Silver Lake resident learns locking the front door is not enough to keep burglars at bay

Photo by waitcm/flickr

While many residents are careful about locking front doors, they should probably also take time to secure their windows. That’s the lesson from a Tuesday burglary in Silver Lake in which a woman locked her front door but left open a pair of windows only five feet from the sidewalk on the 700 block of Hyperion Avenue. Here, according to Rampart Burglar Detective Mario Mota, is what happened:

On 06/26/12 at 1100 hours, the victim left her residence, locked the front door but left two south facing windows (facing the sidewalk) open. Upon her return on same date at 1630 hours, the front door to the apartment was unlocked and the victim noticed her apartment had some ransacking. The suspects had entered and removed electronic devices and a bike and fled via the front door. Investigation revealed that the suspect removed the window screen to the fully open windows and entered.

The stolen items include an  IPod Touch,  HP laptop computer and a Fuji bike.


  1. Adopt a German Shepherd!

    • +1 for sheppies!
      Get any kinda dog! It would have avoided this probably. Also, don’t send your precious little hound to doggy day care all day when you aren’t home. They like to protect their fortress!

  2. Locked doors and windows, plus a large dog inside, didn’t stop our Echo Park and Silver Lake burglars – they merely beat the dog and took what they liked. Property crime in those areas has always been rampant; leaving windows open merely ensures your place will be higher on criminals’ to-do list.

  3. According to google maps that’s at Hyperion/hoover/Marathon intersection (or near it).

    Anyone who leaves their home with windows open in that area sounds like a recent transplant.

    Not that I would leave windows open and unattended in any area of Silverlake, etc., but especially in that area.

    Just saying.

  4. HAHA.. what a pendeja gringa.. ur in the hood homie.. this is Big bad Silver lake .. this aint beverly hills mija.. got caught slippn.. once again que no.. haha lames

    • So which pawn shop did you hock the IPod Touch, HP laptop and bike to? Or are you more a craigslist kinda homie??

  5. Sounds like LAPD is directionally challenged. The windows facing the sidewalk on the 700 block of Hyperion Avenue do not face SOUTH! They face West. Actually, they face more West North West — not even a hint of South.

    • Uhm, aren’t you just assuming the residence is on the south side of the 700 block? If they are on the other side of the street (north side of Hyperion, same side as the big brick apt bldg on the corner), then the windows facing the street would be facing more south, or south/east.

      You have to go up Hyperion a few buildings (to get past the big brick apt bdlg on the corner), but it is still the ‘700’ block.

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