Walk This Way: Construction and detour to begin on Silver Lake reservoirs path

Photo by Craig Collins

Construction is expected to begin today to fill an approximately 500-foot long gap in the path circling the Silver Lake reservoirs.  But before walkers and joggers can take advantage of the new path along Tesla Avenue, they will be directed away from the construction area to a short detour on nearby streets. In addition, traffic on Tesla – a narrow street that runs along the northern edge of the Ivanhoe Reservoir, will be restricted to westbound cars and trucks only. Craig Collins, President of the Silver Lake Reservoirs Conservancy, explains on Patch what pedestrians can expect once the pathway is completed:

A pleasant new rounded corner will be created at the corner of West Silver Lake Drive. This will improve safety at this blind intersection, where a pedestrian was injured in an accident just a few months ago. Under the shady pine grove, a new rest bench will be added. The biggest part of the project involves notching out a section of the Ivanhoe Reservoir Dam to allow for the path, which will have an attractive new retaining wall and fence. The path will meander slightly through an olive grove adjacent to the Neighborhood Nursery School, and the School will have its fence moved back to accommodate the path. Finally, a section of fence at the Armstrong Ave. corner of Tesla will be removed next to the Reservoir entrance station, and a bench will be added at that location.

The detour will funnel pedestrians to Armstrong Avenue and West Silver Lake Drive.  The new path is expected to be completed in mid-October.


  1. Great – surprising how much I like and use the path – and glad to see the Meadow is such a hit with users. Nice job when most of the news about the city is negative!

    • Love the headline… because hardly anyone was using the detour this weekend!

      Right now blocking off the pedestrian path on Tesla has made the situation even more unsafe since people are simply walking in the narrow traffic lane.

      Maybe when constuction begins people will actually abide by the signs and use the detour?
      The detour only adds .20 of a mile to your run or stroll… not a big deal.

  2. It’s lovely that they’re finally doing this, but does it really take 4 1/2 months to complete? Couldn’t competent people do this in a week?

    • Cutting into the slope of the dam and building a retaining wall takes a little more than a week- competent or not.

    • Why do we have so many experts on so many topics on these blogs? If you are so competent then go into business doing this…with your skills you will be a millionaire in a few months!

      • took close to 2 months to put in a few retaining walls in my yard, with no slopes anywhere near that incline. seems about right to me.

  3. This sounds like a welcome change.

    Maybe this will lead to them going whole hog and turning all of Ivanhoe into a park.

  4. “A pleasant new rounded corner will be created at the corner of West Silver Lake Drive. This will improve safety at this blind intersection, where a pedestrian was injured in an accident just a few months ago. ”

    Does Craig Collins know that statement is a total contradiction to the prevailing wisdom about engineering for pedestrian safety?


    Creating bulb-outs and traffic calming devices like hard corners (e.g. tightening radii of corners which forces vehicles to slow to almost a stop in order to execute the turn) actually improves safety for pedestrians.

    Improving a sight line is one thing, but making a wider corner so cars can turn easily at higher speeds is not going to reduce collisions with pedestrians.

    • @Ezra – The project has already started. You should have chimed in months ago. There are too many negative comments about neighborhood projects that need to be completed, please refrain from complaining.

      • I think that Erza makes a good point. Bulb-outs and hard corners are the prevailing wisdom for pedestrian safety. Perhaps the issue of corners that slow car speeds can still be addressed.

        • Anonymous,

          I lived in North Hollywood until late February of this year, so I’m a bit new to the community.

          Secondly, as a productive citizen with a good job in Post Production, I have 9-6pm hours plus OT many nights that prohibit me from attending most planning meetings. If I knew about this in advance, you can be assured that I would have at least sent an e-mail.

          That being said, Jerry Malatesta below claims that the rounded corner will be on the path, not the corner, so hopefully the point is moot.

        • Also, Anonymous, I thought I was making a correction to a faulty premise, but I don’t think that complaining about complaining will make things any better either.

  5. Jerry Malatesta

    Ezra and Anonymous, you are CONFUSED. The rounded corner and the work is ON THE PATH (the existing path and the path to be built along Tesla), not on the street.

  6. Tonight’s SLNC Meeting, Wednesday 6/6 7 p.m. at Micheltorena, has two motions on the agenda re:/ traffic and pedestrian safety in the neighborhood.
    One recommends closing Tesla to car traffic during construction of the
    pedestrian path.
    The other motion is a proposal for the SLNC to host a Public Safety Charette, a
    large public meeting to discuss roadways and safety within the community.


    Tesla was made one way and closed to pedestrian traffic
    last Friday for the duration of the project.
    As discussed at last month’s Public Safety Committee meeting,
    pedestrians cannot be effectively kept off of the street,
    even during the time when flagmen are present redirecting people. The
    situation becomes more dangerous after the flagmen go home, particularly in the evenings and on the weekend.

    At those times, the street has filled with pedestrians as usual, but with
    more people walking in the traffic lane to avoid construction.
    One-way car traffic is faster and surprisingly, a few errant cars
    still go the wrong way down the street and
    drivers continue to make illegal u turns at West Silver Lake Drive.
    The motion recommends closing
    the street to prevent a tragic accident.

  7. Craig Collins never knows what he’s talking about.

    • Once again—the anti-public space people of Silver Lake Friends and Neighbors, Save the Meadow, and, in their latest incarnation, elements of the Reservoir Complex Committee of the SLNC—attacking the people and organizations that opened up the Reservoir to the public with the walking paths and the Meadow.  When will they ever get over it?  Or is it just that they’re jealous of organizations that actually know how to work together to get things done that benefit the community?  It must be frustrating to be a wannabe politico and realize that you are powerless and lack any credibility because of your own really bad political decisions and inability to see the obvious.  The anti-public space groups really need a political consultant.

      Of course, this is all just my opinion.

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