Highland Park vinyl record fans await new store

Photos courtesy Mount Analog

Front counter sound system/Mount Analog

Mount Analog, a Highland Park record store and “multifaceted goods merchant,”  is planning to open in the next few weeks in a Figueroa Street storefront, joining several other Eastside shops that are riding the renewed popularity of vinyl records.  In addition to new and used vinyl records, Mount Analog, which is affiliated with British music label Finders Keepers Records,  plans to sell apparel, books and other merchandise in addition to hosting art shows, book readings and musical performances. “It is for anyone and everyone desiring cutting edge brands, art, music, literature, and film within a comfortable, community-oriented and aesthetically-unique retail space,” said co-owner Mahssa Taghini in a statement.

With one vinyl record store, Wombleton, already open in Highland Park, and others located nearby in Eagle Rock, Atwater, Echo Park and Silver Lake, is there is enough demand to keep another vinyl outlet in business? Stay tuned. Mount Analog, located on Figueroa near Avenue 59,  plans to open its doors later this month – a “soft opening” – before holding a grand opening on July 14.


  1. Sweet! I just installed this new hydrolic balance platform and refrigerated vinyl storage unit in the trunk of my car so I can listen to my record collection while I drive….it’s so total worth it because vinyl sounds far superior to CD or mp3. The next step is to hook up a small gyroscopic trailer/12 volt battery combo to the back of my fixie to power a record player so I can enjoy the warm sounds of vintage analog while I pedal through LA.

  2. so… whats your joke?

  3. Bath Salts,

    Some cars actually did come with record players, therefore your joke isn’t funny.

    But if you’re implying that CDs are superior to records, I totally friggin’ agree! And I hope this store carries CDs, but who are we kidding? They probably won’t.

  4. another one? hmm…

  5. Welcome to the neighborhood! Performances, readings, art shows – sounds like something for everyone. Wishing the owners much success in their new venture.

  6. All joking aside, this store is a welcome site to Highland Park. I too hope they are extremely successful! Even though I don’t listen to records because mp3’s are infinitely more convenient, I will definitely check out the space and hopefully find another way to support this local business.

  7. I’m pretty excited about this! Finders Keepers is a pretty great label. They release a lot of interesting music from all over the world, especially a lot of “lost” recordings from 30+ years ago. From what I understand their niche to be, I think they will be a good complement to Wombleton and Permanent Records.

  8. Sounds awesome, but I wonder how many vinyl stores can be supported. It’s good they’ll stock more than just records and have events, but hopefully their vinyl prices will be cheaper than origami.

    • It sounds like this space will be selling a lot more than vinyl. Wombleton is almost exclusively records. This place will be a great compliment to THIS Gallery.

      Also – I’m thrilled to see new business on Fig.

  9. The cool thing about new vinyl is record labels usually give you a promo code to download the mp3’s online. That way you can listen to the higher quality vinyl version on a turntable at home, or bring the compressed mp3’s with you to listen on your headphones or in your car around town. It’s the best of both worlds.

  10. There is nothing like the sound of vinyl. I love my mp3s, but some of my best teen memories include vinyl, a turntable and a shag carpeted basement playroom. The seventies & eighties were somethin’ else.

  11. Finders Keepers is a great label and its boss Andy Votel is an awesome DJ…I’m hoping they’ll some of their releases for a bit cheaper at this store — their stuff is always a bit expensive because I think they’re imported.

  12. Is it just me, or is Wombleton ridiculously overpriced? You can find 99 percent of their merchandise at Amoeba for a 1/3 of the price.

    • maybe cause at Amoeba it’s “used” ?

      indie record stores are what they are. whatever the price, there’s a great pride-of-purchase that goes along with finding some nice vinyl, be it new or vintage. it sounds better. the artwork is big and cool. it’s legit. it’s something physical and tangible. it has personality.

      if you’re trying to hate on vinyl, you’re dumb.

      you might as well try and advocate downloading books to your Iphone kindle app over buying a physical copy to own and display on your bookshelf.

      it basically comes down to taste and sophistication.

    • I don’t agree. Maybe you could find 1%. Amoeba doesn’t have anywhere near as good a selection of rare albums as Wombleton. Sorry but you just don’t know the good stuff if that’s your attitude.

  13. Chris, you just made yourself sound ridiculously dumb. The vast majority of Wombleton’s vinyl is used from what I saw. You can call it vintage or whatever, it’s still used. I’m not hating on vinyl I prefer vinyl over cd any day; and mostly seek out the used, I mean vintage, vinyl at amoeba. I hate on stores like Wombleton that charge crazy prices just because they call it vintage and indie. I love the idea behind, but they have to lower their prices if they want to last. BTW, it’s sophisticated to display a book? Why don’t you try actually reading it.

  14. I agree with Niouxnie, Wombleton is overpriced. They’re almost like a museum – it’s great to see all these import releases, but when they’re like $40 it’s just ridiculous. They have some awesome reggae 45s, but $20 for a beat-up single that they probably paid $.50 for is a bit too much. I feel that there’s less “pride-of-purchase” when you buy a record at a very heavily curated store like Wombleton instead of actually finding a great deal on your own. But I do appreciate that places like Wombleton exists and if people are willing to pay that much for records, more power to them.

    • Wombelton charges high prices because their stock is in WAY better conditi than most used shops. Some people don’t care, but if you want great condition used records its a wonderful place.

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