4th of July was a blast in Highland Park–here is the video to prove it

Were you out of town last week and missed the endless rounds of skyrockets, firecrackers and M-80s bursting across the Eastside on the 4th of July?  Well, the time-lapse video above shows what the sky over Highland Park looked like on the 4th of July. If you want more fireworks, click on the link below to watch the “The Neighbors of El Sereno Firework Show.”


  1. The residents of Highland Park sure do love ‘Merica, and this video is the proof.

  2. Well, my July 4th timelapse of the fireworks here in my neck of Silver Lake doesn’t hold a tenth of a roman candle to Highland Park’s incredible display, but the song track’s kinda catchy:


    • Rosehills 90032

      Will campbell not much was happening in silver lake nothing 2 see looks like siver lake comes in 3rd then highland park 2nd and 1st is el sereno”

      • I agree Rosehills. That’s why I wrote that the Silver Lake vid “doesn’t hold a tenth of a roman candle to Highland Park’s incredible display.”

    • I liked the video & song. What is the place (on right hand side) that’s floodlit the whole time?

  3. Enough of these fireworks here in NELA! We’ve been having fireworks a month prior and it looks like a month after 4th of July and it’s really getting annoying and out of hand. Seriously, here in Glassell Park these fireworks fans even set a sofa couch on fire on 4th of July when they ran out of fireworks. Isn’t this no sense illegal in Los Angeles County?

  4. That’s why I spend the evening of the 4th at home with my animals and a fire extinguisher!

  5. Rosehills 90032

    the best display 2 watch was in el sereno highland park had very little thats why i watched it from debs park

  6. I understand all the concerns and complaints, but I have to say, I really kinda love this neighborhood tradition.

  7. Very primitive reaction to find entertainment from explosions and bright lights…

    I guess thats to be expected given the audience.

  8. Bright lights are semi-entertaining but the M80s and some of the other shit that get blown up (I swear some are pipe bombs) are simply moronic.

  9. Viva Cuatro de Julio!

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