Sneaking a peak behind the Echo Park Lake green screen

It will soon be nearly a year since Echo Park Lake was closed, drained and hidden from view by a nearly mile-long green screen. But the screen, designed to cut down on construction dust during a $65 million clean up,  has been torn open in places, providing windows from which passersby can sneak a peak of the construction underway. Expect many more months of people standing on their tippy toes and gazing through the holes before the lake is refilled by Spring of 2013.

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  1. Spring 2013? I doubt it. I pass by the lake at least twice a day and can safely say they work about only 2-3 days a week, if that! I have friends who live directly across who laugh about how they were worried it was going to be terrible listening to all the work everyday. It’s been real quiet. If it does get finished “on time” it only proves that it should’ve been finished by now. But the longer a job goes the more someone fills their wallet.

    • I live right next to the lake and I beg to differ. Work begins at 7am and goes until at least 4pm, usually five days a week. Last week they worked Saturday as well.

      Take a look for yourself at http://www.echoparklake.com if you don’t want to take my word for it.

    • um, you’re wrong. they work every day.

    • I live directly across the street from the lake on Echo Park Ave, and pass by it every day on my way to and from work. They are definitely working every day. I haven’t even really been bothered by the construction noises. And they also have done work on the weekends. I don’t know what you’re talking about.

  2. i miss the lake.

    I was walking around the lake a few months ago when I heard a worker there telling a woman on the sidewalk that it would probably be two years before they were finished. Anyone heard anything about the timeline? Seems like they still have a lot to do: finish the concrete walls, haul out tons of earth, seal the lake bed, and fix the banks. oh, and keep fixing the boathouse after vandals screw with it.

  3. Hey yeah, HB… glass half empty much? I live across from the lake, and like mr. rollers says, they work daily and DID even work last Saturday. I was really worried it would smell bad – because every afternoon a breeze kicks up from the lake and blows up the hill for several hours. It doesn’t smell. I also thought the daily breeze would stop because there is no water… but I guess that doesn’t matter much. I can see the lake from my apartment and they are doing a great job. I’m amazed at how deep they are going. It’s going to be wonderful, I think. I do miss it, especially all the birds who squawk and chirp all night.

    • It smelled kinda bad a few months ago, for a few days, but I haven’t noticed any bad smell for a while. I can’t wait till it re-opens!

  4. I miss the lake so much – can’t wait until it’s back in all its new awesomeness – fingers crossed it stays on time for a spring 2013 reopening.

    I heart EP lake!

  5. They need to be done by the time it’s about to be march because I want to have my baby shower there and my baby is due in April. I hope the workers make it happen because lately I’ve been walking passed the lake and it looks almost the same everyday. There are a lot of workers and I believe that more should be done in a day, I hope they aren’t slacking. -Mami STARR

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