Silver Lake prepares for next phase of road construction

Rowena Avenue in front of Ivanhoe Elementary playground

Councilman Tom LaBonge is asking the City Council for $75,000 for electronic traffic signs and overtime pay for traffic officers in response to concerns about traffic safety and ongoing road construction on Rowena Avenue in Silver Lake.  The request for additional funds comes as roadwork is expected to resume soon on Rowena near Ivanhoe Elementary as part of the installation of  new water lines under city streets. In one of two separate City Council motions, LaBonge, proposed transferring $50,000 in DWP funds to the Department of Transportation in case overtime pay is needed for traffic control officers and other workers during the water line construction.

“To ensure safe vehicular and pedestrian circulation on Rowena Avenue near Fire Station 56 and Ivanhoe Elementary School, the Department of Transportation may require overtime use of various support services, including Traffic Control officers, at key locations to support and implement traffic control,” said the motion.

In addition to overtime pay,  LaBonge is also seeking $25,000 for a pair of electronic “speed feedback signs”  near the school that would flash the speed of passing vehicles.  Speeding cars and trucks on Rowena emerged as a major concern during a recent Silver Lake community meeting.  The signs would be installed on Rowena between Glendale Boulevard and Hyperion Avenue.


  1. This seems like a lot of unjustified expense. First, why $25,000 for the pair of “speed feedback signs?” The city already has them, it should cost nothing! (And if it produces any records, I’m sure it will show that the allegations of a lot of speeding there are false.)

    As for traffic officers, why on OVERTIME pay rates! That is not the way to balance a budget! But I’m sure the union loves it. Besides, they will only make matters worse. The problem people are complaining about is that all this construction is interfering with traffic by closing lanes. And for how long this has been the situation there. Knowing when to stop and go is not the issue.

  2. I love those “speed feedback signs” unfortunately they dont go past 99 mph.

  3. I wish those speed feedback signs were allowed to issue tickets!

  4. Those speed feedback signs are completely stupid because you can’t even tell which car they are posting the speed limit for. Huge waste of money. And I agree with one of the above commenters, why do the police have to be on overtime?? I’m sure they can fit it into their schedule, somehow.

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