member. It is naive to think that we as a multicultural community will ever get to the root of the gang problem without taking a look at the gang subculture on a racial level.

          • Solid reply Duchampion.

            Fulana, if we saw beyond color it then there would be no affirmative action. Which are you for? Seeing beyond color or affirmative action?

          • I Love you my little kittenface!

      • Flipmaster Phil

        I think he called them “latino gang scum” because THEY ARE latino gang scum…unless of course, you know something I don’t. If they were white supremicist, they would be racist white scum. If they were black, we would all just ignore it in fear of being racist and because black people are super sensitive and I don’t want Jesse Jackson coming to my house and yelling at me.

  12. I used to regret having not bought a certain house about 100 yards from that spot.

    I don’t anymore.

    I hope the victim is alright.

    You want the gang members out? Take away rent control from any gang members or people that house known gang members. Parents might take a much more proactive role if their little miscreant’s behavior is threatening their home.

    Also make it illegal for anyone under 21 to possess spray paint in public unless authorized.

    • re rent ontrol:
      that’s an interesting thought.
      hard to enforce, but maybe worth figuring out.
      massive potential for landlord abuse, on the other hand … hmmm?

      • Most of landlords I have known just want good, stable tenants.
        The last thing any rental property owner wants to find out after they’ve invested money in it is that they have gang criminals living there.

        The landlords that actually care about their investment properties will want those losers out asap as will most of the neighbors.

        And to the little gangbanger punks who read this that think gangbanging is cool? The rest of us feel sorry for you. You no respect for anyone or anything else because you have no respect for yourself.

  13. Some thoughts…

    1. Do not confront gang members. Better to simply leave them be and hope they continue to be driven out economically, incarcerated, or otherwise physically discouraged from that lifestyle by someone/some force other than yourself. If you’re unlucky enough to live in a gang hot spot (which all of EP is obviously not, just a certain corner near a school and a coffee place, and a sub-neighborhood south of a major freeway), do not make eye contact or otherwise engage. Seriously, be invisible. That said, by all means make eye contact and engage with your neighbors who do not seem to be gang affiliated, regardless of their time in any particular neighborhood/socioeconomic profile.

    2. If a gang member or someone you suspect could be a gang member (again, this is more a matter of say certain tattoos/cars/personal style/a “vibe” and less of cultural backgrounds) engages you, be as cool and respectful as possible, and extricate yourself from the situation as quickly as possible without seeming nervous/putting yourself in more potential danger. It’s not a dangerous situation until it is, and interactions with gang members do not automatically spell trouble, nor do they have to. However, the risk of a situation turning dangerous definitely increases when a gang member is involved, and goes through the roof if they feel threatened or pissed off or disrespected, especially if other gang members are around and they have to represent/save face.

    3. For worst case scenarios (like getting the shit kicked out of you by gang members.) Carry pepper spray (the legal kind that works even on people high on drugs) and learn some sort of self-defense. Learn to punch, kick, elbow, knee, break, bite, gouge, and defend yourself against various attacks/weapons so that you at least have more of a chance if your life/safety is in imminent danger. Learn vulnerable targets on the body and cultivate how to instinctively smell danger. Because in the heat of the moment, being arrested/locked up (even potentially for years as some posters have claimed) isn’t enough of a deterrent for many of these attackers. It wasn’t in the Bryan Stow/Dodger Stadium beating, the guy from TJ’s who was murdered on Sunset, the gay bashing a few weeks back, and definitely not this.

    4. This is to every non-criminal/non-gang member, white or not, new or not, whatever tribe you happen to rep. It’s time for us to accept certain realities. You don’t want trouble. If your garage is being tagged, call the city. I know you don’t want your house messed up (or worse, shot up by a rival gang), but in the grand scheme, it’s a better play not to step up as it’s happening. I’m not saying the victim was wrong here or it was IN ANY WAY HIS FAULT, or even that he had any other choice but to confront, but it was still a high risk play that ended badly. It’s shaping up to be a hot summer, with already two attacks on civilians, and attackers getting seemingly more brazen as not enough is being done by the authorities to permanently discourage this type of street crime. So stay safe! Avoid situations, extrapolate yourself safely from situations, and do whatever it takes to survive if God Forbid things turn physical. (Don’t let things turn physical.)

    5. Thanks for reading this long-ass post, by the way. Last thing. I’d argue that avoiding situations/confrontations and letting urban evolutionary theory deal with the problem of crime and gangs, could potentially solve these problems faster than empowering anyone/any group by letting them flex on you, even if they get arrested for it. Anyway, it’s all just a huge drag and makes me very sad for all parties involved. (Yes, all.)

    Be good.

    • Good points, bummed out!

    • Echo Park Newbie

      Great advice Bummed Out. I’m actually looking to move into Echo Park from Silver Lake. Been a long time renter in SL, and finally found a new “affordable” townhouse at Delta & EPA that I’m considering buying. What’s your take on that corner by Chango? And what’s the vibe in EP in general towards the gay community. Same question to all the posters. Thanks for any advice.

  14. kudos to this guy for standing up to these punks.

  15. Come on LAPD.

    This poor guy’s house was getting tagged. You do realize these guys felt safe tagging in broad daylight on a Sunday afternoon??? That is an epic failure on your part. I live very near this incident… Don’t understand why you don’t have an officer parked on Fargo st all day, these pieces of sh!t ruin the neighborhood.

    Worst part is, if this guy had been armed to fairly defend himself, he’d be in jail… Sorry but when a group of thugs assault one person, it is very certainly warranting of deadly force. Anyone in the are also knows these guys carry, try driving up the street during one of their “parties”

    FYI an injunction sounds highly appropriate at this point.

  16. Just so everyone knows, when you see “EXP” tagged, it’s these guys. Some of them still live on fargo st. The others were evicted a month or so ago.

  17. HB, just so you know, those streets around the Elysian Heights school has been the “head quarters” of the Echo Park gang since the 1930’s. When I grew up there in the 70’s and 80’s, it was crawling with the old “bomb” lowriders and cholos, with ongoing gun battles with other gangs. Let’s just say that you are VERY fortunate that the hood is in a much calmer season.

  18. Young gang-bangers?? Considering that the birth control pill came out in 1961, you’d hope the lower income parents of these young people would have taken precautions, but I guess that’s just wishful thinking on my part.

    • Flipmaster Phil

      The catholic church condems birth control. Now if they were Protestant parents, that would be a different story…

  19. To my fellow sufferers of fools:

    The only solution is to clean up after our dissident children. It’s best to do it immediately as one tag tends to draw more and more tags.

    In my experience, darker colors are less appealing to taggers (I’m guessing because the tag doesn’t show up as well). Also, planting vines that spill over your wall works as a deterrent.
    I know it is an imposition that in a perfect world we shouldn’t have to carry the duty, but… buy a gallon of paint, a 6 inch roller and a few trays. Cover the tag immediately.

    I know it is annoying and frustrating to have to carry the burden of those who are lost, but keep in mind that it too shall pass.

    • On a technical note , Painting a Fence or Wall “Black is the best to deter.
      I know nobody wants to paint their house “Black” but if its a commercial building it is worth considering .

    • Good tips, however I’ve noticed bright orange being used on darker woods/paint in my neighborhood.. they’ll find a way around it!

  20. It’s an unfortunate incident but let’s be honest here, most of the “new” EP residents should’ve known that EP has long been known as gang territory. Hipster should’ve moved to West LA if they wanted safer streets. I know EP is trendy, and popular with the mustache crowd, but it’s still EP. Stay safe.

    • Jesse, that a ridiculous statement. There aren’t that many EXPers, so it can’t be too hard to get rid of those losers.

      • EXPers have been around for a LONG time. As Jesse mentions, while many don’t live in EP anymore, they hang out here as people’s families own homes here and have been here since like forever. Their numbers may be dwindling, but slowly.

    • Eff you. We can make things better. Why would you submit to gangs you quivering little coward? Ask me what we did to the Nazis…

    • “all it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing”

  21. At Eastsidearts – Not so ridiculous, because obviously they’re still around. Many of these gang bangers don’t even live in the area anymore, and the few that do probably own homes. They’re angry at new EP residents, because they’re treated like shit in their own hood. I know from experience, because white hipster has been rude to me on occasion, probably due to my brown skin. The gang problem is not going away anytime soon, regardless of what you think.

    • I lived in EP for quite a while, so I experienced these EXP guys throwing around a lot of shade as well. Give respect, get respect. That tired ‘hood mentality gets everyone nowhere. Are brown hipsters rude to you too? A gang injunction would be great for this part of EP.

    • Flipmaster Phil

      Is it your skin color or your bad attitude combined with a low rider, shaved head, and a giant clown tatoo across your face?

    • Jesse, seriously. The long time residents are treated rudely? Have the hipsters been tagging their homes and leaving trash around? C’mon. Respect for others is civility and politeness; respect for your neighborhood is not treating it like a dumpster.

  22. Hb your so haole you don’t even know your haole

    • Madame!

      Greetings to you. I support your postings, however I believe you have misspelled “a-hole”. In addition I am to be believeing that a person is “AN a-hole” not “SO a-hole”.

      Good luck in your further insultings, and always use a spel check!

    • grumpy Hawaiian,

      A summit with gang bangers! now that is rich.

  23. A lot of you are talking pretty hard….but are you though? Keep in mind that there a big picture to see here …I’m not giving excuses nor condoning this but being hard is a full time job for them you will lose going that route ….diplomacy ,summit,…outreach ,community sit down …I understand your angry believe me .think how it feels to be outcast with no role models education or oppuntunity then some smug A hole with confusing fashion choices starts getting smart ..,

  24. Just to clarify I was not referring to the victim of the unfortunate incident it was to some of the people I’ve observed in action

    • Mr C!

      Thank you for the clarification! But you did not clarify the fashion choices. Don’t treat us as outcasts – let us into the proper fashionables for this kind of situation. You musn’t be stingy Mr C!

  25. Quick fix to the gang problem all know gang members must get an rfid chip in the head (you can be a gang member but you forfeit your rights at the point that you become part of a crim organization that robs others of life liberty and property this is why we fought the brits ,)
    upon committing a crime the rfid chip fitted with explosive device triggers pop goes the chumps head end of gang problem!

    • so ignorant.

    • I don’t think anyone wants rfid chips implanted in anyone. Talk about an awful slippery slope. Next will be implant GPS devices in everyone.

      How about be mad for a few minutes, paint over the tags and get on with your life. Its part of living in these rough gritty and for some reason expensive trendy areas.

  26. Would driving a patrol car up fargo a few times a day be that much of a cost to the LAPD?

    • Seeing as a group of veteranos were beating the crap out of one another the other day in Eagle Rock, and the cops didn’t show up till an hour later. I am going to say yes LAPD is not going to send a car up and down the strip.

  27. I have lost all faith in Northeast LAPD!

    4 drive by shootings in 3 months.
    1 pot grow operation that went unnoticed after receiving various “Tips” (Glendale PD busted GrowOp)

    Tagging epidemic throughout all of NorthEast.

    There is an obvious blatant disregard for police enforcement since crime seems to be rising and criminal acts are occurring in broad daylight.

    I for one have since purchased several firearms, since I can no longer depend on LAPD for my Safety.

    Unfortunate event but I commend the individual for standing up to protect his property.

    “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”

    LAPD DO YOUR JOB!!!! Restore Faith in you competence

  28. Since there only seems to be a handful of them it’s time to identify who these gang members are. Photos, addresses, etc. We should all be able to identify them by name. How about if The Eastsider creates a thread where information can be posted? The community deserves to know exactly who these gang members are. It’s unacceptable that this situation continues in an otherwise peaceful neighborhood and directly across from a school. Has The Eastsider ever considered contacting the gang and getting their take on why they feel threatened in the neighborhood? Let’s get these guys out of the shadows. It seems the “EXP’s” are under threat from neighboring gangs. If those threats could be diminished could they live peacefully with the rest of us?

    • You don’t get it Q,

      Gang members do this because they want to terrorize the neighborhood. They don’t feel threatened by us, they want you to fear them.

      It is a deep seeded insecurity that manifests itself through hatred. Most of these guys didn’t have fathers or role models. This is why they join gangs. I can assure you that a “peaceful” existence is the last thing they want.

      • You’re right, Clueless – but what’s the solution, then? Gangs terrorize neighborhoods indiscriminately – they’re maybe even more likely to terrorize neighborhoods that are filled with residents who DON’T call the police. After all, that’s how they get hold of a neighborhood until the forces of gentrification take it back. But it’s those very forces of gentrification that tend to alienate the law-abiding longtime residents, making them in some perverse way prefer the old days of gang terror and warfare. So what’s to be done? How do people who want to improve a neighborhood get all law-abiding people on their side?

        And @Jesse – that sucks that you feel disrespected by some of the new residents. Unfortunately, people of all races, creeds and fashion choices are capable of being ruse. I, for one, just hope that you won’t assume that any white EP resident automatically looks down on you – much like I’m sure you hope that people don’t think your a gang member just because you’re of a similar race as most gang members here in the neighborhood. I think it’s fair to say that law-abiding people who have pride in this neighborhood should recognize that they have common cause with all others who are like that and go from there.

        One more thing – surely there’s something that can be done for this corner based on the fact that there’s a school nearby? And you know what – it’s a public school, so it’s probably mostly Latino kids from the neighborhood, as all the so-called white yupsters I know in the ‘hood make every effort to get their kids into private school – so, again, the people who seek to make this neighborhood their own “turf” are doing no more than terrorizing the people they’re claiming to defend. Irony!

        • Yes, the “deep seeded insecurity” is the part where they fear us. In numerous ways these gang members live in fear. Fear that they will be killed by rival gang members, fear that they cannot assimilate with the law-abiding community/racism (what Jesse was talking about), and fears related to economic instability that spawned them to begin with. Naturally, for persons who turn to violence, these fears are mostly subconscious so we can’t expect that they’ll identify solutions or respond to civil discourse with ease. Some kind of constructive outreach is what occurs to my sensibilities, but recognize, Clueless, that I did suggest heavy surveillance to disrupt their behaviors and potentially run them out altogether if they can’t live peacefully. The idea being that we stand up with non-violence…and they don’t get away with this shit anymore.

  29. It just comes down to the fact that the Police should be patrolling the area constantly and cracking down on illegal activity. The police seem to just ignore it! In addition, Landlords should boot people out for having criminal records. I live in the neighborhood as well and constantly see groups of hoodlums with open containers, throwing them in the street, urinating everywhere, and disruputing the peace at all hours of the night and morning. The police do nothing,. They also bully and threaten people who do no agree with this vile behaviour. . If the local hoodlums love their echo park hood so much then why are they trashing it? What do their parents say about this? It’s just a sad.

  30. I think it would be really cool if someone could come up with an anti-graffiti motion detector of some kind, maybe triggered by the chemicals in spray paint. This anti-graffiti device would disperse a shower of paint (preferably pink) all over the culprits. Sure it would make a mess, but it would stop the problem pretty quickly – no ‘tough guy’ gangster wants to be covered in pink paint. It will also be a lesson in empathy….think how pissed the dudes will be when their shoes/jacket/hat/other personal property are ruined by paint…it would be akin to how pissed the home owner feels when his personal property is tagged. ….Any inventors out there?

    • Motion lights have been around forever and are generally a good cure… unfortunately these little shits break the lights in my yard all the time so they can keep the street dark.

  31. Can someone on the LAPD chime in on this thread? I know you all read this site regularly, which I appreciate, but maybe some enlightenment about why it’s so hard for you to patrol this area?

    Thanks in advance for your service.

    • What about the school police, which are legit LAPD. Since we have a school right next to known gang civilly, might that not be a reason to post a patrol car, in the interest of student safety?

  32. It has been pointed out but deserves more emphasis: As a landlord, you have the ability to evict tenants who are associated with gang activity, even if they are otherwise protected by rent control. It’s fairly painful but worth it, both for your building and your neighborhood. Call the city attorney’s office if you ever find yourself in this situation. And don’t stop calling until you get someone to take ownership of the problem.

  33. Lapd is not going to send unit because they are busy with people calling 911 for their neighbors
    Having a party or tv is too loud, people taking
    Recycle items from recycle trash bin, if
    People didn’t call for bs stuff maybe u will get
    A unit patrol more often. Also with cutbacks and
    Force days off in lieu of overtime, you will have less officers on patrol.

  34. I’m this guy’s neighbor and this story…is not at ALL how it happened–no fault of the Eastsider, the story that LAPD was told just isn’t correct. This wasn’t a “guy confronting gang members,” this was a super drunk guy who had been drinking with his neighbors (the “gang members” mentioned) all day, got belligerent, started swinging his fists at a 16-year old and then got the crap beaten out of him. The next day when he was sober he got mad, and the result is the colorful story you see here. He’s no hero.

    • Unfortunately this is the only resource we have for EP community info… You should email your account of the FULL story to the Eastsider so they can write a more balanced article.

      • Good call, I think I will

        • That sounds more like it. I had a hard time imagining what person with a constant gang presence on their street would suddenly wake up one day and decide, I’ve had enough and I’m going to confront these guys.

    • Where does the graffiti part come in to play with your version?

      • From what I recall, they were messing around with him, pretending to write on his wall because he had accused them of doing it earlier. He dropped his Budweiser, staggered over from the other side of the driveway and started swinging.

  35. All I’m saying is that I grew up in a terrible neighborhood where I had to literally walk “the long way” just to get home somewhat safely. As I got older I understood the neighborhood and how the dismal surroundings didn’t help. Nobody wanted to live there, even if it was safe. One of my points has to do with LA in general. Some of it’s hardest neighborhoods, actually most of them, are sort of beautiful neighborhoods full of home owners. I just find it funny, more than anything, that you’re reppin’ your gang off the porch of early century classic bungalow surrounded by tranquil nature. And I’m tired of hearing excuses about the 40’s and white flight. I’m tired of hearing about the 80s. It’s 2012.

    • This post reminds me of a rap forum that I was reading where everyone out of state was wondering about gangs in Los Angeles. They saw pictures of these areas and they said it looks so nice why is everyone fighting instead of enjoying life?

  36. You don’t have to confront a tagger in order to make a point. Whenever I hear a spray can going on the side of my house (one side used to be a very popular gang billboard) I’d slip out the door, and talk to the fellows who would be standing there – usually by the time I’d gotten to them they’d heard the door and the can was tucked under a sweatshirt. I’d say, with a non-confrontational conversational tone, “Fellas, I know that’s important to you what you’re doing, and I wouldn’t try to stop you, but I just wanted to let you know that every time you do that, my girlfriend or I have to get out a can of paint and a roller, and spend our time painting over it. And we’re your neighbors, we live in the same hood.” They’d usually deny they’d done it though it was obvious they had. I had these type of conversations half a dozen times and there was never a confrontation. I believe this type of communication slowed the incidents way down. So did painting our house from a lighter color to a darker color. And always having a gallon of the exterior paint color on hand to paint tagging out ASAP also helps. Confrontation doesn’t help. Appealing to the human side does.

  37. Any update on this story?

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