Highland Park school as rocket launcher

Photo courtesy Eastsider reader

A Highland Park parent was walking her kids to school this morning when she caught sight of package on the steps of Aldama Elementary. Turns out it was a pack of what looks like some heavy duty fireworks  sold under the Alien WTF brand. It appeared the “9 shot” set was set off last night. Must have been quite a show.  “Debris all around it – just dangerous to ignite right in front of a school,” said the parent.


  1. I was about to say that’s been there for at least a week, but then I looked at the photo I took last Sunday and it was a different “9 shot”: http://i.imgur.com/JnqXb.jpg

  2. That’s just crazy ridiculous, these stuff are fire hazard. Pretty sure the people who put it there live across the street!

  3. Im always amazed at the ton money spent on these things, It’s like 1000’s

  4. Dangerous in general maybe, but why dangerous in front of the school at night when the kids aren’t there? That makes no sense.

    • Fireworks are illegal in Los Angeles because of our arid climate and density of population. It is simply too dangerous and high risk.

      Sadly, it will take a home or a school to burn down before the police will begin to enforce the law.

      If you are a parent allowing your kids to use fireworks, you should be held accountable for fines and/or property damage…

      • Exactly, when they misfire, they can burn anything in the surroundings…Including a building…

      • “Sadly, it will take a home or a school to burn down before the police will begin to enforce the law.”

        It’s already happened. One of my neighbor’s houses caught fire from kids lighting off fireworks a couple of years ago. I would estimate it was around 60-70% destroyed.

  5. It sounds like some of your schools may have burned down before you learned the basics of punctuation and grammar.

  6. It’s “Aldama Elementary”, not “Aldalma Elementary”.

    And the police do enforce the law, they just do it selectively. Every time someone lights a firecracker in this neighborhood, my neighbor wets his pants and the police show up on my doorstep.


  7. There are fireworks shot off at the school every night at this time of year and it has been going on for many years. I wish the police took an interest in stopping this illegal activity.

  8. Who cares? Typical parent concerned over nothing. happens every year.. Move on an keep going

  9. I say we should be allowed to set off more fireworks.

  10. This isn’t Mayberry, the police have real crime to deal with they can’t bother with fireworks that were lit off hours ago. I am sure if they caught someone in the act they would arrest them but other than that what do you want them to do? set up a sting operation – lol. I am sure they have a team of their best guys on the fireworks case – bahahahah.

  11. I’m new to the neigborhood, 3 years or so, but not new to a blue collar barrio. It comes with the territory.

    • It comes with the terrritory, but soe does 4 for a $1 pan dulce and tacos, cheap rent, getting invites to the neighbor’s quincenera with birria, smoking hot latinas, and a guy who will snake your sink for a 12 pack. Sounds like paradise to me.

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