Reservoir Geese

Photo by Sandy Driscoll

A warm and sunny Saturday afternoon made it a perfect time to hang out at the Silver Lake Reservoir – for geese as well as people. Sandy Driscoll snapped the above photo as Canada Geese gathered on the west side of the reservoir. Said Driscoll:

I often see them, a few at a time, in the grassy area. Yesterday, however, there were a LOT of them…..I would imagine 30-40 … too many for me to capture in one shot through the chain link fence. They were all lined up nicely as if they were enjoying the view!


  1. This unrepentant pedant blesses you for identifying the birds by their proper common name and not by wrong one so all too often used: Canadian geese.

    • Thanks, Will! I was corrected on that once and remembered. I’m a fast learner and a respecter of proper bird names!

    • This is the Silverlake reservoir right? Then the property name is “hipstera canadensis”; also known by their common name, “mustached geese with on fixie”.

      • Please excuse the multiple typos…darn Steve Jobs and his iPad.

      • Please don’t insult geese and other non-human species by attaching human attributes to them.
        Also, it’s Silver Lake, not Silverlake. There maybe be Silverlake resevoirs elsewhere in the world but these geese were not photographed there.
        You have chosen your ‘name’…would you appreciate having other people call you Vo’or or any of a number of other misspellings?
        Thank you.

  2. Wait. It’s summer. Shouldn’t the Canadian Geese be in Canada?

    • That’s exactly what I thought when I looked at the photo. What are they doing here? They fly south in the fall and back north in the spring. Are they just late in flying back or have they adopted California as home?

  3. tanya torrestanya

    It was a beautiful sight to see these migrating geese hanging out on the reservoir for the past 2 weeks. Was only concerned that the 2 coyotes I say that late afternoon would bother them, but they (the coyotes) were outnumbered!the geese were ver comfortable,preening and napping on the concrete all in a row. They are so majestic up close and I hope they get attention . There is a lake called silverlake in rochester,ny. How coincidental!there is a story of the migrating canadian geese who come from manitoba! It is amazing hopw far away from home they are.!

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