13 candidates for Council District 13

Matt Szabo/Facebook.com

One of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s top advisors, Matt Szabo, today became the 13th candidate to announce his intention to replace termed-out Eric Garcetti as councilman of the 13th District, reports L.A. Now. Szabo, 36, said he will resign his position as of Friday to run in next year’s election to represent Council District 13, which includes portion of Hollywood and Silver Lake as well as Echo Park and Atwater Village. Szabo, a former Republican who worked for former Mayor Richard Riordan, will face off against rivals who include a former deputy for Garcetti, the current president of the Echo Park neighborhood council and the former head of the city agency that oversees neighborhood councils.

Szabo, who is now a registered Democrat living  in Hollywood,  told L.A. Now: “I know how the city works , I know how it doesn’t work and I know how to make it work.”


  1. Hopefully he shares some of those ideas about how to make it work with us and doesn’t just expect us to trust him when he says that.

    Part of me is willing to go ahead and vote for anyone who promises to continue the excellent service Garcetti’s office provided through his Garcetti311 app. That app is one of the best things to happen to local government since the rise of neighborhood councils. Speaking of neighborhood councils, another part of me wants the candidates to promise to do everything in their power to straighten out Glassell Park’s catastrophic neighborhood council situation before they get my vote.

  2. What Szabo really means...

    I know how the city works, but I won’t even tell my boss and mentor Villar that secret. I know how the city doesn’t work as verified by the lack of accomplishments and broken promises of this administration. And I know how to make it work but lack the intestinal fortitude to see it through.

    Matt Szabo = Antonio Villaraigosa, end of story.

  3. One of Mayor Tony’s top advisors? No thank you. You know how the city works? Then why isn’t it working?

  4. “Szabo, 35, moved last summer from his home in West Hollywood, which is outside the city of Los Angeles, to a Hollywood apartment in Garcetti’s district.”

    Oh yeah, that’s someone who knows the district well.

  5. Great cheekbones!

  6. I am not sure why so many people here are so negative on the mayor. Personally I think he set out to make changes in our tranportation problems and we now have the most active Metro agency in the country addressing and solving our transportation problems. Why all the disrespect? He also helped make this one of the safest cities in the country. Chicago has almost twice as many murders as LA has so far this year. If Szabo is from that mold, I would vote for him…but I happen to live Downtown.

    • Robert, record increases in DWP bills while reduction in service; record increases in trash hauling bills; record increases in parking fines passing the burden of a budget shortfall onto L.A.’s most needy without garages; record layoffs or furloughs of city employees; broken promises on the million trees; broken promises on the pot hole mess; failing schools resulting from his takeover of LAUSD; an LA mayor that will go down in history as a union buster; – the list goes on and on – he is by far the worst mayor in the history of Los Angeles. Robert, you sound like one of those bimbos he seduces.

      • Classy post “Get Real”. I am more interested in talking about issues and not personal attacks by you. I guess I made a mistake checking out this blog. I was looking for some intelligent and enlightening information. Not a vindictive and personal attack by somebody with an axe to grind. I guess civility is not welcome here.

  7. LA Times article mentioned he is “closely aligned with the coalition of LA city unions”. Sorry, he doesn’t get my vote

  8. Los Angeles is ranked as the second most corrupt city in the country. He’s part of that system. Yeah, he knows how it works alright.

  9. This guy is a complete tool. Love how he switches his political party depending on who his boss is! Now that is a leader!

  10. Heck no, he doesnt get my vote. I worked for the city of L.A and he has screwed all of us with furloughs and lay-offs

    • You can thank the unions for fighting against wage cuts.. which inevitably lead to furloughs and lay-offs.

      Budget cuts are not an option but a necessity. Not sure how people can expect the cities revenues to drop but not their expenses.

  11. Los Angeles is a trash pit. A filthy, dirty, billboard and graffiti infested, sanctuary city.

    • Great comment…And where are you from may we ask? A better city? Pathetic!

      • Look around you. Don’t you see all the trash, the graffiti, the glut of billboards? I never saw graffiti until I moved to Los Angeles. I moved here from Toronto where if you dropped a gum wrapper someone would tap you on the shoulder and inform you that you dropped something. Was raised in Grand Rapids. Didn’t see trash in the streets or graffiti there either. It’s not “pathetic”. Some people have respect and pride in where the live.

      • Um, try Silver Lake.

        • Silver Lake is Los Angeles in case you did not know. Of course I’m against dirtiness and graffitis but when you live in a big metropolitan city, it is to be expected…Have you taken the train in France, Italy or England, what do you see in the suburbs when exiting the big cities? Yep, graffitis, and so on…Unfortunately not everybody is as concerned as we are of the place we live in…

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