Nearly century-old Silver Lake apartment buildings (plus billboard) now up for sale

Photo from Google Maps

Most of the storefronts and commercial buildings that line Sunset Boulevard through Silver Lake date back to the 1920s.  It’s hard to find any other property that is older, which makes this pair of 1916 apartment houses stand out – that and the fact that one is painted black, the other peach.  With the exception of the nearby Pacific Electric Railway’s Olive Substation (now Epitaph Records) built in 1905, these two 96-year buildings that were recently put for sale are among the oldest Silver Lake buildings on Sunset Boulevard, according to a check of online property records.

The nearly century-old buildings, located next to the Happy Foot/Sad Foot clinic building,  include 18 apartments, according to the Redfin listing.  If the income from 18 apartments is not enough to attract a buyer’s interest, there is always income from a small billboard located on the property, which is listed at $2.795 million.


  1. ………..more condos

  2. What?!? That’s my apartment! …time to call the landlord… Damnit, I love it here!

    • Is it a problem?

    • Lucca — I don’t mean to open up another rent-control thread here, but I don’t think you have to worry about having to vacate your apartment – unless the new landlord decides to knock the place down and put up condos (which I think is very doubtful). If that did happen, they’d have to pay you a good chunk of relocation money, but again, I doubt the new owners are going to knock the buildings down to put up condos. (I also doubt the buildings will sell for that price.) Short of knocking the buildings down or otherwise removing them from the rental market, or renting the unit to a close family member, they won’t be able to evict you.

    • HipsterSheepLandlord

      Dude, relax. It would be easier to build a spaceship than to evict all 16 units. You’re fine. You might even get some building rennovations.

  3. That’s too bad, Lucca. They even mention in the ad that tenants don’t know that the building is for sale. I guess they do now. Thanks Eastsider.

    • What a class-act landlord! Nothing like keeping the payers of your mortgage apprised of the property status.

      • HipsterSheepLandlord

        This comment is very off base, and I want to make sure people understand why landlords do this. It’s not to screw you over, no.

        The city tells you as a landlord that you are not to in any way inconvenience your tenants during a property sale. I was specifically directed by the LAHD to NOT tell my tenants when I sold a rental property last year. The city views it as though their quality of living should not be affected by the landlord’s asset sale… get informed before you react. People think landlords like making tenants lives difficult, I wish everyone could own a building so they could see how absurd some of these comments come across. 99.99% of landlords really want to make their tenants happy, not sure why 99.99% of tenants are convinced of the opposite.

        • You’re right. That doesn’t add up.

        • When I was a tenant in a triplex, it was sold. I got a 30 day eviction notice . No relocation fee, nothing,

          • Then you got played. You should have stood up for your rights.

          • HipsterSheepLandlord

            LOL Carol.. you lost out on as much as 20k depending on your circumstances, but a minimum of 7k. *kicks self*

          • Yeah, and the required time for the notice is 60 days I think. LOL.

          • Carol,

            You were eligible for a relocation fee ONLY if the building was under rent control.

            Some very careless comments here.

          • Any building built after 1978 or so is immune… I wager you can count on one hand the number of triplexes built since then… FYI, our comments are accurate for 95% of the housing in this area… thus they are really not careless but LIKELY accurate, albeit not 100% guaranteed accurate. Arguing the exception isn’t really a useful tool. You could have just as easily stated the reasons the property might not have been immune, instead you insulted the comments which are 95% likely to be accurate… we typically call that troll-like behavior

  4. I was young, new to LA and didn’t know that I had any rights. That was the last time I rented. Decided that buying a house made more sense. No more landlords. No more having to move. Best thing that happened to me in the housing arena.

    • Carol,

      Glad it worked out well for you!


      • Thanks, Fauxican. Becoming a homeowner at 25 and building your own equity instead of someone else’s has advantages. Having your house paid for by 40 is even better. It was a blessing in disguise.

  5. But I don’t think Carol foolishness should be a guide for anyone’s behavior

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